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Home Smart Home PowerPoint Presentation
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Home Smart Home

Home Smart Home

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Home Smart Home

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Presentation Transcript

    Slide 1:Home Smart Home

    Samir Tartir April, 2004

    Slide 2:Outline

    Introduction What is a smart home? What can I do? Benefits Applications screenshots.

    Slide 3:Introduction

    With the advance of semiconductor industry and the introduction of fast speed, always-on-line internet connections, automated and remote control of several home equipments is increasing day by day. This presentation will cover some of the existing and future applications.

    Slide 4:What is a smart home?

    A home that is equipped with special structured wiring to enable occupants to remotely control or program an array of home electronic devices.

    Slide 5:What can I control - 1

    Lighting: The most popular category. Motion detectors or light detectors. Security systems and access control: Have home to call you if somebody enters while you are away! Home Theater and entertainment: Whole-home entertainment system. Turn the DVD player off when you receive a call.

    Slide 6:What can I control - 2

    Phone systems: Block unwanted calls, or use it as a microphone to control other things around the house. Temperature. Irrigation: Turn on when soil is dry.

    Slide 7:What can I control - 3

    Windows and blinds: Dirty windows cleaning themselves, blinds that open/close or turning darker or lighter depending on sunlight. Electricity Control: Use solar power when possible. Appliances: TV, Dishwasher, fridge, iron, oven, alarm-coffee maker.

    Slide 8:Benefits

    Convenience. Safety. Fun.

    Slide 14:References and Links