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Boy Scout Troop 1018. Introduction to Our Troop. Version 2 May 2010. Introduction. History of Scouting The Scouting Program – what and why Organization Differences between Cub & Boy Scouts Meetings and campouts Advancement and Merit Badges Expectations Costs Other “odds and ends”

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Boy scout troop 1018

Boy Scout Troop 1018

Introduction to Our Troop

Version 2

May 2010

Troop 1018, Dranesville UMC


  • History of Scouting

  • The Scouting Program – what and why

  • Organization

  • Differences between Cub & Boy Scouts

  • Meetings and campouts

  • Advancement and Merit Badges

  • Expectations

  • Costs

  • Other “odds and ends”

  • Wrap-Up & Questions

Troop 1018, Dranesville UMC

History of scouting
History of Scouting

  • Founded by Lord Baden-Powell in the United Kingdom

    • (Brownsea Island – 1907)

  • Brought to America by William Boyce

    • Founded - 8 Feb 1910 (Feb is our “anniversary month”)

    • 2010 - Centennial Year – special activities planned

    • Chartered by Congress in 1916

  • Worldwide movement, Scouting programs exist in over 200 countries and territories

Troop 1018, Dranesville UMC

What is scouting
What is Scouting?

  • B-P – “Fun with a purpose”

  • BSA Mission Statement: “To prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law."

  • The Scout Oath

    • Duty to God and Country

    • Duty to Others

    • Duty to Self

  • Scout Law

    • 12 Points of the Scout Law

Troop 1018, Dranesville UMC

The scouting program
The Scouting Program

  • Preparation for the future

    • Life skills, citizenship through merit badges

    • Leadership through “on the job training”

    • Teamwork through the patrol method

    • Uniform: pride in organization, self-appearance

  • The Outdoor Program

    • The centerpiece of Scouting

    • Understand and appreciate our natural resources

    • Leave No Trace activities

    • Self reliance; working together toward goals; teamwork

  • Association with adults

    • Boards of Review; Merit Badge Counseling

  • Service to others

Troop 1018, Dranesville UMC

Getting started with 1018
Getting Started with 1018

  • Troop Handbook

    • Good source of info for new Scout families

  • Boy Scout Handbook

    • Definitive guide on Scouting for the boys

    • New version for 2010

  • Troop website (

    • Information

    • Updated troop calendar

    • Pictures of past activities

Troop 1018, Dranesville UMC

Bsa organization
BSA Organization

Troop 1018, Dranesville UMC

Troop organization
Troop Organization

Troop 1018, Dranesville UMC

The troop committee
The Troop Committee

Mission Statement

The troop committee, which is the troops Board of Directors, supports the troops adult and youth leaders in delivering a quality program to the troop’s Scouts

The troop committee1
The Troop Committee

Assure that quality adult leadership is recruited and trained and encourage adult leader training in the areas of program and support.

The troop committee2
The Troop Committee

Ensure that the troop has an active, safe outdoor program each year

The troop committee3
The Troop Committee

Assist with transportation

The troop committee4
The Troop Committee

Carry out the policies and regulations of the Boy Scouts of America

The troop committee5
The Troop Committee

Manage troop finances

The troop committee6
The Troop Committee

Obtain and maintain troop equipment

The troop committee7
The Troop Committee

Serve on Boards of Review

The troop committee8
The Troop Committee

Support Youth Recruitment

The troop committee9
The Troop Committee

As you can see, it takes a lot to run an effective troop, so your participation is important to the troop and any level!

Scout information
Scout Information

Troop 1018, Dranesville UMC

Scout organization
Scout Organization

Troop 1018, Dranesville UMC

Carrying out the program in 1018
Carrying out the Program in 1018

  • Patrol Method

    • Patrol consists of 8-12 boys

    • Each patrol headed up by a “patrol leader” elected by the patrol

  • New Scout patrol

    • New Scout patrol will have a “Troop Guide” – an older Scout that will assist the younger Scouts

  • Troop 1018, Dranesville UMC

    The 1018 program
    The 1018 Program

    • Weekly meetings during the school year

      • Skills instruction, activity planning

      • Guest speakers

      • Game nights

      • Advancement nights

    • Tours, special activities

    • Outdoor program

      • Monthly campouts – different themes – hikes

      • Camporees

    • Summer Camps – regular and high adventure

    Troop 1018, Dranesville UMC

    Cub scouts vs boy scouts
    Cub Scouts vs. Boy Scouts

    • The Scouts themselves lead

      • PLC plans agenda; SPL runs meetings

      • Scouts active in annual planning conference

      • Scouts plan their outings – menus, etc

    • Emphasis on leadership and teamwork

    • Boys are responsible for their own advancement

      • Advancement done at their own pace

    • Adult role: mentor, suggest, safety

    • Adult leaders, not parents, sign off advancement & merit badge requirements

    Troop 1018, Dranesville UMC

    Cub scouts vs boy scouts1
    Cub Scouts vs. Boy Scouts

    The “Prime Directive” (with apologies to

    Star Trek):

    “Never do for a boy what he can do for himself.”

