Technical overview for functionals kuali eze it s a foreign language
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Technical Overview for “Functionals” (Kuali-eze…It’s a Foreign Language!). James Smith, University of Arizona Barbara Sutton, Cornell University. Agenda. What’s the Point? Acronyms Tech Talk Concepts Infrastructure Flexibility Confused?. What’s the Point?.

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Technical overview for functionals kuali eze it s a foreign language l.jpg

Technical Overview for “Functionals” (Kuali-eze…It’s a Foreign Language!)

James Smith, University of Arizona

Barbara Sutton, Cornell University

Agenda l.jpg

  • What’s the Point?

  • Acronyms

  • Tech Talk

  • Concepts

  • Infrastructure

  • Flexibility

  • Confused?

What s the point l.jpg
What’s the Point?

It helps to understand, “just a little…”

  • Connect the dots

  • Increase your self-confidence

  • Resume booster & social status enhancer

  • Impress tech staff & reduce “glaze-over” effect

  • Put some teeth into your technical requests

  • Broaden your social circle

Acronyms l.jpg

How many K-Acronyms?

Acronyms5 l.jpg

K: The Projects (4.x)

  • KFS - Kuali Financial System

    • KEM – Kuali Endowment Management

  • KC(RA) – Kuali Coeus (Research Admin)

  • KRice – Kuali Rice

  • KS – Kuali Student

Acronyms6 l.jpg

K: The Infrastructure - Rice (5)

  • KEN – Kuali Enterprise Notification

  • KEW – Kuali Enterprise Workflow

  • KIM – Kuali Identity Management

  • KNS – Kuali Nervous System

  • KSB – Kuali Service Bus

Acronyms7 l.jpg

K: The Councils & Miscellaneous (6)

  • KCFC – Kuali Coeus Functional Council

  • KFFC – Kuali Financials Functional Council

  • KSFC – Kuali Student Functional Council

  • KIT – Kuali Integration Team*

  • KTC – Kuali Technical Council*

  • KTD – Kuali Test Drive

    *currently being restructured into a new Kuali Rice governance model – more to come on this in the future!

Acronyms8 l.jpg

Non-K: The People

  • BA or LBA – Business Analyst (lead)

  • CA – Commercial Affiliate

  • DM – Development Manager

  • ED – Executive Director

  • LD – Lead Developer

  • PM – Project Manager

  • SME – Subject Matter Expert

Acronyms9 l.jpg

Non-K: The Terms

  • DD – Data Dictionary

  • ERD – Entity Relationship Diagram

  • JPA – Java Persistence Architecture

  • OJB – Object Relational Bridge

  • OLRT – Online Real Time

Tech talk l.jpg
Tech Talk

What do these have in common with Kuali?

Tech talk11 l.jpg
Tech Talk


Tech talk13 l.jpg
Tech Talk

  • What is Java and why do we care?

Tech talk14 l.jpg
Tech Talk

What else do we use?


  • Helps draw the screens

  • Controls application flow


  • Flexibility!!!

  • Transaction management

Tech talk15 l.jpg
Tech Talk

OJB - Object Relational Bridge vs.

JPA – Java Persistence Architecture

  • Tells the application how to map things to the database

  • Saves / queries

  • OJB (old)

  • JPA (new)

Tech talk16 l.jpg
Tech Talk

Service Bus

  • Carries messages from one application to another

  • Human Resources System needs to talk to Financial System, and they don’t speak the same language? No problem, there’s a translator on this bus

Tech talk17 l.jpg
Tech Talk

Apache Tomcat

  • Translates between application code and the web browser

  • Commercial applications work too, but Tomcat is open source and freely available

Tech talk18 l.jpg
Tech Talk

ERD - Entity Relationship Diagram

  • What does your account table look like?

  • How does it relate

    to your chart?

Tech talk19 l.jpg
Tech Talk

DD - Data Dictionary

  • How big am I?

  • What’s my label?

  • Am I a number?

  • Do I have valid values?

  • Rapid development!

Concepts21 l.jpg

Maintenance Documents

  • How do I change the attributes of my accounts and keep track of changes?

  • The set designer

    Transactional Documents

  • How do I move $1000 from account A to account B?

  • The actor

Concepts22 l.jpg


  • How do I see what accounts currently exist for

    my organization?


  • How do I see all of the current attributes associated with account A?

    Custom Document Searches

  • How can I look at all the transfers from or to

    account A? Or, look at all the changes to the attributes of account A?

Concepts23 l.jpg


  • What if I don’t want to implement everything in KFS?

  • How can I use KFS with my PeopleSoft Purchasing system?

  • Core “Modules”: Chart, General Ledger, Financial Processing, Vendor,

    Pre-Disbursement Processing

  • Everything else is pluggable

Concepts24 l.jpg

  • Core Modules

    • (the things we couldn’t live without)

    • Chart of Accounts

    • Financial Processing

    • General Ledger

    • Pre-Disbursement Processor

    • Vendor

Concepts25 l.jpg

  • Modularization

    • Everything else you can plug in if you want

      • Purchasing/Accounts Payable

      • Accounts Receivable

      • Contracts & Grants

    • …though, of course, KFS will come with a full set of this functionality as well

Concepts26 l.jpg

Active Indicator

  • Flag business object as inactive to prevent erroneous use in KFS

  • Preserves historical data

  • Audit trail

Concepts27 l.jpg


  • Lists of entities of one type that relate to entities of another type

    • Accounting Lines on the Transfer of Funds Document

    • Contacts on a vendor

  • Active Indicator: How do I disassociate this old phone number with this vendor without having to dig for that historical information?

Infrastructure l.jpg

AKA - Rice

Infrastructure29 l.jpg

KSB - Kuali Service Bus

  • We can talk to other applications

    KEW - Workflow

  • Routes e-Docs based on rules

    KEN - Notification

  • Facilitates use of KEW to generate & route messages

Infrastructure30 l.jpg

KNS - Kuali Nervous System

Everything looks and feels the same, and my

developers are fast!

  • KFNS - KFS Nervous System

    Infrastructure components unique to KFS

  • KS and KCRA too!

Infrastructure31 l.jpg

KIM - Identity Management

  • Shared common table for user data

  • Specific “Associations” in each project

Flexibility33 l.jpg

Technical Flexibility

  • Community Source

    Access to code for customizations

  • Supports MySQL & Oracle

    Works with either; MySQL is free!

  • Supports various OS




  • Authentication

    Should we use CAS or Shiboleth to log users in?

Flexibility34 l.jpg

Functional Flexibility

  • Rules

    Create workflow to meet your needs

  • Parameters

    Create business rules to meet your needs

  • Extended Attributes

    Create unique business elements to meet your reporting

    and routing needs

  • Authorization

    Who can initiate documents, see or edit certain fields, see

    an SSN instead of **********, inquire on certain tables…

Flexibility35 l.jpg

User Flexibility

  • Lookup/Inquiry & Document Search

    Lookups = valid values from within an e-Doc

    Doc Search = actual transaction or document that affected the system

  • Online Help & User Guide

    Page-level online help on every screen in KFS

    Stand alone User Guide also available

  • Workflow User Preferences - Action List & e-mail

    Options for filters, display fields, labels, etc. and e-mail notification

Confused l.jpg

Q & A