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  1. INTRODUCING ONE SITE, AT YOUR SERVICE OFFICEMAXCANADA.COM/GOV INTRODUCING OUR IMPROVED FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WEBSITE. We’re serving up procurement resources tailored exclusively to your needs. Dedicated. Compliant. WE GET GOVERNMENT.

  2. FEDERAL GOVERNMENT Ordering online with Grand & TOY Guide

  3. Benefits of orderingonline at From all the latest standing offer information to news on upcoming events, our new website offers a full menu of the products, services, and information you need and more: • Convenience: 24/7 accessibility to an online Standing Offer catalogue featuring thousands of products • Efficiency: streamlined ordering functions save valuable time, live inventory checking for current stock levels • Control: purchasing with the ability to monitor, approve and pre-approve purchases • Knowledge: solutions, guidance, and customer-specific information • Savings: exclusive Standing Offer prices • Support: by email, by phone, by fax, or via live chat

  4. officemaxcanada.COM/GOV:Quick Start Guide CONTENTS Signing in Setting up your user profile Selecting an account Navigating the site Searching for Products The “Browse Catalogue” menu Quick Search Advanced Searches Refining your search Creating an Order The “Order” menu Creating an order Rapid Product Entry Custom Lists Creating An Order (cont’d) Scheduled Orders Delete/Add items Item Notes Order Summary Checking Out Final Inventory Check Changing shipping info Submitting order Order status Returns Returns Policy Ink and Toner Recycling

  5. officemazcanada.COM/GOV:Quick Start Guide Approver Information “Manage Account” section Email notifications Viewing and Approving E-Invoicing Federal Client Service team CONTENTS (cont’d)

  6. Signing in

  7. Signing In In order to see your pricing and submit an order, you will need to Sign In. Step 1: Click on Sign In (a window will open) Step 2: Enter your Log In ID Step 3: Enter your Password Step 4: Click on Sign In in Business Account

  8. Setting up your User Profile Upon logging-in with your User ID and Password, you will be required to complete the ‘New User’ set-up process – a short annual process. The User Profile uniquely identifies specific users under an account. Step 1: ‘Introduction’ Step 2: ‘User Profile Set-up’ Step 3: Fill out the required information and click ‘Next’ Step 4: ‘Review User Profile’ Step 5: ‘Thank you!’ Tip! You can edit/update your User Profile at any time by accessing the Manage Account section of the site.

  9. Selecting an Account If you are assigned to more than one account, then the first page that you are going to see upon logging in is the Select Account page. Step 1: Select the Ship-to Account that you want to place an order on Step 2: Select an Alternate Address (if applicable) Step 3: Click the Selectbutton

  10. Navigating the site

  11. Navigating the Site • Once you are in the ordering section of the site, there are six main sections that you can access via the Top Menu Bar • Browse Catalogue • Order • Order Status • Tracking/Returns • Customer Support • Manage Account When you click on any of the menus in the Top Menu Bar, you will activate the options available, below, in the Sub-Menu Bar.

  12. Searching for products

  13. The ‘Browse Catalogue’ Menu The ‘Browse Catalogue’ page and sub-menu bar gives you easy access to the following product ‘search’ methods:

  14. The ‘Browse Catalogue’ Menu • To access the Standing Offer regions, click on Browse Catalogue in the top menu bar. • On the left-hand side of the screen, you will see the list of Standing Offer Guides. • Make your selection by clicking on the option you need. If you click on Standing Offer Product Guide the next page will display a list of the regions. • Select your region to browse the Standing Offers awarded in your area.

  15. The ‘Browse Catalogue’ Menu • By selecting your region the next page will provide you with a list of standing offers we hold for your region with the standing offer number. • If you don’t s see what you are looking for, try clicking on Extended Product Offers or Quick Search.

  16. Performing a Quick Search • The quick search is available at the top of most pages. Search quickly using keywords or product codes.

