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r einventing talent development

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r einventing talent development
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r einventing talent development

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  1. reinventingtalent development

  2. helps you OPTIMIZEthereturnon your talent investment.

  3. The cost of turnover is often invisible. Yet its impact on the bottom line is undeniable. Twenty-four percent of hiring managers said a single bad hire cost their business more than $50,000 in the last year. – Career Builder

  4. Organizations today… • must create a company culture that nurtures employees throughout their career with them. • This begins with an understanding of what’s needed when selecting new talent, continues through the hiring process, and for the duration of the employees’ service to the company.

  5. Beyondboarding™ WOW! transformations talent development approach • Beyondboarding is a strategic approach to employee and organizational growth and development that accounts for the cost of hiring and retaining a company’s most valuable resources, its talent.

  6. Beyondboarding™ • With beyondboarding™ your organization will realize: • Reduced employee turnover • Engaged leadership who empower their employees • Higher levels of employee satisfaction • An environment focused on learning and development • Attraction of a highly qualified talent pool that is eager to join your organization • Employees who feel a sense of community and belonging

  7. Pre-boarding:Are your managers searching for the right talent that meets your business requirements and objectives? • Onboarding:Does your onboarding process develop engaged and productive employees, ensuring their long-term commitment? • Post-boarding:What are you doing to cultivate employees throughout their lifetime of service into the company’s leaders of tomorrow?

  8. Pre-boarding • Helps organizations assess their needs to source and select the right talent • Identifies the type of talent you need before recruiting • Provides prospective employees ways to determine if they align with your company's culture and values Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh estimates hiring mistakes have cost his company more than $100 million since it was founded in 1999. Hsieh says , “It's a mistake managers will come to regret if hires aren't a good fit with the corporate culture.” Zappos now spends time vetting potential employees and hiring only folks that mesh well with the company's culture.

  9. Onboarding • Long-term talent development process which impacts a new employee’s decision to stay with your organization • Helps new, recently acquired, transferred or promoted talent become fully engaged and culturally aware members of an organization’s workforce • Works for employees at all levels “A thorough onboarding process can dramatically reduce the amount of time a new executive needs to reach full capacity and ultimately increase their chances of success within an organization.” - Bob Damon, president of North America for Korn/Ferry

  10. Post-boarding • Provides learning and development initiatives that continue throughout the employee’s career with the company • Gives managers the tools and processes they need to identify their employees’ strengths and development requirements • Creates ongoing opportunities to create a strong talent pool and company leaders of tomorrow “Layoffs, cutbacks and stress inflicted on employees in the economic downturn have left many of them discontented and disengaged.  As this pent-up frustration is released, the impact on businesses, their work forces and their customers will be pronounced.” - Jon Picoult, New York Times, “Turnover Storm”

  11. Did you know that beyondboarding™ • Provides innovative recruitment, retention and development programs • Helps increase an organization’s hiring power • Extends HR support to truly nurture the organizations’ employees • Helps retain talent beyond the average18-months to three years • Reduces talent mismatch

  12. To learn more about our services, contact us at: 678.438.4803 info@wowtransformations.com www.wowtransformations.com Follow us at: