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Welcome to JA BizTown™ Volunteer Training PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to JA BizTown™ Volunteer Training

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Welcome to JA BizTown™ Volunteer Training
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Welcome to JA BizTown™ Volunteer Training

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  1. Welcome to JA BizTown™Volunteer Training Please fill out the Volunteer Registration Form! (Front and Back)

  2. By the end of this training, you will understand: volunteer role and responsibilities necessary for a successful student visit to JA BizTown JA BizTown program overview the operation of the on-site simulation Volunteer-Training Objectives

  3. Volunteer General Info Ja BizTown General Info Information

  4. Program Components • Teacher training • Classroom instruction • Volunteer training • Student on-site visit • Post-visit activities

  5. Why Experiential Learning? • Memorable • Authentic experience • Chance to apply classroom learning • Interactive: problem solving, team work • Adult involvement • Functions across content areas

  6. When you arrive…. • Please check-in with Melissa at the front desk and receive your business assignment, and a nametag. • Pick up a fashionable smock on the rack and head into JA BizTown. • Walk to your business. Begin reading your Volunteer Manual. • A JA staff member will visit to answer any questions and alleviate your anxieties.

  7. JA BizTown Video

  8. Daily Schedule

  9. After the Orientation, students will arrive in the business. Have them situate their belongings out of the way. They may put on business clothing (e.g., t-shirts). This is optional for them. Pull students together for #1. I. Business Start-Up Minutes Long 45 Staff Meeting

  10. Begin the meeting by writing students names on the Students will also have a name tag. It should be visible as well. If the name tag has a symbol on it, please do not take the student’s photo. I. Business Start Up Time(continued)Break Schedule Break Schedule.

  11. I. Business Start-Up (continued) • Locate The It should be in the BizPrep Envelope the students bring with them. • The JA BizPrep Booklet contains work completed at school. • The forms in this booklet will be needed throughout the day. BizPrep Booklet. Solarity Credit Union

  12. Have the CEO give the CFO the The CFO should begin his/her job earlier than anyone else. A $5.00 check is taken to the Supply&Delivery Center to purchase supplies. I. Business Start-Up (continued) Business Cost Sheet It’s all about the finances!!

  13. Reviewfor First deposit ticket Checkbook register entries $1.50 check written to open savings account I. Business Start-Up (continued)Review Checkbooks student checkbooks This should have been completed at school. Student Name Students know their account numbers.

  14. Students should begin reading their I. Business Start Up Time (continued) Job Description Folders.

  15. Initial Work Time Begins the National Anthem Students begin following directions in their Students can their storefronts. The CEO takes the and to the Solarity Credit Union CEO. Retail businesses complete I. Business Start-Up (continued) after Job Description Folders. leave Business Loan Application Promissory Note product pricing

  16. Checkbook Register Look over their check registers. Is correct net deposit entered? Is the check to Solarity Credit Union entered? Are new balances on the gray lines accurate? deposit +6 82 6/30 6 82 SCU Bank 001 6/30 1 50 -1 50 I. Business Start-Up (continued)Personal Checkbooks 6 82 5 32

  17. After the CFO has printed the paychecks and the CEO has signed them, they are distributed to the employees. Remind students to endorse the paycheck before going to the bank. I. Business Start-Up (continued)Personal Checkbooks Students should cut the pay stub from the paycheck.

  18. Several business representatives make presentations (short speeches) at the Opening Town Meeting. Find out which employee has a speech (if any), and check to make sure that they are ready. Forms to be used for the speeches are located in their Job Description Folder. At the end of the Opening Town Meeting, the official business day begins, and Group A goes on break. Opening Town Meeting

  19. First employee credit union deposit Employees open up savings account and get checkbook stamped Retail businesses/McDonalds open for business Employees can begin to shop Employee Work/BreakRotations

  20. At the end of the first set of breaks, all business stops, and a staff meeting will occur. The CFO will distribute the second set of paychecks. Employees will prepare to go to the Credit Union like they did in Business Start-up. Please check employee check registers for accuracy for all transactions. Remind employees that they will eat lunch during this break. This is their final opportunity to spend their money. Staff Meeting #2 Employees must return to work at the end of the break.

