illusions created by the elements of design in apparel n.
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Illusions Created by the Elements of Design in Apparel PowerPoint Presentation
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Illusions Created by the Elements of Design in Apparel

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Illusions Created by the Elements of Design in Apparel - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Illusions Created by the Elements of Design in Apparel. Apparel Fall 2008. Elements of Design. Color Line Shape Texture. Color. Color is the most dynamic element Three Properties of Color  Hue-Name of a color  Intensity-Brightness or dullness  Value-Lightness or darkness

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elements of design
Elements of Design
  • Color
  • Line
  • Shape
  • Texture
  • Color is the most dynamic element
  • Three Properties of Color

Hue-Name of a color

Intensity-Brightness or dullness

Value-Lightness or darkness

☻☻Shade-Dark Values

☻☻Tints-Light Values

  • What is this hue?
color hue
  • Navy Blue-Used for classic styles and sportswear
color intensity
Color Intensity
  • Which is more intense:
color value
Color Value
  • Lightness or darkness
  • Light hues are tints and draw more attention
  • Dark hues are shades and make you appear taller and thinner
warm colors1
Warm Colors
  • Advance
  • Draw Attention
cool colors1
Cool Colors
  • Restful relaxing
  • Recede
neutral color
Neutral Color
  • Black-Absorbs all light and is warmer
  • White-Reflects all light and is cooler
  • Gray-Black and white blended together
  • Beige is also considered neutral
  • Accented neutral
  • Blends with all colors-color becomes more vivid
illusions from color schemes
Illusions from Color Schemes
  • Monochromatic
  • Analogous
  • Complementary
  • Split Complementary
  • Triad
  • Accented Neutrals
monochromatic color scheme
Monochromatic Color Scheme
  • Tints, shades and intensities of one color
  • Continuous look
analogous color scheme
Analogous Color Scheme
  • Color next to each other on the color wheel
  • Colors can blend
  • For contrast, use different values and intensities
complementary color scheme
Complementary Color Scheme
  • Hues directly across the color wheel
  • Great contrast
  • Colors become more vivid
split complementary
Split Complementary
  • Three colors
  • One color with the color on either side of its complement
  • Bright contrast-use with care
triad color scheme
Triad Color Scheme
  • Three colors equidistant on the color wheel
  • Great contrast
  • Structural or decorative
  • Straight, curved, jagged, vertical , horizontal
  • Vertical creates height and thinness
  • Horizontal creates width
  • Diagonal creates movement and excitement
  • Outer lines of a garment determine shape
  • Natural, tubular, bell, and full
  • Natural is most classic
  • Tubular adds height and makes you appear thin
  • Bell shape draws attention to the wider part of the bell
  • Full makes you appear larger
  • Surface characteristics that determine look or feel
  • Soft, crisp, smooth, nubby, dull, rough, shiny
  • Soft textures are most flattering
  • Crisp and bulky make you appear larger
  • Dull textures absorb all light make you are smaller
  • Shiny textures make you appear larger
poster assignment
Poster Assignment
  • Create a poster illustrating appropriate clothing for different body types using the elements of design to accentuate and de emphasize certain body types
  • Body Types: Triangle, Inverted triangle, Rectangle, Hour Glass