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Accent and Dialect PowerPoint Presentation
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Accent and Dialect

Accent and Dialect

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Accent and Dialect

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  1. Accent and Dialect What is the difference??? Try to read the following sentence in as many accents as you can… Hi, my name is ………and I love…….. YouTube - harry-enfield Scousers in the pub

  2. Accent: the specific way words are pronounced according to geographical region. Dialect: the language variety of a geographical region or social background. Different forms of grammar, lexis, phonology and semantics affect dialect. You can have a Scouse accent but still speak Standard English

  3. Watch the video. In addition to the accents he also presents a number of STEREOTYPES. What are they?? When I interview a person and he starts dropping his “t s”, like in wa’er for water, or when they say “youse” instead of “you all”, it makes me doubt their abilities I hate it when, in TV shows, a West country accent is used to show when someone is slow or stupid. I don’t think it’s funny YouTube - ?rob bakers supercalifragilisticexpialidocious??

  4. Non Standard English

  5. Non Standard English

  6. Explain why speakers may use standard and non-standard language at different times and places

  7. Melissa's work experience Non-standard spoken language: Melissa, a Manchester schoolgirl, telling her friends about her work experience. 5 aw yer (.) it were well good(.) they let me ’ave a go at all the jobs n’everything (.) and they treated me just like one o’ them (.) I got to work in the office for a bit (.) then I was out on t’delivery van for a coupla days (1) that were top (.) then on the last day like they took me out to a well good restaurant cos I’d slaved away like (.) and they bought me lunch cos they said I were (.) like (.) one of them really and gave me a pressie (1) they said they might even have a job for me when I leave school (.) I had a bangin time it were great Standard spoken language: Melissa telling her form teacher about her work experience. 5 yes (.) I had a really good time Miss (.) they didn’t just make me do photocopying (.) they let me try out all of the jobs and treated me like a proper worker (.) I really enjoyed it (.) I worked in the office for two days and then I had two days out on deliveries so I could experience that as well (.) I really enjoyed that (.) then on the last day they took me out for a lunch because they said I’d worked so hard and they weren’t allowed to pay me and they gave me a present (.) some vouchers too (.) I really enjoyed it Miss (.) and they said they might even have a job for me when I leave school

  8. Accommodation Theory Howard Giles proposed the idea that when speakers seek approval in a social situation they are likely to change their speech so that it is similar to their listener. However, if the speaker wants to dissociate him/herself from the speaker they may change their speak to show that they are different. • What are some of the non-standard features of Lauren’s speech? • If Lauren spoke in a RP accent, would you think of her differently? Why? • At the end of Lauren’s “tangent”, what does Tony Blair do and what theory could it perhaps support? YouTube - Lauren Copper meets Tony Blair - Classic Comic Relief