  21. If you experience problems with students, please contact a JA staff member. • The JA staff will handle the situation or speak with a teacher.

  22. Second and last employee Credit Union deposit Employee and Volunteer lunch sessions Employee final shopping opportunity Employee final opportunity for all activities Final work period for all employees Employee Work/BreakRotations (2)

  23. Volunteers review observations/learning opportunities of the day CFO reports out on financial status of business Final Staff Meeting

  24. Business is restored to original set up Remaining inventory organized Volunteers follow End of the Day Checklist Students prepare for Closing Town Meeting Students gather their belongings Business Clean Up

  25. Mayor speaks Awards presented Voting results reported End of Day reports Mayor thanks all Closing Town Meeting


  27. Be certain all checkbooks contain students and in upper left hand corner. Payroll taxes were deducted from Gross Pay and are reflected on the payroll check as Cash out on the deposit ticket is a maximum of per deposit. II. Student Finance account number name net pay $2.00

  28. d. The amount is written on the Deposit Ticket (net pay less any cash back). e. Payroll checks must be before the student goes to the Credit Union. Students should record all transactions in their A check to Solarity Credit Union for for a savings account. II. Student Finance (continued) net deposit endorsed checkbook register $1.50

  29. Check to Solarity Credit Union Check to “SCU” for for a savings account Students bring this check on their first visit to the bank After making checking deposit, they see the Personal Banker to open their account and receive a Savings Certificate. Student FinanceSavings Account $1.50 Savings account deposits are only done on the first break.

  30. Nothing should be priced lower than or higher than b. The most popular items should be priced the Record the prices of all items to be sold on the Plan on a to profit e. Students should never or prices III. Product Pricing $1 $10 highest Inventory Sheet $40 $60 change lower

  31. A mandatory $ is written (at school) to open personal savings account. This savings must be recorded and subtracted on their Opening of savings account takes place on the Each student sees the Solarity Credit Union Personal Banker to their account. IV. Savings Account $1.50 check check register 1st break open

  32. There are breaks during the day. Breaks are and minutes long. Students should always go to the duirng each break to make a checking account deposit. Students and adults should eat during their second break Students should manage their while they are on break. Students should write checks and purchase items during their breaks to help ensure that retail businesses earn a . V. Employee Breaks 2 20 30 credit union lunch checkbook profit

  33. A few things to remember • Be sure to encourage workers in your business to vote at City Hall! • Remind students to participate in other activities: • Health Assessment at Yakima Regional • Community Arts Center Drawing

  34. . . . and now for something completely different! They’re here! The new JA BizTown T-shirts! Back reads: “JA BizTown today… CEO Tomorrow!” $10.00 Sizes: Adult S, M, L, XL While supplies last! Name ______________________________ Address ____________________________ ____________________________ Phone _____________________________ Payment Method: 1 Cash 1 Check made payable to Junior Achievement of Washington Order Form cJA BizTown T-shirt ($10.00) (circle size) S M L XL Total $ __________

  35. The CFO Computer

  36. The CFO Computer Enter the employee’s account number found on the Business Costs Sheet. Enter the first name like this: John. Enter the last name like this: Smith. Click on the down arrow to click on the employee’s job title. Click on Add Employee. Payroll amounts magically appear!

  37. The CFO Computer

  38. The CFO Computer The check will be completed automatically!

  39. The CFO Computer Select Warehouse as the business to receive the check. Select Supplies to show what the check is for. Enter 5.00 for the amount of the check. Click on Accept to complete the check. Then click on Print Check. Have the CEO sign the check and give it to the employee who goes to the Warehouse. The CFO may sign checks if the CEO is not available.

  40. CFO Check Register payroll

  41. CFO Check Register bill payments

  42. CFO Check Register deposits and loan payments

  43. Computer Billing In several businesses, billing will occur on computers. Instructions are in the job description folders and posted on their desks. Always make sure that the students are reading and continually referring to their employee manuals.

  44. Making Sales on a Computer In retail stores that accept checks only, sales are entered into a point-of-sale (POS) computer.

  45. Questions? If not, let’s go to JA BizTown to become familiar with the storefronts. http://jacarolinas.org/jabiztowntraining.html of Mississippi Valley, Inc.