  17. Performing an Advanced Search For a more in-depth search, click on ‘Browse Catalogue’ in the top menu bar, and then click on ‘Advanced Search’ in the sub-menu bar. This powerful search tool gives you the ability to search by combining keywords, product codes, manufacturer names, price range and symbols (sale, environmentally friendly, Grand & Toy branded etc).

  18. Refining your search

  19. Creating an order

  20. The Order Menu The ‘Order’ sub-menu bar gives you easy access to the following functionality:

  21. Main Order Page

  22. Creating an Order You can create an order by using one or all of the methods below: Rapid Product Entry – if you already know the product codes for the item(s) you want to order Search Results – if you are browsing the online catalogue or are in the middle of a search Custom Lists – to order from your own personally-created Custom Lists 

  23. Rapid Product Entry To start an order, click on Order in the Top Menu Bar to access the Create an Order page. Step 1: Key in the Product Code and the Quantity required Step 2: Repeat this process for each product you wish to order then click the ‘Add to Order’ button

  24. Custom Lists Custom Lists, often referred to as a “Favourites” list, are sometimes shared by others on accounts that you may have access to. Furthermore, some organizations create a standardized list of products that they encourage their purchasers to use. If this is the case with your account, then you will find them here: Step 1: Click on Order in the top menu bar Step 2: Click on Custom Lists in the sub menu bar Step 3: Click on the All Custom Lists tab Tip! You can also create your own Custom Lists. Your lists will show up under the “My Custom Lists” tab

  25. Viewing a custom list Items in custom lists are separated by categories. The categories are sorted alphabetically. Adding an item to your order : Step 1: Select the products Step 2: Click Add to Order Display pricing & stock information : Step 1: Select the products Step 2: Click Show Pricing

  26. Ordering from Custom Lists You can create an order by choosing items from a previously created Custom List. Access your Custom Lists by selecting this option from the Order sub-menu. Step 1: Open the Custom List that you want to order from Step 2: Select the items(s) you want to order by clicking in the checkbox(es) in the Select column Step 3: Click Add to Order button

  27. Adding to an Order froma Custom List Once you have added the items to your order, a dialog window will pop up, giving you 3 options. View Order: Brings you to the Order Details page Return To Custom List: Brings you back to the current custom list that you are viewing Custom List Menu: Brings you to the My Custom Lists page Tip! It is recommended that you enable Pop-Up windows in your internet browser for If Pop-Ups are blocked, then you will not see this dialog window -– instead, you will be brought straight to the Order Details page.

  28. Scheduled Orders Scheduled Orders is a time-saving feature on that provides you with the ability to schedule reoccurring product orders for future deliveries or repeated on the day of your choice (daily, weekly, or monthly).

  29. Changing Quantities & Deleting Items on the main order page Changing Quantities Step 1: Enter new Quantity, and/or Step 2: Change the Unit of Measure Step 3: Click Update Order Deleting Items Step 1: Select Item(s) Step 2: Click Delete Items Step 3: Click OK Updating the PO # Step 1: Modify the PO# Step 2: Click Update Order

  30. Adding Item Notes from the main order page Adding Item Notes can be especially helpful if you are ordering for multiple people and want a reminder when your order comes in. The notes will be printed on your packing slip and on the invoice Step 1: Click Add Item Notes Step 2: Enter the Items’ Notes 2 Step 3: Click Update Step 4: Click Back

  31. Order summary While browsing the online catalogue, you always have access to your Order Summary. From the Order Summary box, you can also view the Order Details, Print Preview, Cancel or Save your order, or even continue directly to the Checkout

  32. Checking out

  33. Checking Out from the Order page Once you have verified your order and are ready to submit, proceed to the Check Out page Click Check Out Between the Order Details and the Check Out page, you will see a Final Inventory Check. It does this in case you have been on the Order Details page for an extended period of time. If stock levels have changed and some of your items are now on backorder, it will display the backorder on the Check Out page.

