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Third Grade Memories PowerPoint Presentation
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Third Grade Memories

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Third Grade Memories

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Third Grade Memories

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  1. Third Grade Memories By Joey W.

  2. Me Jewish funny strong fun helpful zest good respectful awesome joyful smart amazing nice cool

  3. My School School Mount Bethel Elementary School Teacher Mrs. Ferguson Principal Ms. Johnson Vice Principal Ms. Harmeyer

  4. Funniest Moment in 3rd Grade The funniest moment in third is when Mrs. Ferguson’s daughter said she wanted to ditch school and go to Maine. I want to ditch school and go to Maine.

  5. Best Moment in 3rd Grade The best moment in 3rd Grade was getting to know everyone in my class.

  6. 10 Things to Remember About 3rd Grade Meeting people in my class Meeting Mrs. Ferguson Meeting Gabriel Meeting Rion Meeting Nicholas Meeting Darin Meeting Siddharth Meeting Branden Meeting Ethan Meeting Will and Matthew

  7. My Favorite Book Character My favorite book character is Harry Potter because I have read every Harry Potter book and have watched every movie.

  8. ABC’s of 3rd Grade Amazing Brilliant Cool Diligent Exciting Fun Great Helpful Intelligent

  9. ABC’s continued Joyful Kind Loving Magnificent Neat Optimistic Pancakes Questionable

  10. ABC’s continued Rocks Super Talented Unbelievable Very Nice Wonderful X-tra Special Young Zest

  11. My Writings How a cat got his whiskers Once upon a time there was only one cat that existed. He disobeyed his owners he also liked to destroy stuff and meowing at night. His owners couldn’t leave his own door open to go outside. One night he got out and ran away. He found himself in the middle of a forest. There were twigs, berries, and trees in the forest. He rolled, tumbled and bathed in those things. He liked them so much he even ate and slept in it. One day he got a bunch of twigs stuck in his cheeks. It hurt so bad he ran all the way back home. He wondered if his owners could help. When he got there his owners didn’t recognize because of the twigs.

  12. Summer Plans Have Fun Read Forget School

  13. Three Goals for Next Year Get Better Grades Read More Play More

  14. THE END That’s it!