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Miss Chrisman’s Sea of Learning Room 11 PowerPoint Presentation
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Miss Chrisman’s Sea of Learning Room 11

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Miss Chrisman’s Sea of Learning Room 11 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Miss Chrisman’s Sea of Learning Room 11. Welcome parents Please take time to complete the survey in the back of the room and feel free to begin your paperwork. . A little bit about me….

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Miss Chrisman’s Sea of Learning Room 11

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miss chrisman s sea of learning room 11

Miss Chrisman’s Sea of LearningRoom 11

Welcome parents

Please take time to complete the survey in the back of the room and feel free to begin your paperwork.

a little bit about me
A little bit about me…..

This is my fifth year at Potowmack Elementary. At school I choreograph the 5th grade musical and put together the yearbook.

I graduated from Potomac Falls High School and then Radford University.

I have a younger sister, Brooke. I love spending time with my two dogs JAC and Buckeye.

fishy rules
Fishy Rules

First of all I ask that everyone follow the school rules, but I have a few rules to follow while in the classroom:

  • Keep your fins to yourself
  • Stay in the reef unless you have permission to leave
  • Keep the room clean by throwing away trash
  • Don’t be crabby
  • Ask permission before you get up out of your seat
  • Raise your hand
stars dojo points and consequences
Stars, Dojo Points, and Consequences
  • Students who have good behavior for the day will receive a star stamp in their agenda and a sand dollar.
  • Students can earn Dojo points for positive behaviors such

as turning in homework, being prepared, soaring, helping

others, and being on task. Students can lose points for not

having homework, not being on task, showing disrespect, and

talking out of turn.

At the end of the month I will tell them their total points and

they will be able to shop in the treasure box for lunch bunch,

a homework pass, extra computer time, extra IPad time,

pencils and erasers.

  • When a student is caught breaking a

rule more than twice they will lose their

star for the day and a dojo point. A note

will be sent home indicating why they

lost their star.

positive points
Positive Points

When the class receives a good report during specials, gets green in the cafeteria, or is SOARing in the hallway I will give them a positive point. The class will receive rewards when they reach certain points.

25 – homework pass

50 – extra recess

75 – lunch bunch

100 – special snack

eagle tickets
Eagle Tickets

Eagle tickets can be earned by the entire class or for individual students. Students earn eagle tickets by SOARing in the classroom, hallway, and cafeteria.

Each nine weeks we will set a goal for the amount of tickets we want to earn. If we reach our goal, then they will receive a reward.

In the past rewards have been game day, hot chocolate party, hat day, and lunch in the garden.


- Homework will be given on a regular basis and is to be turned in on time.

- A typical night of homework includes reading for 20 minutes, word study, math, and content.

- Homework should take no longer than an hour.

fun friday
Fun Friday

Fun Friday is 15 extra minutes of recess. To earn Fun Friday students must:

- Have 3 out of 5 stars (good behavior)

- Turned in all homework and classwork on time or have no more than two late assignments.

Students who don’t earn Fun Friday will go to study hall to finish their late or incomplete work.

graded work and friday folders
Graded Work and Friday Folders

- There will be daily class work. Not all class work will be taken up for a grade.

- All graded work (class work, tests, and check up’s) and homework will be returned on Friday afternoon in their Friday folder’s, which should be returned on Monday.

- Flyers and other important letters, and order forms will also be in their Friday folder.

- I do not check the folders when they come back on Monday, so it is the student’s responsibility to turn in any important papers and/or money.

sol binder
SOL Binder

All social studies and science tests should be put in their SOL binder, which will be used to review and study for the SOL’s in May. The binder can stay at home.

I recommend keeping all flashcards and study guides as well.

please let us know
Please let us know…
  • If you know your child is going to be tardy to school please send a note in advanced or email me AND Mrs. O’Sullivan in the main office.
  • Students must be picked up in the main office and will be not released from the classroom.
  • If you know your child is going home differently, please send a note on that day. If you forget, email Mrs. O’Sullivan. Without a note your child will have to go home how they normally do so.
  • In third grade students receive a letter grade for each subject and a number grade for each objective within each subject.

A = Outstanding

B = Very Good

C = Satisfactory

D = Needs Improvement

F = Not Performing

4 = Exceeds Standard

3 = Meets Standard

2 = Progressing Towards Standard

1 = Below Standard

learning progression scale
Learning Progression Scale

Graded assignments will be given a score of

4, 3.5, 3, 2, or 1

  • Students must receive a 3.5 (90% or higher) and have correctly answered at least two or more level 4 (higher level thinking)questions in order to receive a 4.
homework in clarity
Homework in Clarity
  • Homework will not affect their grade for the subject or their objective grade
  • What the numbers mean:

3 = Homework was turned in on time and complete

2 = Homework was late or incomplete

1 = Homework was late and incomplete

0 = Homework was not turned in at all

clarifying clarity
Clarifying Clarity
  • Class work assignments will have an F next to the title of the assignment.
  • Tests, quizzes, check ups, and projects will have a S next to the title of the assignment.
  • This year both F’s and S’s affect both their letter grade and objective grade on the report card!

X = Excused – does not hurt grade

Z = Not excused – will hurt grade and will appear in missing assignments

0 = Not excused – will hurt grade and won’t appear in missing assignments

seven day rule
Seven Day Rule
  • There will be a seven day grace period between when the assignment is due and when the grade will appear.
  • Until the grade is posted it will look like your child got a zero. Do not panic!
snack and lunch bunch
Snack and Lunch Bunch

We will be having snack time. Due to our schedule we have to have a working snack. If your child wishes to bring snack, please send something healthy that can be eaten quickly that does not require a spoon or fork. Please keep in mind that this is a nut free classroom, so do not send in anything that has nuts or peanut butter.

If your child earns lunch bunch

please do not pack peanut

products for that day.


Helpful Links

(all can be found on the Potowmack website)

http://www.lcps.org/page/56245 - Newsletters

http://www.lcps.org/page/56247 - Calendar

http://www.lcps.org/page/56419- 3rd Grade links

http://www.lcps.org/page/56420 - Curriculum plans

http://www.lcps.org/domain/12268 - Clarity (parent portal)

http://www.lcps.org/domain/8642 - Web resources

http://resources.oswego.org/games/- Math games