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The New Nation begins to expand PowerPoint Presentation
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The New Nation begins to expand

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The New Nation begins to expand - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The New Nation begins to expand. 1803 - Louisiana Purchase 1816 – Florida is purchased from the Spanish 1817 – Mississippi becomes a state 1818 – Illinois is added 1819 – Alabama becomes a state 1820 – Maine is added (Missouri Compromise).

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the new nation begins to expand
The New Nation begins to expand
  • 1803 - Louisiana Purchase
  • 1816 – Florida is purchased from the Spanish
  • 1817 – Mississippi becomes a state
  • 1818 – Illinois is added
  • 1819 – Alabama becomes a state
  • 1820 – Maine is added (Missouri Compromise)

By 1820, the nation expanded to over 3x the size of the original 13 colonies. “Manifest Destiny” begins, yet term isn’t coined till later years.

  • Naturalization Act (1802) - requirements for immigrants wanting citizenship
the burr conspiracy 1804
The Burr Conspiracy (1804)

“Oh Burr, oh Burr, what has thou done,

Thou hast shooted dead great Hamilton!

You hid behind a bunch of thistle,

You shooted him dead with a great boss pistol!”

(Poem on a note dropped on the doorstep of Aaron Burr on the morning of July 11, 1804, after he killed Alexander Hamilton)

  • Aaron Burr Jr. – 3rd vice president of the United States (Under Jefferson)
  • Accused as treasonous; claimed to have been plotting to create an independent nation (with Louisiana Purchase Territory, the Southwest, and part of Mexico)
  • Challenges Alexander Hamilton to a duel July 11, 1804; Hamilton shot and killed
  • Federalist Party weakened by Hamilton’s death
embargo of 1807
Embargo of 1807
  • Law forbid the export of all goods from the United States
  • President Jefferson
  • Attempt to prevent involvement in Napoleonic Wars
  • Response to British impressments of American sailors & Chesapeake- Leopard Affair
  • Prevented ships from leaving US ports (Hindered exploration)
  • Led to economic depression – unpopular and repealed in 1809
  • Replaced by Non-Intercourse Act; free trade with any country that’s not Britain or France
missouri compromise 1820
Missouri Compromise (1820)

Compromise Standards

Purpose and significance

Tension persists between slave states and free states, looking to have equal, if not more representation in house and senate

Ends first crisis concerning slavery, yet brings about many more issues in later years

Line “slices” the nation into 2 pieces, and seemingly 2 different nations

  • Line established (36’30” Parallel) separating free and slave states
  • “Mason – Dixon Line”
  • Maine enters the nation as a free state, Missouri enters as a slave state
the war of 1812 anglo american war
The War of 1812 (Anglo-American War)

Chronology of important events

The War

War was waged between the United States and Great Britain, as well as British North America (Canada)

British efforts to halt US trade with France

Stop impressments of sailors

Primarily fought in the Atlantic Ocean and on the land, coasts and waterways of North America

  • 1811 – Battle of Tippecanoe. Battle that got future president William Henry Harrison fame.
  • Dec 24, 1814 – Treaty of Ghent signed, intended to end war.
  • Jan 18, 1815 – The Battle of New Orleans. This was the last battle of the war of 1812
early 19 th century lifestyle
Early 19th Century Lifestyle
  • Primarily revolved around agriculture, yet due to the failure of the embargo, independent manufacturing of goods increased in the United States
  • Farm life was difficult, lacking modern equipment and tools
  • People who could afford it paid for servants, as well as slaves from the slave exchange
  • Gas lighting was invented, revolutionary to life at home
  • 1808 - importation became prohibited, yet exchange persisted
  • Tension between states with and without slavery
  • Slaves deemed property, with no rights whatsoever
works cited
Works Cited