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Introducing Lync/Online Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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Introducing Lync/Online Meeting

Introducing Lync/Online Meeting

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Introducing Lync/Online Meeting

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Introducing Lync/Online Meeting

  2. Lync: Getting Started • Log off of your computer • Log on as yourself • Open Lync • Find an out-of-workgroup contact (example: last name “Snow”). • Address book loads

  3. Lync: Getting Started • Team 1 • Team 2 • Identify teams and partners

  4. Lync: Handout • Logoff and On • PC Instructional

  5. Lync: Outline • What is Lync? • Resources • How to Install Lync • Scheduled Meetings (Demo) • Create Scheduled Meetings • Create Recurring Meetings • Attend Scheduled Meetings • Attend Meetings Outside of the Network • Instant Messaging (Interactive) • Presence Status • Instant Messaging • Creating IM Groups • Instant Messaging more than one person • “Meet Now” Meetings (interactive) • Share Your Desktop • Impromptu/unscheduled Meetings • Meeting Tools

  6. Lync: Why Use Lync? • Flexibility • More than one presenter at a time • Instant, unscheduled meetings • Security • WebEx: Cloud • Lync: Beaumont Network • Cost-Effective • Easy-to-Use

  7. Lync: Tips • IM stands for Instant Messaging • There is usually more than one way to do something in Lync • Hovering over a button or function opens a descriptor

  8. What is lync?

  9. resources

  10. Lync: Resources • Inside Beaumont Online Tools • Information Technology • Infrastructure Team • Builds and develops tool parameters • Provides the Education Team with direction for work flows and functionality • Help Desk: Lync Issues / Dannielle Watson: 248.597.2727 • Education Team: • Melissa Chittick • Vicki Beekhuis

  11. Lync: Resources • Hardware • Jabra products for Lync are available for purchase through Oracle

  12. Download & install lync

  13. Lync: Download & Install • First!! Check if Lync is available on your taskbar

  14. Lync: Download & Install • Next!! Check if you have Lync installed on your computer

  15. Lync: Download & Install • If you don’t have Lync Installed on your computer, download it from Inside Beaumont Online

  16. Lync: Download & Install • Download Lync from Inside Beaumont Online Follow the Instructions

  17. Scheduling online meetings

  18. Lync: Scheduled Meetings • Outlook Full Client is required to schedule an online meeting • Start by opening a new meeting in Outlook Full Client

  19. Lync: Scheduled Meetings Click Online Meeting

  20. Lync: Scheduled Meetings The meeting information and link populates the body of the e-mail

  21. Lync: Scheduled Meetings Complete fields as you would a normal meeting You won’t need a location!

  22. Lync: Scheduled Meetings Click Meeting Options

  23. Lync: Scheduled Meetings Check the box to activate the options Checking this box ensures your meeting always has a new “room” Access and Presenters

  24. Lync: Scheduled Meeting • CAUTION!! • If you are scheduling a meeting for someone else: • Option 1: schedule it from their calendar (delegate access)!!! Call or e-mail The Help Desk for “Delegate Access” • Option 2: check the Customize box

  25. Lync: Scheduled Meetings Define security access Identify the Presenters

  26. Identify others who can serve as presenters and run your meeting Lync: Scheduled Meetings

  27. Lync: Scheduled Meetings Remember your settings

  28. Lync: Scheduled Meetings Audio Announcements Audio and Phone settings

  29. Lync: Scheduled Meetings Click OK

  30. Lync: Scheduled Meetings Click Send when all fields are complete

  31. Scheduling Recurring meetings

  32. Complete the Recurring Meeting fields Lync: Recurring Meetings Complete the Subject and Address fields Create an Online Meeting Click Send

  33. Lync: Recurring Meetings • What do I do with my existing Webex meetings??? • Edit the existing WebEx meeting in Outlook Full Client (Delete Webex Information) • Follow the Recurring Meeting instructions for Lync Online Meeting • Send the Update

  34. Lync: Recurring Meetings CAUTION!! If you edit a meeting, be sure not to change the Start date

  35. Attending an online meeting inside the beaumont network

  36. Lync: Attending Online Beaumont Meetings Find your meeting on the calendar and open it

  37. Lync: Attending Online Beaumont Meetings You can also join by phone, although we encourage you to use your computer Click to join the meeting

  38. Lync: Attending Online Beaumont Meetings This allows you to talk and watch through your computer Recommended if no audio is desired or if you are calling in Select your audio/video preference This will call your desk telephone No Audio or Mic??? Call The Help Desk The number defaults to your office phone; but you can change the phone number! Be sure you have computer audio!!!

  39. Lync: Attending Online Beaumont Meetings Note: If you are the meeting organizer, you may need to admit attendees who are waiting in the lobby

  40. Attending a meeting outside the beaumont network

  41. Lync: Attend through a Non-Beaumont Network Open the online meeting event in your calendar or e-mail Click Join Online Meeting

  42. Lync: Attend through a Non-Beaumont Network If you don’t have Silverlight, you will be prompted to download it

  43. Lync: Attend through a Non-Beaumont Network If you are a Beaumont Employee, check this box

  44. Lync: Attend through a Non-Beaumont Network Complete the fields using your Beaumont user name and password Don’t use your e.mail address in the User Name field Be sure to start the User Name with a Domain: mswbh\ Click Join Meeting

  45. Lync: Attend through a Non-Beaumont Network You can also join as a guest. • When to join as guest: • If you don’t remember your Beaumont credentials • If you are not a Beaumont employee

  46. Lync: Attend through a Non-Beaumont Network Enter your name Click Join Meeting

  47. Lync: Attend through a Non-Beaumont Network Option #1, the Conference will call you Enter your telephone number. Example: 13334442323

  48. Lync: Attend through a Non-Beaumont Network Option #2, Call the Dial-in number Recommended if you are calling from a cell phone without computer access Enter the Conference ID if prompted

  49. Lync: Attend through a Non-Beaumont Network You may have to wait until the presenter admits you