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High 5’s

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High 5’s - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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High 5’s
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  1. High 5’s Celebrations Staff Meeting December 13, 2012

  2. Mrs. Jenny AloyoTeamwork A high five for dropping off book to publication. Nominated by: Mrs. Mylina Yarbrough

  3. Mrs. Vanessa ArispePositivity and Above & Beyond High Five for using humor to help two students with challenging behaviors-it works! Also engages all students. Nominated by: Mrs. Angela Gorton

  4. Mrs. CheloTeamwork and Above & Beyond High five for helping with Backpack Buddies almost every single week. It’s a huge help! Nominated by: Mrs. Angela Gorton

  5. Mrs. Candy HentzenPositivity and Teamwork High five for helping make sure everyone was on the same pate in supporting a challenging student. Nominated by: Mrs. Angela Gorton

  6. Mr. Chris SaleTeamwork and Above & Beyond High five for Chris sharing poetry with my class. He was a good sport and the kids were so engaged. Nominated by: Mrs. Kim Smith

  7. Mrs. Stan and Mr. LeathPositivity, Teamwork, and Above & Beyond HOLIDAY SHOPPING HOUR!!!! Nominated by: Third Grade Team

  8. Mrs. Stan and Third Grade TeamPositivity, Teamwork, Above & Beyond Making placements for International Thanksgiving Dinner Nominated by: Mrs. Cindy Stack

  9. Ms. Emily McAbeeOwnership and Accountability She had a whole class on task and was doing a fabulous job with the lesson! Nominated by Mrs. Shelley Anthony

  10. Mrs. Nancy Cheek and Mrs. Karen McPhersonPositivity and Teamwork Patience, gracious, and flexible attitudes Nominated by Mrs. Mylina Yarborough

  11. Mrs. Carol RichmondTeamwork Helping with my class book publication. Always helping with books, lessons, Study Island Nominated by: Mrs. Hennigan and Mrs. Arispe

  12. Mrs. Shelley AnthonyPositivity, Teamwork, and Above & Beyond Helping kinder plan and gather materials for Investigations Nominated by: Kinder Team

  13. Mrs. Janet JaramilloAbove and Beyond Helping two kinder student who came late to Craft Night. It made their night. Nominated by: Mrs. McPherson

  14. Mr. Caleb LeathTeamwork He can finish my sentences, read my mind, take my hugs, is my fashion twin and is just plain awesome! Nominated by: Mrs. Audrey Staniszewski