Talent development iceland
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Talent development-Iceland. Iceland. Area. Austurland Suðurland Suðurnes Vesturland Norðurland Reykjavík Höfuðborgarsvæði Ísafjörður, Vestmannaeyjar og Hornafjörður. What are we looking for?. Defenders (specially full backs) Goalkeepers (specially in womens football)

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Talent development iceland

  • Austurland

  • Suðurland

  • Suðurnes

  • Vesturland

  • Norðurland

  • Reykjavík

  • Höfuðborgarsvæði

  • Ísafjörður, Vestmannaeyjar og Hornafjörður

What are we looking for
What are we looking for?

  • Defenders (specially full backs)

  • Goalkeepers (specially in womens football)

    More players in certain areas

Find weaknesses and solutions
Find weaknesses and solutions

  • Meet coaches and boards

  • Short report on certain areas or clubs

  • Analysis

  • Actions-meeting on womens football in Hornafjörður. Meeting in Borganes because of need of more participant.

Camps for u13 u14
Camps for U13-U14

  • Held in september in Reykjavík

  • 96 boys og 80 girls, the best players. Late developers also!

  • A year earlier this year. New

  • Encouragement for kids in the talent project

  • We see how the agegroup is in general.

  • We see strengts and weaknesses earlier

  • Helps us define the Football school in U14s better!


Telling stories

What we tell our children

The circle

Gr tar rafn steinsson
Grétar Rafn Steinsson

KS, ÍA Akranes, Young Boys, AZ, Bolton and Kayserispor.

46-A, 11-U21, 4 U19 and 7 u-17 Iceland

Talent development iceland

Left Siglufjörður(1500 inhabitants) when he was 15 years old to play with IA Akranes. Lived in a garage with a family. Decided to focus on the full back position after he damaged crusiate ligaments.

Talent development iceland

,,I never compared myself to the players i played with. Instead i played against imaginaryplayers from all around the world.

To be the best i had to train more and better than others. Not only more.“

Alfre finnbogason
Alfreð Finnbogason Instead i played

  • U17=0

  • U19=0

  • U21=11

  • A=21

  • Top scorer in Holland 2013-2014 with 29 goals

Alfre finnbogason heerenveen
Alfreð Finnbogason Heerenveen Instead i played

„ A lot of people told me that i was not big enough or strong enough.

It only encouraged me more. Where i am today was only a distant dream when i was a teenager. I was never picked for the U17‘s or U19‘s but i was near it. At that time i needed to use my brain a lot to compete against others.

So i emphasized on being technical and quicker in my mind. So i could see what would happen next. Altough you are not the fastest on your feet you can still be step ahead.“

Mistakes Instead i played

Imitate a champion
Imitate a champion Instead i played

Robin Van Persie

Dennis Bergkamp

Tradition or what
Tradition or what? Instead i played

S- koreans on PGA women (Golf)

Russians on WTA women (Tennis)

1998 3

2000 6

2002 10

2004 12

2007 15

  • 1998 1

  • 2000 5

  • 2002 8

  • 2004 16

  • 2007 33

Soff a a gunnarsd ttir jitex
Soffía A. Gunnarsdóttir Jitex Instead i played

,, Role models, goal setting and vision are very important.

I wish somebody sat down with me when i was thirteen and helped me with goal setting and explained to me how to get them.“

Sindri tradition
Sindri=tradition Instead i played

Rest and sleep matter
Rest and sleep matter Instead i played

Preparing for a national practise
Preparing for a national practise Instead i played

  • Mental training

  • Act like you have always been there