technology s influence on training learning n.
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Technology’s Influence on Training & Learning

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Technology’s Influence on Training & Learning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Technology’s Influence on Training & Learning. Technology has made several benefits possible: Control over where and when as-needed basis. Employees can choose the type of media (print, sound, video) they want to use in a training program.

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technology s influence on training learning
Technology’s Influence on Training & Learning
  • Technology has made several benefits possible:
    • Control over where and when
    • as-needed basis.
    • Employees can choose the type of media (print, sound, video) they want to use in a training program.
    • Course enrollment, testing, and training records can be handled electronically
    • Accomplishments in training in progress can be monitored.
Digital Collaboration
    • , contractors, suppliers, and engineers can buy and sell products and services as well as exchange blueprints, designs, and other data to cut building time.
Asynchronous communication refers to non-real-time interactions.
    • E-mail, self-paced courses on the Web or CD-ROM, discussion groups, and virtual libraries allow asynchronous communications.
Synchronous - interaction

Asynchronous – non real time interaction

computer based training
Computer-Based Training
  • computer analyzes the responses and provides feedback to the trainee.
  • CD-ROM DVD, Laser Disc
Interactive video combines the advantages of video and computer-based instruction. Instruction is provided one-on-one to trainees via a monitor connected to a keyboard.
  • Federal Express trained 35,000 ee in 650 locations
e learning
  • Internet-based training refers to training that is delivered on public or private computer networks and displayed by a Web browser.
  • Intranet-based training refers to training delivered using the company’s own network.
advantages of e learning
It supports company’s business strategy & objectives.

It is accessible at any time & any place.

The audience can include employees and managers as well as vendors, customers, and clients.

Training can be delivered to geographically dispersed employees.

Training can be delivered faster and to more employees in a shorter period.

Updating is easy.

Practice, feedback, objectives, assessment, and other positive features of a learning environment can be built into a program. Learning is enhanced through multiple media.

Paperwork can be eliminated.

It can link learners to other content, experts, and peers.

Advantages of E-Learning
tips for developing effective online learning
Needs analysis

Assess user skills

Speed between computers


Plug ins (added soft ware


No interactions with others

Try collaborative programs


Tips for Developing Effective Online Learning
blended learning
Blended Learning
  • Blended learning refers to the use of a combination of online learning, face-to-face instruction.

Kick off with a live seminar

learning portal
Learning Portal
  • Learning portals offer access
    • Sign up new participants
    • Tracking
intelligent tutoring systems
Intelligent Tutoring Systems
  • Intelligent tutoring systems (ITSs) refer to instructional systems using artificial intelligence.
    • ITS has the ability to match instruction to individual student needs.
    • ITS can communicate and respond to the student.
    • ITS can model the trainee’s learning process.
    • NASA astronaut training
conditions when training support tech are most needed
Conditions When Training Support Tech. Are Most Needed
  • Performance of task is infrequent.
  • The task is lengthy, difficult, and information-intensive.
  • The consequences of error are damaging.
  • Performance relies on knowledge, procedures, or approaches that frequently change.
  • There is high employee turnover.
  • Little time is available for training, or resources for training are few.
  • Employees are expected to take full responsibility for learning and performing tasks.
distance learning
Distance Learning
  • Two way communication
    • Teleconferencing
  • Groupware (electronic meeting software) is a special type of software application that enables multiple users to track, share and organize information, and to work on the same document simultaneously.
    • Lotus Notes