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Home sweet home

Home sweet home

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Home sweet home

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  1. Home sweet home My house, my room, my furniture

  2. My room My room is colourful. The walls are greenand purple, The ceiling is green and the floor is brown. I have a very unusual bed. It’s like a bunk bed but it’s not. My bedclothes are pink, blue and green. Every day I sleep well in my bed but I don’t like the sound of the alarm clock. I also have a desk. On the desk there are a computer, a lamp and a lot of other things. My wardrobe is green. I have a lot of toys (a teddy, a doll, games ...) and posters of Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Pink, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus and, of course, animals. I love listening to songs or news on the radio. My radio is black. My curtains are purple. Rooms in the world My room is the best room ever. I love it just like other teens or kids love their room. My opinion is that everybody must be happy to have a room because a lot of kids in the world don't have a room, or even a home. My point is - it doesn’t matter if it’s small or big, which colour it is... You should like it and be happy with your room.

  3. Photos of my room Bed Wardrobe

  4. A bunk bed My friend’s room My friend’s room is yellow. She shares the room with her little sister. She has a bunk bed. She sleeps up and her sister down. In her room there is a big desk. On the desk there is a computer. She doesn’t have a bookshelf. She has agreen wardrobe, just like mine, but hers is dark green.

  5. Toys • Toys are very special for kids. They help them grow up. • Toys are teddy bears, dolls or plastic toys, like a little toy pet shop... • There are toys in different of colours - yellow, green, brown, red… • We buy toys as gifts for our friends.

  6. Toys

  7. My kitchen and my dining room My kitchen is not big or small – it’s middle-sized. In my kitchen I have a table and six chairs. I have a fridge, a dishwasher, a cooker and cupboards with plates and other dishes. In the dining room we eat. On the table there is a big bowl with fruit and a small bowl with candy.The walls are orange and the floor is brown.

  8. Photos of my kitchen and my dining room Dining room Kitchen

  9. My living room My living room is also middle-sized. In my living room i have a couch, a television and a small table. On the wall there are three paintings. The couch is white. There are two pillows on the couch.

  10. My living room television couch

  11. My bathroom is small, but it is very special. • In my bathroom I have a toilet, a mirror, a bathtub, a carpet and a couple of shampoos. My bathroom

  12. A Photo of my bathtub This is my bathtub

  13. Thank you for your attention I hope you liked it. Made by Antea Lilek