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Alex Van helsing : vampire rising

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Alex Van helsing : vampire rising. Author: Jason Henderson Date/Year Published: August 2, 2010 Type of Book: Fiction. Setting.

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alex van helsing vampire rising

Alex Van helsing: vampire rising

Author: Jason Henderson

Date/Year Published: August 2, 2010

Type of Book: Fiction



  • This story takes place at Glenarvon Academy. Here there’s a lake called Lake Geneva. Under the lake there’s a lair, which is where Icemaker lives/ works. There’s lot’s of forests/woods here. There’s a small little town where the kids go on Friday. They get driven by a bus driver on a bus and eat ice cream.


  • Alex , Sangster , and Icemaker are the main characters in this book. Alex starts working at an organization within the 3 days he’s there. Alex has black hair and brown eyes. He’s brave, nice, and courageous. Sangster is his teacher, and a vampire hunter. When Alex works there he finds out his dad did too. Which reveals a lot for him. Icemaker is an evil vampire trying to raise a demon. There’s a twist though, he raises a demon to raise a corpse.


  • Alex and Sangster have to try stop Icemaker from raising a demon. Alex also has to save Paul and Minhi from being sacrafices. Later on Alex finds out he wasn’t going to raise a demon, but that he was raising a corpse. Now Alex has to stop him again.


  • Alex figures out he didn’t officially kill Icemaker. He goes back to the scholomance, when he gets there he sees Icemaker raising a corpse. Alex pulls out a weapon, and then a brawl starts. After a while Alex’s friends come to help. They lead Icemaker into a trap and kill him. His wife though is still very much alive down there.

My Opinion

  • To me this book was really good. This book was about a kid named Alex Van Helsing. It isn’t the van helsing we know of though. It‘s about a kid who just transferred to a new school. Within the 3 days he’s there, kills 2 vampires. Then he figures out lot’s of things. At first Alex was a normal kid, and now he’s a vampire hunter. How cool is that.

5 Facts About The Author

  • His Book was added to the Texas Library Association of Lone Star Reading, at the top 20
  • He graduated from university of Dallas
  • He lives In Texas
  • He writes about computer games
  • He was the writer of Locus best-seller the Element of Fire

5 Questions

  • What was Jason’s inspiration of this book?
  • Why did Icemaker want such a big army?
  • How come the Merril Brothers don’t like Alex?
  • Which job does Sangster like better, teacher or vampire hunter?
  • What was Alex’s old school named?


  • Alex is a 14 year old boy, who has just arrived at Glenarvon Academy. He kills 2 vampires within his first 3 days there. Deep underground there’s a scholomance. A scholomance is a school for vampires. When 2 of Alex’s friends get kidnapped, it’s up to Alex to save them. Alex has to save them before Icemaker raises a demon. Icemaker is raising a demon to cover up raising a corpse, though.