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  1. INSIDE THE BOX AN ILLUSTRATED TOUR With its creators Brian M. Sagrestano, JD, CFRE and Viken Mikaelian press right arrow button to continue

  2. COMPLETE. PROVEN. READY TO PERFORM. We didn’t have to dream up new solutions for Planned Giving in a Box. We already had the solutions. We use them every day in our professional practices: • . Brian Viken • Gift Planning Development LLC • Gift Planning Essentials • VirtualGiving.Com • PlannedGiving.Com • The Box makes those solutions available to smaller programs. Ready to go. Easy to use. Priced right. All in one product.


  4. EASY-TO-MANAGE MODULES • You can purchase each module as a stand-alone element. • You can mix and match the modules to customize implementation to fit your needs, schedule and comfort level. • The Complete Box package includes all the modules at a substantial discount.

  5. USER-FRIENDLY ARCHITECTURE – MODULE I Marketing and Outreach Features: • a step-by-step 12-month marketing plan • customizable marketing content (postcards, newsletter articles, solicitation letters, etc.) • detailed implementation instructions • discounts on your choice of planned giving website from VirtualGiving.Com

  6. USER-FRIENDLY ARCHITECTURE – MODULE II Back Office Operations Features: • how-to’s on mission evaluation and “Getting Your Boardon Board” • ready-to-go gift acceptance policies • gift agreement templates • step-by-step guidance • advice on performance metrics

  7. USER-FRIENDLY ARCHITECTURE – MODULE III Building Donor Relationships Features: • creating a planned givingprospect list • prospect tracking procedures • understanding prospects to make the best case for giving • developing a Stewardship Society • cultivating donor relationshipsthat last • effective outreach and membership materials

  8. INTRODUCTION TO BEST PRACTICES 1 • The know-how you need for the results you require: It’s in The Box. • Proven industry best practices, gleaned from our many years of hands-on experience in the field, mean you don’t have to re-invent the wheel. • What’s more, you can apply these best practices not only to your planned giving projects, but also to any other projects you undertake.

  9. INTRODUCTION TO BEST PRACTICES 2 • Implementing Planned Giving in a Box actually builds your knowledge base, both individually and as an organization. • The Box helps you up the learning curve easily and more efficiently, so that by the time you’re done, you’ve not only created your planned giving start-up – you’ve permanently enhanced your professional skills and understanding.

  10. AT-A-GLANCE GRIDS • You’ll never find your way in the woods unless you can see the forest and the trees. The same applies to any project. • That’s why Planned Giving in a Box keeps you in touch with the big picture with At-A-Glance Grids. • These guide you to your goal by illustrating how all the implementation elements fit together. • Planned giving is not complicated when you have such a user-friendly roadmap to successful implementation and execution. • The Box ensures results by keeping it simple.

  11. STEP-BY-STEP IMPLEMENTATION 1 Planned Giving in a Box provides user-friendly, donor-centered, step-by-step, week-by-week, month-by-month, implementation plans. The process is so easy, a CEO could do it. And so can you. In as little as one hour a week over 52 weeks Each monthly stage includes instructions, content and know-how that map directly to each step. This means your implementation goes easier, with more effective results – the first time, and every time.

  12. STEP-BY-STEP IMPLEMENTATION 2 • The Box organizes everything, so you don’t have to. • You can begin your implementation in any month of the year. • Detail callouts appear at the top of the page. • Continuous improvement knowledge transfer means The Box explains not just "how-to" but also "why-to. " • You build key competencies as you build your program.

  13. STEP-BY-STEP IMPLEMENTATION 3 Planned Giving in a Box puts everything you need right at your fingertips. Content documents including samples and model forms are specified at each step, with direct URL download links. • Content is available for download 24/7/365 in the Planned Giving in a Box Online User Community at www.PlannnedGivinginaBox.Com.

  14. READY-TO-GO CONTENT 1 You’re a fundraiser. Not a copywriter. Or a lawyer. Or an accountant. What you do best is raise money. So why waste time and energy trying to create your own content? Planned Giving in a Box means you don’t have to struggle with new fields of specialization, because everything you need is already in The Box.

  15. READY-TO-GO CONTENT 2 • Templates, samples and model documents that provide top-flight guidance throughout your implementation. • Ready-to-go content (letters, postcards, editorial pieces, website, etc.) save you time and effort. • All painstakingly developed and proven effective. • It’s all fully customizable so your messaging really says “you”! • Materials map directly to each step in your implementation.

  16. READY-TO-GO CONTENT 3 A Reply Card may seem simple – until you try to create one yourself. With Planned Giving in a Box, you just download and customize to your program and you’re ready to go! Plus: The Box discusses how to optimize content with personal touches, and gives suggestions. Planned Giving in a Box ready-to-go content guarantees you a full range of effective materials right out of The Box.

  17. SPECIAL-FOCUS SECTIONS • We didn’t try to force planned giving into The Box. We built The Box around planned giving. So when something important needs special focus, it gets its own section. • We remember the important stuff, and make sure you know about it, and what to do. And we provide all the content, tools and know-how you need to get it done right. • That’s what The Box is all about.

  18. YOUR FUTURE IS WAITING. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? We are very excited about the advantages Planned Giving in a Box provides for smaller nonprofits in challenging times – and in good times, too. • . We hope this tour has given you a better idea of what those advantages are, and how you can use them to close more and bigger planned gifts more easily starting now. Brian M. Sagrestano, JD, CFRE Viken Mikaelian