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  1. Home Pastoral Rose of Sharon Home Group Prisoners for Christ Home Group Walthamstow Home Group Power of Christ Home Group Golders Green Home Group Alfa y Omega Home Group Disciples of Christ Home Group Barking Home Group

  2. Home Rose of Sharon Home Group Pastoral We are a Ladies’ Home Group, and meet in Victoria at our Church office on alternate Tuesday nights, from 6.15pm – 8pm. We study the Word of God, worship, share testimonies, pray for and support each other, celebrate birthdays, hold ‘celebrations’ and have fun together! We seek to build each other up in faith, and to build closer relationships with God. We encourage each other to develop our ministries and gifts, as well as characters (Christ-likeness)! New ladies are always more than welcome to join us – we look forward to seeing you there!

  3. Home Barking Home Group Pastoral The purpose of this Home Group is to shepherd, care for and teach the members of this group. We meet in Barking which is predominantly a Muslim community area. We meet over a dinner, discuss everyday issues and problems and the solutions which the Bible gives. Through this group, its members have built strong friendships and many have come to know Christ personally. We meet in Barking on Tuesdays, from 7pm – 9pm. The Bible teaches meeting from home to home. In this way all Church members can be shepherded. We carry out this ministry through teaching, Bible study and prayer.

  4. Home Prisoners for Christ Home Group Pastoral The main focus of our group is to come together and study the Word of God. Each week we follow a Bible study which is normally based on the message given on the previous Sunday. We desire to encourage people to use their gifts and talents to build each other up, and also to prepare them to use their gifts and talents at the Sunday services. Our aim as Home Group leaders would be to have every member being involved on a Sunday: by giving a word, playing in the worship or serving tea and coffee… We believe that as a body we all have a part to play, and long to help people develop in their calling and ministry! This Home Group is led by Mick and Joyce Whitburn We meet on alternate Tuesday evenings, in Brixton, from 7.30pm – 9.00pm.

  5. Home Disciples of Christ Home Group Pastoral Making disciples for the Kingdom of Heaven Our vision is to have a big family with disciples alike his Lord Jesus, the perfect God-man, the way and the truth and the life. Our mission is to go wherever the Spirit sends us, to make disciples, giving the whole counsel of God from his Word, ‘The Holy Bible’. Let your heart win and come every Wednesday... For more info contact John: 07886745310 Home Group Leaders John and Sandra Samuel... ...With the love of the Father ...With a calling for the lost ...Coming in obedience ...With desire to love, serve and seek the face of God

  6. Home Walthamstow Home Group Pastoral We meet in Walthamstow every alternate Wednesday at 7.15pm. The idea is to meet and eat! Eat the word of God and then become fat! Fat means grow for the Lord Spiritually and become His Disciples! Discipleship is at the heart of our Group and it all starts with the Word of God. We take the study of Scriptures at a deeper level seriously and sometimes in a very intense manner - however we still stay Friendly! The whole idea of discipling is so that we can work together collectively for the Vision God has given our Church. FRIENDSHIP, HOSPITALITY, CARE, CONCERN, and Most Importantly LOVE are at the Centre of our members! This Home Group is led by Wikki Samuel

  7. Home Golders Green Home Group Pastoral A new Home Group starting soon in the Golders Green area!

  8. Home Power of Christ Home Group Pastoral We meet every alternate Wednesday evening at our Church Office in Victoria, from 7.20pm to 9.00pm. We come together to fellowship and to develop our gifts in Him. It is a place for everyone to grow and experience the power of God, through praise and worship, testimonies, healing, deliverance and sharing the Word of God. Each individual has an opportunity to share and develop in God’s unique plan and vision. Members of our group have each experienced wonderful miracles. This Home Group is led by Atul Raju and Maria Trinda Labale.

  9. Home Alfa y Omega Home Group Pastoral HolyNation Alfa y Omega es una iglesia joven que se complace mucho en la alabanza y adoracion a Dios, tambien apoyamos en oracion a las diferentes necesidades del pueblo de Dios. Preparamos gente de acuerdo a su talento apoyando en diferentes actividades de la iglesia como ser drama, danza (muy pronto en lo musical) para evangelismo en las calles o visitas a otros lugares.  Para nosotros es un placer recibir a las personas necesitadas de Dios.  Nuestras reuniones son los diasSabados de 18:30- 20:00 en las oficinas de Victoria, estos servicios son en espanol, pero son bienvenidos  todos los que quieran compartir con nosotros. Elias y Betzi Zambrana de Casanovas