great third grade memories n.
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Great third grade memories PowerPoint Presentation
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Great third grade memories

Great third grade memories

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Great third grade memories

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  1. Great third grade memories By Marina

  2. THings I like • :Ricki • :Jackpot • :Dancing • :tennis • :Mrs. Ferguson • :Writing stories • :Centers

  3. My school • : Mt Bethel Elementary • : Mrs. Ferguson • : Jone Johnson • : Reba Bacharach

  4. Funniest moments in third grade • : When I spilled juice all over the lunch table • : The stories people right in are journal • : Drama stories • : recess • : When the lunch lady did the Macarena

  5. Things I’ll remember about Mrs. Ferguson’s class • : CRCT’s • : Squirrel town • : Market day • : Mrs. Ferguson’s B-day • : Dancing • : Kick ball • :My friends • : Awards • : Field day • : lunch

  6. Best moments in third grade • : Recess • : Lunch • : Book buddies • : field day • : Market day

  7. Favorite B ook character • My favorite book character is Flash he is from the book puppy place. He gets found and people try to help him in a barn with no food.

  8. ABC’s of Third grade • Not quiet • Right on • Silent • Take’s time • Up up and away • Vivacious • What's up • X-tra fun • Yay • Zap • Awesome • Brilliant • Crazy • Different then any other grade • Extra cool • Favorite grade • Great • Hillaries • Is fun • Just good • Kind • Like it a lot • Mighty cool • Nice • Oh so fun • Practicing

  9. My favorite story • I Survived • Marina Erwin • The scratching sound was coming from the door. We were scared to open it and boom there it was right there. It was a three headed monster with 8 heads and 89 sharp teeth. But there was won tooth that was so big it hung out of his mouth. It looked so scary we all screamed ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. When we screamed it ran away. We all ran home to tell are mother. When we got there we knocked .Then we looked around everybody was dead but I survived. So I went bonkers I bang my head on the porch step…… But then everybody was not dead they just were in shock. • But now my head really hurt! I was really stupid too bang my head on the porch step. So my mom and dad came running to me. They started to hug me and I hugged them back. So all my friends came back to my house to play. But again we heard a scratching sound on the door. But it was just the pizza guy for dinner. I heard this thing that went raaaaaaaaaaaaaa raaaaaaaaaaaaaa on the door so I opened the door….. Out jumped a monster that had 67 feet and 99 teeth and 27 arms and 85 heads we all screamed and ran home to tell all of our mothers. • But I looked out the door and everyone was dead… well… I think they were dead. So I thought I should bang my head on the porch step but then I remembered how bad it hurt. So I did not. Instead I bang my hand on the porch step and then I stopped. It really hurt. But then everyone was alive but the war was not over! The war between humans and the monster’s. The war was a great shock to the humans. President FDR did not know how to stop the war. The year was 1940! Nobody knew what the monsters wanted from us are land, world, or even that maybe we ruined there land and now they won’t it back? • It was very hard to understand. We tried to reason with them but that just made the war worse. We were all afraid that the president would get swallowed up by one of these monstrous creatures and families were worried that their kids are going to be dead at school so they made school close for 85 years! The big kids fought the big monsters and the little kids stayed in their homes crying to their moms. When the big kids got heart they would go to the local hostbital or the local doctor or they would put the kid on a log float and send him off to the ocean to wake up in Florida. • Everybody was not scared anymore of the creatures because they were fighting for 810475, 0943756593497589039759690867 years. SCARY!!!!!!!! But not for most people who live in are time. And are city or county or country. I have to admit that the monsters are pretty scary but the really strong boys and strong girls are always out there trying to win the war. It is kind of hard living in a country where monsters are always after you and scary creatures are always trying to kill you or at the least hurt you. • I’m trying really hard to try to survive when I have to go to the store to keep me and my family alive. Sometimes I scream a little or like scream like a little girl. But I always try to stay safe and try not to cry! We were thinking of moving to Mexico but when a monster heard about this he made us on his last strike. That means I am on there last strike and one more strike and my whole entire family is one of there very many prisoners. We might get killed or starve to death in the monster jail because all they feed you is monster food which is gloppy, stinky muck. • I wish that we lived in Mexico. So we snook out of the united states and went to Mexico.

  10. Summer plans • : To meet my cousins on the beach • : To bye my dog a swim suit • : to win all my swim meets • : To paint my dogs nails • : To get a wig for my dog

  11. Goals for fourth grade • : To be better at math • : To be better at spelling • : To make new friends • : To be in matches in tennis • : To get a new dog

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