    Troop 1018, Dranesville UMC


    Troop 1018, Dranesville UMC


    • Boys advance in rank as they learn more skills and take on more responsibility

      • 1st three ranks (Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class) emphasize “traditional” Scouting Skills (camping, first aid, nature)

      • Next ranks (Star, Life, Eagle) emphasize a variety of skills (merit badges), community service and leadership.

    • Requirements listed in the Scout Handbook

    • Scouts advance at their own pace (there is no “right” pace)

    • 1st Class rank is the goal of a “successful Scout”

    Troop 1018, Dranesville UMC

    Advancement con t
    Advancement (con’t)

    • Requirements for 1st three ranks can be worked on simultaneously

    • Upon completion of requirements a Scout schedules his:

      • Spirit Board (scheduled with the Senior Patrol Leader)

      • Scoutmaster Conference (scheduled with the Scoutmaster)

      • Board of Review (Scheduled with the Advancement Chair)

    • Goal: 1st Class at the end of second year

    Troop 1018, Dranesville UMC

    Merit badges
    Merit Badges

    • Merit Badges enhance a Scout’s knowledge or skills or introduce him to an entirely new field. Examples:

      • Professions: Chemistry, Nuclear Science, Journalism

      • Hobbies: Stamp Collecting, Winter Sports, Genealogy

      • Nature, outdoors: Hiking, Swimming, Climbing, Backpacking

      • Life Skills: Personal Management, First Aid, Cooking, Lifesaving

      • Citizenship: Community, Nation, World

    • Basic procedure for Scouts:

      • Find a MB counselor; get Scoutmaster to sign “blue card”

      • Read the MB pamphlet (we have many in the troop library)

      • Meet with the counselor and go over the requirements, plan

      • Complete the requirements; the MB counselor signs, the Scout turns in the completed form to the troop.

    Troop 1018, Dranesville UMC

    Troop leadership
    Troop Leadership

    One of the great benefits of the Scout program is the opportunity to learn leadership through “on the job training”

    “I don't think there's any organization in the world, certainly not in the United States, that better prepares young men for leadership in this country than the Boy Scouts of America”

    - Robert Gates, Eagle Scout, Secretary of Defense

    Troop 1018, Dranesville UMC

    Troop leadership1
    Troop Leadership

    • Boys learn leadership skills through hands on training

      • Senior Patrol Leader runs the troop

        • The SPL is elected by the troop and appoints other leadership positions

      • Scouts in leadership positions learn what they need to do; set and carry out goals (duties are listed on the website)

      • Actively serving as a troop leader is required for advancement to Star, Life, and Eagle

    • Opportunities to learn

      • Troop Leadership Training

      • District and national-level leadership instruction

    Troop 1018, Dranesville UMC

    Eagle scout rank
    Eagle Scout Rank

    Universally recognized as a sign of high achievement

    • Proven leader – must have served in several troop leadership roles

    • Last of seven advancement levels in Scouting

    • 21 merit badges, including “life skills” such as Personal Management, Citizenship, Family Life

    • Leading an Eagle service project

    • Only about 5% of Scouts achieve the Eagle Rank

    Troop 1018, Dranesville UMC

    Eagle scout rank1
    Eagle Scout Rank

    Why become an Eagle?

    • A tremendous learning experience

    • Pride that comes from setting a high goal for yourself and achieving it

    • Leadership opportunities

    • “Being an Eagle Scout will definitely impress admission officers at top colleges” – College Confidential website

    • Hundreds of scholarships

    • Job networking (National Eagle Scout Association)

    • Unique opportunities: NSF “Antarctic Scout” program

    Troop 1018, Dranesville UMC

    What we do at meetings
    What We Do at Meetings

    • Program is determined by the PLC

    • Flag ceremony

    • Announcements

    • Program for the evening (sometimes includes patrol time)

    • Game

    • Scoutmaster Minute

    • Scout benediction

    Troop 1018, Dranesville UMC


    • Typical campout runs from Friday evening to mid-day Sunday

    • Adult leaders generally make reservations, arrange transportation

    • SPL and Patrol Leaders:

