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Astrotourism in Tenerife EU SkyRoute project Understanding Europeans through their Sky PowerPoint Presentation
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Astrotourism in Tenerife EU SkyRoute project Understanding Europeans through their Sky

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Astrotourism in Tenerife EU SkyRoute project Understanding Europeans through their Sky

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Astrotourism in Tenerife EU SkyRoute project Understanding Europeans through their Sky

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  1. Astrotourism in Tenerife • EU SkyRouteproject • Understanding Europeans through their Sky • 30 June 2014

  2. Index • Tenerife • Whatis Turismo de Tenerife? • What do we do? • Astrotourism in theCanaryIslands • CanaryIslandsAstrophysicsInstituteObservatories (IAC) • Astrotourism experiences in theCanaryIslands • Tenerife StarlightCertification • Stargazingactivities and resources in Tenerife

  3. 1. Tenerife

  4. 1. Tenerife

  5. 1. Tenerife Tenerife, Island of HiddenVolcanoes, isrepositioningitsimage as a naturedestinationwithitsownidentity • Nearly5millionvisitors in 2013 • 2.8 millionvisitorsJanuary to May 2014 • Amazingclimate - averagetemperature 23º C allyear round

  6. 1. Tenerife • Two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: City of La Laguna and Teide National Park • Spain’s highest mountain - Mount Teide volcano at 3,718 metres above sea level

  7. 2. Whatis Turismo de Tenerife? MIXED model (public–private) Over 500 partners Destination Managers A publiccompany Tenerife TourismStrategy 2008-2015 (updated in April 2012)

  8. 3. What do we do? Weresearch Weact in thedestination • Improvetouristspaces • Dynamizeareas of strategicinterest • Create and improvetourismproducts • Weorganisepresstrips and TV shoots • WecommunicatealloverEurope • We do tourismpromotion& marketing abroad and in Tenerife • Weofferservices to thebusinesssector • Organisecongresses and conventions

  9. 3. What do we do? WHY TENERIFE To attract ECONOMIC INVESTMENT TO TENERIFE • To position Tenerife internationally as a TRICONTINENTAL PLATFORM • To improveconnectivity • Togetfinancefromexternalsources • Tenerife

  10. 4. Astrotourism in theCanaryIslands • Astronomical Sky Quality: one of the best places to see a starry sky • Unique weather • Guided astro tours • International observatories • Global pioneer in legal regulation and certifications

  11. 4. Astrotourism in theCanaryIslands • The Sky Law • On 31st October 1988 the Spanish Government passed the Law for the Protection of the Astronomical Quality of the IAC Observatories (Law 31/1988), which was proposed by the parliament of the Canary Islands. On 13th March 1992 the government approved the Regulations for the law (R.D. 243/1992). • The IAC's Sky Quality Protection Technical Office • The law deals with four main areas: • Light pollution • Radio electrical pollution • Atmospheric pollution • Aviation routes

  12. 5. TheIAC’sObservtories • 19th Century: PiazziSmythinstalledthefistTelescope. • The Teide Observatorywasbuilt in theearly 60’s • Telescopes: • Teide Observatory (Island of Tenerife) • Roque de los Muchachos Observatory (Island of La Palma)

  13. 5. TheIAC’sObservtories • TEIDE OBSERVATORY • 20.000 visitors a year • Scientifictourism • Tours byStarlightguides • A highnumber of telescopes

  14. 6. Astrotourism experiences in theCanaryIslands • La Palma, certified as Starlight Reserve and Starlight Tourist Destination. • 50 themed companies for Astro Tourism

  15. 6. Astrotourism experiences in theCanaryIslands • LA PALMA • 5 Astronomic viewpoints with informative pannels • Astronomic events • Project for a visitors centrenear the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory • Footpaths

  16. 6. Astrotourism experiences in theCanaryIslands • TENERIFE • Granadilla: firstmunicipalityrecognized as StarlightTouristDestination • Themedcompanies (rural houses) • Moon Landscape - Nature resource to stargazing

  17. 6. Astrotourism experiences in theCanaryIslands • Certified as Biophere Reserve in 2009 • Starlight Reserve Certification in process

  18. 5. StarlightFoundation 2007:approvedtheDeclaration in Defence of theNightSky and theRight to Starlight. 2009: TheCanaryIslandsAstrophysicalResearchInstitute(IAC) createdtheStarlightFoundation . • TheStarlightinitiativeissupportedby UNESCO, theinternationalAstronomicalUnion(IAU) and the UNWTO (WorldTourismOrganization). • Accredited to grant certifications: • Starlight Reserves • Starlight Tourist Destinations • Star Parks • Windows to the Universe • Training guides (Starlight guides)

  19. 7. Tenerife StarlightCertification Starlight Tourist Destinations: are places characterised by excellent quality for the comtemplation of starry Skies and for the practice of tourist activities based on this resource Teide, StarlightTouristDestination Thescope of Teide National Park, includingthearea of theObservatory and scientificinstalations in thearea and surroundings.

