September 18-19
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September 18-19. When you come in… Copy the homework and then begin reading your free-choice book Today we are… Reviewing our vocabulary, poems, and text based responses. Activities… READ!!  Looking at Quizlet Discussing our poems Discussing some sample answers

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September 18-19

  • When you come in…

    • Copy the homework and then begin reading your free-choice book

  • Today we are…

    • Reviewing our vocabulary, poems, and text based responses.

  • Activities…

    • READ!! 

    • Looking at Quizlet

    • Discussing our poems

    • Discussing some sample answers

    • Collect Text Based Responses from White Lies

    • Receiving the text for our upcoming test

  • When you leave you should be able to…

    • Annotate text to gain deeper insight and prepare for the test

    • Review/study vocabulary


    • STUDY – test next class


  • Review for the vocabulary at Quizlet – A link can be found in “Helpful Links” on my webpage.

  • Vocabulary will NOT be matching. You need to know the word AND the definition. You will need to be able to use them in a sentence, define them, and use them to fill in blanks.


  • Good items, but they don’t give me insight to any emotion or story; they are superficial

  • Didn’t follow the format; left it like a list

  • Too short

  • Late

  • Golden lines

  • Diction (loved when I saw vocabulary)

Always running how does the setting affect what happens
Always Running – How does the setting affect what happens?


  • Topic Sentence – original, insightful, well-written, is based on an inference (opinion derived from clues – opening statement)

  • Concrete Detail – evidence that clearly supports the topic sentence, should be quotes that are embedded into your sentence (this is the DNA, fingerprints, bloody weapon)

  • COMMENTARY – this is the analysis, thinking, original ideas that argues your point (closing argument)

Example 1
Example 1

The placement of where the brothers take place has a big diversity and are fully negative. As Rano and his brother enter South Gate, they also enter a change of diversity into “all white, all-American”. Doing this foreshadows the possible negativity between the two ethnicities.

Example 2
Example 2

The setting of the story affects what happens to the narrator and his brother by putting them in a negative area where they are exposed to danger. This rundown place, described with “discarded market cars and tore up sofas” gives me the impression that no one cares about anything in this area. As “shimmers of 70,000 pieces of broken bottles”, South Gate must produce violence.The setting is not an ideal place to be in with discrimination and filth laying everywhere.

Example 3
Example 3

  • The setting foreshadows how foreboding crossing the railroads tracks was. The “discarded market carts, and tore-up sofas” show that this “forbidden territory” is unkempt and meant to build suspense for the consequences to follow.The events that followed, when Rano is badly beaten up, effectively fulfill the setting’s purpose.

Example 4
Example 4

The location of the grocery store had a significant impact on the fate of the narrator and his brother, Rano. The reader can infer only something unfortunate can happen when the narrator explains how they got to the store by starting “over the tracks, climbing over discarded market carts, and tore up sofas…” The dark and uneasy setting foreshadows the tragedy that occurs.

Example 5
Example 5

The setting of the passage affects the change in the attitude between Rano and his brother, teaching them that beauty can come out of even the darkest times. As Rano and his brother lay on the ground, the Watts Tower “…shimmers of 70,000 pieces of broken bottles, seashells, ceramic, and metal spiraling points puncturing the heavens, reflecting back the rays of the falling sun.” The Watts Tower beauty comes from the broken and miscellaneous objects attached to it. This teaches the brothers to trust one another, and allows Rano to open up to his brother. Even though times may be hard or dark, there is always a silver lining that makes it part of a beautiful masterpiece.

Example 6
Example 6

The torn up items around the scene are symbolic of Rano’s broken body and his brother’s aching heart. “Discarded market cars and torn up sofas” surround the boys as they are callously trampled by the shallow boys from the rich neighborhood. Mimicking the cluttered setting, the rich kids force Rano to match the area in which the assault happens; it influences the way the violent boys respond to the narrator and his older brother.

Example 7
Example 7

The setting shows that something positive can come out of a cruel event. The trauma of the American boys beating up Rano occurs across from the “Watts Towers shimmering of 70,000 pieces of broken bottles…puncturing the heavens” at sunset. This foretells that the relationship between Rano and his brother is going to be strengthened. This is an awful event, but they are going to be protected and find triumph even in a “broken” situation.