late middle ages war n.
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Late Middle Ages WAR!!!! PowerPoint Presentation
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Late Middle Ages WAR!!!!

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Late Middle Ages WAR!!!! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Late Middle Ages WAR!!!!. Agenda Intro to Section 5 Small group activity. Late middle ages- problems again. 1300-1500(ish) Another time of troubles This time issues come from inside Europe. War and the Growth of Nations.

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Late Middle Ages WAR!!!!

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late middle ages war

Late Middle AgesWAR!!!!


Intro to Section 5

Small group activity

late middle ages problems again
Late middle ages- problems again
  • 1300-1500(ish) Another time of troubles
  • This time issues come from inside Europe.
war and the growth of nations
War and the Growth of Nations
  • Kingdoms are becoming Nations- and beginning to feel Nationalism.
  • Willing to fight for more than king- for your country.
  • Leads to bigger wars
england vs france the 100 years war
England vs. France- the 100 years war
  • 1328 Capetian dynasty dies out- French nobles chose Philip of Flanders- but English king Edward III claims throne (reverse William the conqueror) and invades
  • 116 year war- 1337-1453 many generations
  • Siege warfare- 2 new weapons Longbow (armor) and cannon (castle) change fighting
joan of arc
Joan Of Arc
  • England does well at beginning
  • - 1415 they control 2/3 of France.
  • Turing point comes in 1429 w/a 14 year old peasant girl- who crowns Charles VII and rallies the French to fight
  • Captured by English and burned at the stake as a witch
victory for france
Victory for France
  • English start to fall back, have overextended themselves, can’t remember WHY they are fighting.
  • 1453 treaty signed- English keep only port of Calais.
  • Nobles have lost

power-French king

becomes very


england vs england the war of the roses
England vs. England- the war of the Roses
  • 1455-1471
  • Angevin dynasty dies out.
  • Civil war between house of York (white rose) and house of Lancaster (red rose) for throne
  • Power goes back and forth

Richard III (York) most famous king loses throne to house of Tudor in 1485

  • From 700-1000 ruled by Moors (Muslims) who allowed other faiths to worship freely
  • “Reconquista” attempt by Christians to drive the Moors out 1000-1492.
  • Spain had many small kingdoms- unified by marriage of Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castile 1479.
  • In some ways Spain “skips” middle ages- Muslims are enlightened rulers
  • In other ways they get stuck there- become religious fanatics with no tolerance for differences (inquisition)
the church
The Church
  • Seriously weakened by the plague- Where was God? Why couldn’t the church stop the death?
  • As kings gain power (nationalism) popes lose it.
  • People start to ask questions- about the churches ideas and their role as leaders in society
the babylonian captivity 1309 1377
The Babylonian Captivity 1309-1377
  • 1309 Pope dies. Philip the fair decided to buy the position for a French Bishop.
  • New pope (clement v) stays in Avignon France- so do next 6 (shows power of France)
  • Seemed like the pope belonged to the king- and Avignon was famous for “unholy” activities.
the great schism
The Great Schism
  • 1377 pope dies in Avignon- king chooses a new one- Clement VII (king’s son)
  • Italy refuses to accept- chose their own pope- Urban VI
  • Europe is split- who is the real pope? Both popes excommunicate the other.
  • Trying to end chaos- HRE chooses their own pope- Peter the Hermit
  • 1377 is the year of three popes
  • Broke unity of the church
challenging church power
Challenging Church Power
  • The church no longer seems “perfect” and people start asking questions.
  • Kings say their power comes from God as well (divine right of kings)
  • New religious ideas start to appear
    • John Wycliff- said the bible should be in vernacular so that anyone could read it for themselves.