  20. 7. Tenerife StarlightCertification Starlight Reserve: is a sitewhere a commitment to defendthenightskyquality and theaccess to starlight has beenestablished. Itsmainfunctionwill be to preserve thequality of thenightsky and itsassociatevalues, whetherthey are cultural, scientific, astronomical, natural, orlandscape- related Peaks of Tenerife - Starlight Reserve Allthearea of the Teide National Park and thesurroundingNaturePark called “Corona Forestal” isdesignated as Starlight Reserve.

  21. 8. Stargazingactivities and resources in Tenerife Teide National Park: isthefirstdestination of the UNESCO WorldHeritageSitescertifiedbyStarlightFoundation. Itintegrates astro tourismas aninnovativeactivity in accordancewiththevalues and resources to be preserved.

  22. 8. Stargazingactivities and resources in Tenerife • Around 200.000 visitors a year observe stars almost exclusively at Teide (Teide National Park’s statistics) • Organizedvisits to Teide Observatory (IAC). • Stargazingactivitiesarrangedbydiferent local companies • Guided tours by tour operators • Schoolcampsorganizedaroundastronomicalthemes • Hikingactivities • Nightactivitiessuch as a trip in cable car up to 3,500 m. to stargaze, includingdinner(itis a uniqueexperienceworldwide)

  23. 8. Stargazingactivities and resources in Tenerife Starmus Festival 22-27 September 2014 OrganizedbyStarmus, CanaryIslandsGovermentand Tenerife Government. ManagedbyGarikIsraelianfrom Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC). Supportedby La Palma Government, the International AstronomicalUnion and IAC. Stephen Hawking Robert Wilson Sir Harold Kroto Richard Dawkins Brian May JillTarter Robert Williams

  24. 8. Stargazingactivities and resources in Tenerife StarmusActivities The Starmus Festival is open to anyone who has a passion for astronomy, science, the arts and music, and who has a desire to know more about where we came from and what’s out there. Activities at Starmus are not just limited to the talks. There will also be a Teide star party, gala dinner, cocktail reception, space legends tribute, a roundtable discussion in the GTC telescope, sonic universe concert and tours to visit the observatories in Tenerife and La Palma. Attendees will have plenty of opportunity to mingle freely with the scientists, artists, astronauts and rock stars, and casually talk about the universe and what it all means.

  25. 8. Stargazingactivities and resources in Tenerife VolcanoLifeExperience Sunset and Starson Teide Stagazingwithtelescopes El Cardón Hiking tour withexplanation and observation of thenightskyin Teide National Park at Roques de García withStarlight Guides. Included in the tour isDELICATESEN:starsweets and a traditionalliqueur Themedtee-shirtsTrongas.

  26. 8. Stargazingactivities and resources in Tenerife Accommodationin theNational Park: Parador de las Cañadas del Teide (hotel) AltavistaRefuge VisitorCentre “El Portillo” VisitorCentre “Cañada Blanca” Theextensenetwork of viewpoints in Tenerife Project of Visitors Centre for Teide Observatory

  27. 3. Recursos Turísticos • Astro-volcanicviewpoints in Teide National Park Project • Activities • Trainning • Teide National Park guides • Astro-volcanicviewpoints training • Informationboards • Informationcampaignforthe local population “Tenerife, NicePeople”

  28. 3. Resources • Teide NationalPark’sviewpoints + Informationboards + Astro-volcanicspaces • • Volcanoes, water and life(Los Azulejos) • • Eruptionsin the solar system(Mirador de Boca Tauce) • Landscapesfromanotherplanet(Minas de San José) • Time line of thevolcanoes and theuniverse(Mirador del Tabonal Negro) • Volcanoes in thesolar sytem (Mirador Zapato de la Reina) • • Where are thevolcanoesontheMoon (Mirador de los Roques de García) • Europeanscientists travelling to Tenerife to studythesky

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