welcome to the executive summit september 18 and 19 2012 n.
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WELCOME TO THE EXECUTIVE SUMMIT September 18 and 19, 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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WELCOME TO THE EXECUTIVE SUMMIT September 18 and 19, 2012

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WELCOME TO THE EXECUTIVE SUMMIT September 18 and 19, 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WELCOME TO THE EXECUTIVE SUMMIT September 18 and 19, 2012. Registration & Re-Recognition. OCL Student groups must register each year with OCL at ocl.tufts.edu Failure to register may result in freezing of your budget TCUJ

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registration re recognition
Registration & Re-Recognition
  • OCL
    • Student groups must register each year with OCL at ocl.tufts.edu
      • Failure to register may result in freezing of your budget
  • TCUJ
    • Every year student groups are required to submit updated contact info for their organization.
    • Every two years student groups are required to go through the full re-registration process.
      • Councils 1-4, 2012-2013
      • Councils 5-8, 2013-2014
      • Beginning of 2nd semester

(Information Found on Page 2 The Roadmap)

student organization purchases
Student Organization Purchases

Will Be Covered During the

TCU Treasury Procedures Meeting!!!

  • Purchasing items using own funds and request reimbursement
  • Purchasing items with TCU Credit Card
  • TCU Paperwork
  • How to use Gnomon Copy
  • Office Hours!

(Information Found on Page 3 of The Roadmap)

contents of your packets
Contents of Your Packets!
  • Packets
    • Financial Stewardship Workshop
    • Campus Life Brochure
    • R-25 Space and Scheduling
    • TSR Tufts Tees Flyer
    • Tisch College Minor in Leadership Flyer
    • Discover Medford
    • Road Map
      • Your guide to planning events at Tufts
      • Policies and Procedures
      • Helpful tips

OCL Office Staff



OCL Interns

office for campus life location
Office for Campus Life: Location

First floor of the Mayer Campus Center


Office for Campus Life: Services


Leadership Development Opportunities

Info Booth Ticket Sales

Contract Negotiation

Student Organization Financial Support

Event Staffing and Management

Program Planning Advice and Guidance

Lobby Table Reservations

Meeting Room Management

Group Advising and Mentoring

Event Registration Meetings

Open Block Wednesdays

Van Rental

(Information Found on Page 6 The Roadmap)

services of ocl that you may not have known about
Services of OCL that you may not have known about!
  • Information Booth has…
    • Bike pump
    • Envelopes
    • Faxes
    • Games (board games, pool, ping pong)
    • Stamps
    • Karaoke Machine
    • LCD Projectors
event registration meetings
Event Registration Meetings
  • What is this meeting for?
  • When is the meeting?
    • Fridays at 10 am
    • Upper Conference Room in the Mayer Campus Center
  • Who is there?
  • Must attend meeting at least 2 Fridays before event

(Information Found on Page 15 of The Roadmap)

r25 reservation system
R25 Reservation System
  • Things you should know about R25
    • What can be reserved through R25
      • Most spaces on campus (meeting rooms, classrooms, performance spaces, multipurpose venues, etc), OCL Vans, OCL projectors, Campus Center Lobby Tables, and the OCL Karaoke Machine.
    • Spaces not reservable through R-25
      • Athletics: Cage, Cousens, Gantcher, Fletcher Field, Jackson Gym
      • Chaplain’s Office: Interfaith Center
      • Conference Bureau : 51 Winthrop Street, Alumnae Lounge
      • Residential Life & Learning: Residence Hall Lounges
  • R-25 Questions? reservations2@ase.tufts.edu

(Information Found on Page 15 The Roadmap)

interdepartmental requests or more commonly known idrs
Interdepartmental Requests… or more commonly known, IDRs!
  • What is an IDR?!
    • An IDR is a form of payment used be students and offices to pay for services provided by departments within Tufts.
    • Services that one would use an IDR for payment.
      • Catering/Dining Services
      • OCL Event Staff
      • TUPD
      • Things to NOTE:
        • IDRs must be signed by TCU Treasurer!
    • IDRs can be found in the TCU Treasury Office or the OCL.