      • Plan the menu, duty roster, and activities

      • Ensure troop and patrol gear is packed

    • Individual Scout:

      • Packs his own gear and clothing - checklist on the website

      • Purchases food, if designated

    • Parents

      • Facilitate Scout’s preparation, answer questions

      • Get your son to the drop off point on time

      • Pick him up promptly when the campout is over

    Troop 1018, Dranesville UMC

    What we do on campouts
    What We Do on Campouts

    • Scouts (and adults) camp as patrols

    • SPL and PLs lead the campsite set up

    • Patrols set their own general schedules

    • Patrols cook their own meals

      • Duty roster

      • Clean up afterwards

    • Usually have scheduled activities, such as hikes, skills training, sports, flag ceremony

    • Games

    • Campfire

    Troop 1018, Dranesville UMC

    Summer camps
    Summer Camps

    • Choice of camps is decided by the troop committee

    • 1018 goes to two camps each summer

    • “Traditional”

      • Emphasis on advancement and merit badges

      • Live in tents; eat in a dining hall

      • Activities for all Scouts at all levels

      • This summer: Goshen Scout Reservation, VA

    • High Adventure

      • Advanced outdoor skills (such as backpacking, sailing)

      • Restricted to older Scouts

      • This summer: Northern Tier, Canada & Minnesota

    Troop 1018, Dranesville UMC

    Scoutbuck program
    Scoutbuck Program

    • Troop 1018 returns a portion of fundraiser profits to participating Scouts in the form of “Scoutbucks”

    • Some Scouts have been able to fund most of their activities through Scoutbucks

    • Money held in escrow for use for Scouting related activities or purchases

    • Troop committee establishes rules

    • Treasurer monitors the balances

    • SM approves purchases

    • If a Scout leaves the troop his Scoutbucks revert to the troop

    Troop 1018, Dranesville UMC

    Expectations of scouts
    Expectations of Scouts

    • Live by the Scout Oath and Law

    • Support the Scouting program

    • Work toward advancement

    • Interface with leaders

    • Fully participate in the troop and patrol

      • Inform us when you can’t participate

      • Participate in troop fundraisers

    • Wear the uniform with pride

    • Carry out leadership responsibilities

    • Perform community service

    • Handout: “Troop Courtesy and Safety Guidelines”

    Troop 1018, Dranesville UMC

    Expectations of parents
    Expectations of parents

    • Help/encourage your son

      • Monitor his progress

      • Enable his participation, but don’t do his work for him

      • A “gentle push” from time to time

      • Press him to fulfill obligations

    • Help the troop

      • Actively participate as an adult leader

        • Committee member, Assistant SM, trainer, merit badge counselor

      • Participate in specific activities

        • Fund raising, driving, planning an activity

    Troop 1018, Dranesville UMC

    Costs of scouting
    Costs of Scouting

    • $50 Annual Dues

      • Registration, patches, misc troop expenses

    • Activities – registration & food ($20)

    • Uniform ($50 - $75) – uniform exchange

    • Camping equipment

      • Do NOT need much to get started

      • Lots of troop gear available for checkout

    • Summer camp ($100 - $1400)

    • Nobody denied Scouting experience for financial reasons

      • Scoutbucks can defray most costs

      • Camperships

    Troop 1018, Dranesville UMC

    Do s and don ts
    Do’s and Don’ts

    • Do

      • Troop 1018 travels in Class A uniform

      • Be on time to meetings and activities

      • Sign up for activities early and follow through on commitments

    • No

      • Firearms, ammunition, fireworks

      • Sheath knives or any knife with a blade longer than 6 inches

      • No electronics on campouts

    Troop 1018, Dranesville UMC

    Other info
    Other Info

    • Fundraisers – wreaths & mulch

    • Medical Forms – required!

    • Training – lots available for adults and Scouts

      • Many courses now available online

      • Must have YPT to participate in ANY activity involving direct youth contact

    • “Two Deep Leadership”

    • Official troop records recorded in “Troopmaster” data base

    • Uniforms

    Troop 1018, Dranesville UMC

    Other info con t
    Other Info (con’t)

    • Order of the Arrow

    • Keep your Scouting documents together

    • Communications via email

    • Monthly newsletter mailed to each family

    • Website (

    • Summer camp – immediate sign up

    Troop 1018, Dranesville UMC

    Wrap up
    Wrap - Up

    • Thanks for Joining!!!


    Troop 1018, Dranesville UMC