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Technical Overview for “Functionals” (Kuali-eze…It’s a Foreign Language!)

Technical Overview for “Functionals” (Kuali-eze…It’s a Foreign Language!). James Smith, University of Arizona Barbara Sutton, Cornell University. Agenda. What’s the Point? Acronyms Tech Talk Concepts Infrastructure Flexibility Confused?. What’s the Point?.

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Technical Overview for “Functionals” (Kuali-eze…It’s a Foreign Language!)

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  1. Technical Overview for “Functionals” (Kuali-eze…It’s a Foreign Language!) James Smith, University of Arizona Barbara Sutton, Cornell University

  2. Agenda • What’s the Point? • Acronyms • Tech Talk • Concepts • Infrastructure • Flexibility • Confused?

  3. What’s the Point? It helps to understand, “just a little…” • Connect the dots • Increase your self-confidence • Resume booster & social status enhancer • Impress tech staff & reduce “glaze-over” effect • Put some teeth into your technical requests • Broaden your social circle

  4. Acronyms How many K-Acronyms?

  5. Acronyms K: The Projects (4.x) • KFS - Kuali Financial System • KEM – Kuali Endowment Management • KC(RA) – Kuali Coeus (Research Admin) • KRice – Kuali Rice • KS – Kuali Student

  6. Acronyms K: The Infrastructure - Rice (5) • KEN – Kuali Enterprise Notification • KEW – Kuali Enterprise Workflow • KIM – Kuali Identity Management • KNS – Kuali Nervous System • KSB – Kuali Service Bus

  7. Acronyms K: The Councils & Miscellaneous (6) • KCFC – Kuali Coeus Functional Council • KFFC – Kuali Financials Functional Council • KSFC – Kuali Student Functional Council • KIT – Kuali Integration Team* • KTC – Kuali Technical Council* • KTD – Kuali Test Drive *currently being restructured into a new Kuali Rice governance model – more to come on this in the future!

  8. Acronyms Non-K: The People • BA or LBA – Business Analyst (lead) • CA – Commercial Affiliate • DM – Development Manager • ED – Executive Director • LD – Lead Developer • PM – Project Manager • SME – Subject Matter Expert

  9. Acronyms Non-K: The Terms • DD – Data Dictionary • ERD – Entity Relationship Diagram • JPA – Java Persistence Architecture • OJB – Object Relational Bridge • OLRT – Online Real Time

  10. Tech Talk What do these have in common with Kuali?

  11. Tech Talk Java!

  12. Tech Talk

  13. Tech Talk • What is Java and why do we care?

  14. Tech Talk What else do we use? Struts • Helps draw the screens • Controls application flow Spring • Flexibility!!! • Transaction management

  15. Tech Talk OJB - Object Relational Bridge vs. JPA – Java Persistence Architecture • Tells the application how to map things to the database • Saves / queries • OJB (old) • JPA (new)

  16. Tech Talk Service Bus • Carries messages from one application to another • Human Resources System needs to talk to Financial System, and they don’t speak the same language? No problem, there’s a translator on this bus

  17. Tech Talk Apache Tomcat • Translates between application code and the web browser • Commercial applications work too, but Tomcat is open source and freely available

  18. Tech Talk ERD - Entity Relationship Diagram • What does your account table look like? • How does it relate to your chart?

  19. Tech Talk DD - Data Dictionary • How big am I? • What’s my label? • Am I a number? • Do I have valid values? • Rapid development!

  20. Concepts

  21. Concepts Maintenance Documents • How do I change the attributes of my accounts and keep track of changes? • The set designer Transactional Documents • How do I move $1000 from account A to account B? • The actor

  22. Concepts Lookups • How do I see what accounts currently exist for my organization? Inquiries • How do I see all of the current attributes associated with account A? Custom Document Searches • How can I look at all the transfers from or to account A? Or, look at all the changes to the attributes of account A?

  23. Concepts Modularization • What if I don’t want to implement everything in KFS? • How can I use KFS with my PeopleSoft Purchasing system? • Core “Modules”: Chart, General Ledger, Financial Processing, Vendor, Pre-Disbursement Processing • Everything else is pluggable

  24. Concepts • Core Modules • (the things we couldn’t live without) • Chart of Accounts • Financial Processing • General Ledger • Pre-Disbursement Processor • Vendor

  25. Concepts • Modularization • Everything else you can plug in if you want • Purchasing/Accounts Payable • Accounts Receivable • Contracts & Grants • …though, of course, KFS will come with a full set of this functionality as well

  26. Concepts Active Indicator • Flag business object as inactive to prevent erroneous use in KFS • Preserves historical data • Audit trail 

  27. Concepts Collections • Lists of entities of one type that relate to entities of another type • Accounting Lines on the Transfer of Funds Document • Contacts on a vendor • Active Indicator: How do I disassociate this old phone number with this vendor without having to dig for that historical information?

  28. Infrastructure AKA - Rice

  29. Infrastructure KSB - Kuali Service Bus • We can talk to other applications KEW - Workflow • Routes e-Docs based on rules KEN - Notification • Facilitates use of KEW to generate & route messages

  30. Infrastructure KNS - Kuali Nervous System Everything looks and feels the same, and my developers are fast! • KFNS - KFS Nervous System Infrastructure components unique to KFS • KS and KCRA too!

  31. Infrastructure KIM - Identity Management • Shared common table for user data • Specific “Associations” in each project

  32. Flexibility

  33. Flexibility Technical Flexibility • Community Source Access to code for customizations • Supports MySQL & Oracle Works with either; MySQL is free! • Supports various OS UNIX/LINUX Windows OSX • Authentication Should we use CAS or Shiboleth to log users in?

  34. Flexibility Functional Flexibility • Rules Create workflow to meet your needs • Parameters Create business rules to meet your needs • Extended Attributes Create unique business elements to meet your reporting and routing needs • Authorization Who can initiate documents, see or edit certain fields, see an SSN instead of **********, inquire on certain tables…

  35. Flexibility User Flexibility • Lookup/Inquiry & Document Search Lookups = valid values from within an e-Doc Doc Search = actual transaction or document that affected the system • Online Help & User Guide Page-level online help on every screen in KFS Stand alone User Guide also available • Workflow User Preferences - Action List & e-mail Options for filters, display fields, labels, etc. and e-mail notification

  36. Confused? Q & A

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