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  1. LOTF Week 2

  2. 3/10/2014 Grammar Practice • Homophones • Use the following words in a sentence: ate/eight knight/night sew/so/sow

  3. LOTF Theme #1 • Human Nature • Human nature, free from the constraints of society, draws people away from reason toward savagery.

  4. LOTF Theme #2 • Civilization Civilization as a veil that through its rules and laws masks the evil within every individual. So even while civilizations thrive, they are merely hiding the beast. They have not destroyed it.

  5. LOFT Theme #3 • The Weak and the Strong The strong and powerful, boys give in to the savage instinct to ignore, pick on, mock, or even physically abuse boys who are weaker than them.

  6. LOTF Chapter 4

  7. LOTF Homework Homework – Read Chapter 5 • Journal Response #3 For each of the chapters we have read so far, select one quotation (total of 3 quotes) that represents an important idea (theme) or symbol that is being developed in the novel. Write a sentence to explain how each quotation is important to the understanding of the thematic and symbolic meaning of the novel.

  8. 3/11/14 Grammar Practice • Homophones • Use the following words in a sentence: beat/beet knot/not some/sum

  9. Chapter 5 Summary • Ralph sounds the conch shell and the boys gather for a meeting. A serious meeting. • Jack takes the conch. He calls the littleun's crybabies. He says he's been all over the island, and there's no beast. Piggy agrees with Jack. • Simon takes the conch. He says maybe the boys themselves are the beast. • Piggy grabs the conch and shouts that ghosts don't exist. • Ralph accuses Jack of breaking the rules. • To the boys, adults represent civilization.

  10. LOTF Chapter 6-8

  11. Homework Read Chapter 8 • LOTF Journal #4 • Assume that you are a little’un on the island. Write a letter to someone. In as much detail as possible, relate one of the dreams that you might have had after landing on the island. Include details of what you think of the older boys and their behavior. What do you think of law and order on the island? What are your concerns about being on the island?

  12. 3/12/14 Grammar Practice • Homophones • Use the following words in a sentence: blue/blew know/no son/sun

  13. Chapter 8 • Piggy can't believe the beast is real. • Jack says his hunters could kill the beast. • Next Jack accuses Ralph of belittling the hunters. • Jack storms off, humiliated and crying. He vows to form a new group, and says anyone can join him when he hunts. • Simon has wandered alone into the forest. • The boys track, corner, and kill a big sow (a female pig). • The beast warns Simon that if he tries to interfere Jack, Roger, Maurice, Robert, Bill, Piggy, and Ralph will "do" him.

  14. Chapter 9-11

  15. Homework • Finish Reading the book (Chapter 12) • Journal #5 Select any THREE symbols in the novel so far. Illustrate and/or paste picture of each symbol (literal) and then find pictures or illustrate pictures of what each symbol represents. Explain the meaning of the symbols, and also describe the ways in which the symbols have changed/developed in the novel. • CROSS OUT journal #6, #8, & #9

  16. 3/14/2014 Grammar Practice • Homophones • Use the following words in a sentence: break/brake lead/led stair/stare

  17. Chapter 12 Summary • Ralph spies on Castle Rock from a hiding place in the forest. • Samneric have been tortured into revealing Ralph's location. • As the jungle burns, the tribe chases Ralph from hiding place to hiding place. • The tribe slowly surrounds him, until Ralph is forced onto the open beach, where he'll surely be killed. • The officer asks if they're having a war, and jokingly asks if they've had any casualties. • Hypocritical civilization: the officer prefers his warship (savagery) to facing human emotion.

  18. Due after Spring Break • Entire journal entries on separate paper. DO NOT complete journal #6, #8, & #9. • All vocabulary worksheets. They are easy and you may use a dictionary. • The essay assignment – turned into