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Perfect Yam fries PowerPoint Presentation
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Perfect Yam fries

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Perfect Yam fries - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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To get to those perfect yam fries it has taken years of good, decent, better, alright, semi-mediocre, great and mediocre yam fries. There is just one recipe for yam you can count upon. They are very healthy for you as they are baked and so are easy to make too at home./nNow you will ask why yam fries? Normal fry are considered to be good but yam fry is the best. Your obsession for them is not that big initially for you try them first when your friend order and you eat it because you feel hungry and they are offering it to you. When you try

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Perfect Yam fries

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Yam fries are becoming popular today and so are shown to replace a normal chips which have heavy fat content within them, obviously leading the one that intakes these phones become obese.

Although both Sweet Potato Vs Yam and yams are angiosperms/flowering plants, they are not related in botanical terms. Yams certainly are a monocot [which only has one embryonic seed leaf] and so are in the Dioscoreaceae family.

Yams vary within their size which might are the size a smaller potato with a big one weighing around 130 pounds. There are many varieties, literally 600 in number. 95% turn out grown in Africa.

Yams are abundant in vit c, vitamin B6, potassium, manganese and dietary fiber. They've very less saturated fat and sodium content. This particular mix of low sodium and high potassium content articles are thought to be excellent for health mainly because it works well for balancing the human body with potassium-sodium content. They protect against osteoporosis and heart diseases too. Contributing to it, yams are generally lacking in index list than other potato products, which will help them to provide more good varieties of energy on the body and for that reason protects against diabetes and obesity.

Everyone from kids to adults will like yam fries without a doubt, since they taste somewhat similar to chips however are healthy anyway.

Yams possess a rough outer skin which is pretty tough to peel. This is often softened by heating it, after which it the skin becomes peelable. The skins have various colors starting from light pink to brown leafy. The meat substance present inside have different colors too ranging from white or yellow to purple or pink in matured ones.

Yam Fries Sauce might be stored in a fridge for about weekly and never more than this time period. Yam fries kept for the greater than a week are suggested not to to be consumed and they are recommended to be tossed out.

Spiced Yam Fries recipe:


• 2 pounds yams, that happen to be peeled and cut into ¼ inch x 3 inch sticks [like the potatoes prepared for french fries]

• 1 tablespoon brownsugar

• 2 tablespoon cinnamon

• ½ teaspoon salt

• ¼ cup of organic olive oil

Yam fries made out with your amount of ingredients serves around 6 people altogether.

Technique of Preparation to create Yam Fries:

• Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.

• Cover a baking sheet with the foil and it aside.

• Add sugar, cinnamon and salt to your small bowl.

• Coat the yams using the olive oil in another bowl. Now place the spice mixture in the small bowl on the yam and organic olive oil mixture. Coat them evenly.

• Now spread the spiced yams in a single layer about the baking sheet covered with foil. Place them to the oven and permit them to cook for Quarter-hour, until the bottom parts obtain brown color.

• Then, flip the yam fries utilizing a spatula and permit the crooks to cook for an additional Fifteen minutes.

Once done, you are ready for everyone them.

You can even add cayenne and cumin to spice up them. This spice combination could be when combined butter after which spread over baked yam to eat them. However, yam fries don’t need ketchup too, however some might prefer them. Yam fries can be a perfect combination to some grilled meal throughout the summertime.