  34. Changing Shipping Information Changing your Ship To Account Step 1: Choose your Ship To Account Step 2: Click the Next button Changing your Alternate Delivery Address Step 1: Choose an Alternate Delivery Address Step 2: Click the Next button *Alternate Delivery Addresses can only be created by a Grand & Toy specialist. Please contact a customer care representative or your dedicated account representative to request a new delivery address set up.

  35. Checking Out from the Order page • During the check out and order confirmation process, Standing Offer and Non Standing Offer products will automatically split into separate orders. At this point separate PO’s may be assigned to each order. • You are ready to submit your order(s)

  36. Section 32 Authority To Commit Funds In compliance with the Public Works & Government Services Canada (PWGSC), Federal Government employees must confirm their authority to commit funds or provide the name, email and telephone number of the individual in their reporting structure with such authority.

  37. Submitting an Order You will see a ‘Thank You!’ screen indicating that your order has been sent

  38. Order status

  39. Check Out & Order Status The green Main Menu bar is visible on every page once you login to - Click Order Status. The Order Status page will display your order history. Common examples include: Pending Completion - orders that have not been checked out, including saved orders Pending Approval - an order that is awaiting approval from a designated Account Approver Transmitted - an order that has been completed, checked out, and submitted to Grand & Toy for processing Once your order is Transmitted, an Order Number will be displayed. Tip! A checkbox will appear for pending orders only

  40. returns

  41. Returns Policy Returns Policy Click on Tracking/Returns on the top navigation bar and then click Returns. Select whether you are returning something, have a damaged or defective product, missing an item or Have empty toner cartridges for recycling. Enter the Order #, Shipping Account and reason for return. Note: All products require a return authorization number attached in order to be accepted. You will receive an email with the authorization number to be attached to the package that is being returned. Product Return Conditions You can return our regular “in-stock” office products in the complete and original packaging, including all manuals and accessories, within 30 days of delivery. All returns must be unopened and in re-sellable condition.

  42. Returns To initiate a return click on Tracking/Returnsoption from the green main menu bar, then select theReturnsoption from the grey sub menu bar.

  43. Ink & Toner Recycling Grand & Toy offers THINK! - A free Ink and Toner recycling program. Reduces the number of ink and toner cartridges that end up in landfills. Empty cartridges will be remanufactured or recycled. When you click on the“Do you have empty Toner cartridges for recycling?” It will bring you to the screen to confirm your address for pickup and at the bottom of the page there is a box to insert how many toners you need to have pickup. Tip! View a demo of how THINK! works.

  44. Approver information

  45. Manage Account Section The Manage Account section allows users to manage their individual online ordering process within the account If you are a ‘Viewer’, ‘Purchaser’, or ‘Approver’, you will have access to the following options in the Manage Account menu bar:Edit My Profile, Request Access, Change Ship-To, View Account Administrator In addition to the options above, the ‘Account Administrator’ will also have access to Manage Users, Manage Ship-ToandNew User Requests

  46. Approval email notification Once a Purchaser submits an order, the Approver(s) that are on the account will receive an email notification. In order to view the Order, the Approver can click on the link provided in the email. This will bring the Approver directly into the order where they can choose whether to Approve, Decline or Modify

  47. Viewing & approving orders View and modify order with notes if necessary Click the approve order button Purchaser will receive confirmation email (& modification notes email if changes made) Tip! If an order is declined by an approver, it is not deleted. Instead, the order is put back into “Pending Completion” status. This allows the purchaser to make modifications without having to start over

  48. Edit my profile ***Viewer, Purchaser, Approver*** • A user has the ability to: • Update and change personal information such as email address and telephone numbers • Modify names and passwords • Subscribe to various Grand & Toy Newsletters and Special Offers.

  49. Manage users & ship to ***Account Administrators Access Only*** • Create new users and assign individual user access levels • Add and delete users at the click of a button • Monitor existing accounts • Set maximum dollar values of orders • Assign expiry dates to passwords • Assign expire dates to Saved Orders • Activate the Express Checkout

  50. E-Invoicing