(Information Found on Page 19 The Roadmap)

online forms
Online Forms!!!
  • AV Services Online Form
    • http://ase.tufts.edu/its/classroomAvRequest.aspx
  • Facilities Online Form
    • https://fsrequest.tufts.edu/WebMaint/

(Information Found on Page 19 The Roadmap)

late night @ hotung
Late Night @ Hotung
  • Hotung Café is available for late night programming Thursday, Friday, & Saturday nights.
  • OCL will cover the cost of event staff, set-up & breakdown for events beginning after 8pm.
  • Reserve your date on R-25 soon—dates are filling up quickly!
  • What is a contract?
    • Contracts represent an agreement you are making for future purchase of goods and services.
      • If vendor has their own contract, bring to OCL for contract review, negotiation and signature.
      • If vendor does not have own contract, must obtain a Performance Agreement from OCL.
  • Documents needed to fully execute a contract from Tufts!
    • Vendor signed contract
    • W-9 Submitted by Vendor
    • Completed TCU Independent Contractor Form


(Information Found on Page 5 of The Roadmap)

types of events
Types of Events
  • Tufts Only Plus Guest List:

Organizations wishing for a “Tufts Only” event but would like to invite specific off-campus guests connected to their event or the group my do so in the form of a guest list. Guest list guidelines are as follows: 

  • Tufts Only Plus One Guest:

For all events sponsored by a student organization priority for attendance must always first go to Tufts University students. Depending on capacity numbers, organizations may request a “one-for-one” scenario in which a Tufts student with valid ID is allowed to host one non-Tufts guest. The “one-for-one” guest procedure must be requested when requesting event space and will be granted or denied after review by TUPD and OCL. Guests must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • City Wide/Open Floor Plan Events:

Student organizations often request to host City Wide Open Floor Plan events which are open to Tufts students and students from other local universities. For these events students from other institutions are welcome and for admission are required to show a legal university or college photo ID. For these City Wide/Open Events Tufts requires the use of metal detecting equipment at the event entrance.

**Please note that if you are considering to host a City Wide/Open Event you should contact someone in the Office for Campus Life to discuss the policies and procedures that you will need to follow for your specific event.**

(Information Found on Page 30-31 of The Roadmap)

use of tufts name insignia
Use of Tufts Name/Insignia

(Information Found on Page 35-37 of The Roadmap)

advertising policies
Advertising Policies
  • All advertising must…
    • include name of sponsoring group and contact information
    • be removed within 24 hours of event
    • only be hung in authorized areas
      • Bulletin Boards, Breezeway, Library Steps, and Campus Center Display Cases
    • not be hung on
      • any door, interior or exterior walls, or Campus Center bathroom stalls
  • Posters hung in Residence Halls must be approved by Residential Life & Learning before being hung up
    • Bring poster to ORLL Office (South Hall) to receive approval stamp BEFORE making copies

(Information Found on Page 23 of The Roadmap)

advertising continued
Advertising (Continued)
  • Chalking
    • Not permitted in areas inaccessible to rain or vertical surfaces
    • Only water soluble chalk
    • Spray chalk and spray paint are NOT PERMITTED
  • Banners and Stickers
    • Under no circumstances are banners or stickers permitted
  • Creative Advertising Ideas
    • Painting the Cannon
    • Sandwich Boards
    • “Labeled” Candy
    • 3-D Posters
  • Green Advertising (cost nothing!)
    • Tuftslife
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Computer Lab Desktop/Screen Savers

(Information Found on Page 23 of The Roadmap)

preferred vendors
Preferred Vendors


dining catering
  • When are you required to use Tufts Catering?
  • Food Vending/Distribution Guidelines
  • Use of Non-University Caterers

(Information Found on Page 20 of The Roadmap)

ocl vans and rental vehicles
OCL Vans and Rental Vehicles

(Information Found on Page 38 of The Roadmap)

helpful contacts
Helpful Contacts

A/V Services -------------------------617-627-3578

Campus Life --------------------------617-627-3212

Dining Services ----------------------617-627-3277

Facilities -------------------------------617-627-3496

Residential Life and Learning ----617-627-3248

TCU Treasury -------------------------617-627-3628

TUPD -----------------------------------617-627-3030

ocl open block wednesdays
OCL Open Block Wednesdays

(Information Found on Page 3 of The Roadmap)


Hazing is a term used to describe various ritual and other activities involving harassment, abuse or humiliation used as a way of initiating a person into a group. (Wikipedia)

(Information Found on Page 31 of The Roadmap)

wrap up
Wrap Up
  • Event Registration Meeting
  • R-25
  • IDR’s/Online Forms
  • Hotung
  • City Wide Events
  • Event Registration Meetings
  • OCL Open Wednesdays
  • Purchases
  • Contracts
  • Hazing Policy
  • Advertising
  • Dining/Catering
  • OCL Van/Rental Vehicles

Thank you!

Questions? Please contact us at ocl@tufts.edu