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USDA Fleet Management Meeting

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USDA Fleet Management Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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USDA Fleet Management Meeting. Tuesday April 7, 2009. Agenda. Welcome and Opening Remarks Accounting Codes CCSC Website Redesign Mismatch Accounts MCCs Fleet Charge Card Policy Fleet Charge Card Training Fleet Charge Card Policy Certification Fleet Charge Card Training and CLPs.

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Presentation Transcript
usda fleet management meeting

USDA Fleet Management Meeting

Tuesday April 7, 2009

  • Welcome and Opening Remarks
  • Accounting Codes
  • CCSC Website Redesign
  • Mismatch Accounts
  • MCCs
  • Fleet Charge Card Policy
  • Fleet Charge Card Training
  • Fleet Charge Card Policy Certification
  • Fleet Charge Card Training and CLPs
  • Access Online (AxOL) Setup Issues
  • Fleet Guides
  • Communication Process
  • GSA Motor Vehicle Registration System and New Tag Process
  • OMB Transportation Management Scorecard Update
  • USDA Alternative Fuel and Fleet Efficiency Recognition Program
  • FedFleet 2009 – Chicago, IL
  • Questions
accounting codes
Accounting Codes
  • Default Accounting Codes
    • All codes loaded for all agencies from FFIS CCAT Table into Access Online (AxOL) as of March 9, 2009.
  • Transaction Reallocation
    • Please check all transactions to ensure correct accounting
    • Reallocate all transactions with incorrect accounting codes
  • Accounting Code Favorites Tool
    • Please DELETE any favorites that were stored prior to March 6, 2009
    • Create new favorites using the updated accounting


ccsc website redesign home page
CCSC Website Redesign: Home Page

New blue color scheme

3 Card images link to each Card page

Drop-down menu navigation for entire site

Access to all Card Notices

Access to important news

Email link to CCSC support on all pages

ccsc website redesign fleet card page
CCSC Website Redesign: Fleet Card Page

Card image placed in banner

Enhanced navigation menu within Fleet Card Page; View :

- News

- Notices

- Policy and Guides

- Training

- Points of Contact

And more.....

Fleet Card now selected

Fleet Card front and back image

ccsc website redesign newsroom page
CCSC Website Redesign: Newsroom Page

News links grouped by Card line with the latest update displayed

Access older News in the Archive

mismatched accounts
Mismatched Accounts
  • Processing vs. TBR Hierarchy
    • Processing hierarchy gives a user the ability to maintain their accounts according to their role.
    • TBR hierarchy gives a user the ability to view accounts and run reports according to their role.
  • Mismatch validation between the Processing Hierarchy and TBR hierarchy
    • Agent and TBR Level 4 must match
    • Company and TBR Level 5 must match
    • Division and TBR Level 6 must match
    • Department and TBR Level 7 must match
fleet charge card policy
Fleet Charge Card Policy
  • Departmental Regulation (DR) 5400-006 : Use of the Fleet Charge Card and Alternative Payment Methods
    • Signed and published on OCIO website on March 6, 2009
  • Web address:
fleet charge card training
Fleet Charge Card Training
  • Web-based Training (
    • Must register to access the USDA policy modules
    • Passwords as of April 6, 2009
      • AFPC (Government A/OPC): utah
      • Drivers/Operators (Government Cardholders): ogden
  • Microsoft Office Live Meeting (MOLM) Training
  • VISA Intellilink Training
    • Developing rollout plan with VISA and US Bank
    • Training similar to AxOL MOLMs
fleet charge card policy certification
Fleet Charge Card Policy Certification
  • All Fleet Program Coordinators were to be certified on DR 5400-006 through WBT by March 15, 2009
  • Spreadsheet capturing policy certification and other fleet charge card training was due on March 30, 2009
  • Department has received information from 2 agencies
  • Is more time needed?
fleet charge card training and clps
Fleet Charge Card Training and CLPs
  • Fleet coordinators may earn Continuous Learning Points (CLPs) for the fleet charge card training completed
    • MOLMs = 5 hours
    • All Fleet WBTs = ½ hour/module
    • Policy WBT = ½ hours
    • Classroom (AFPCs only) = 6 hours
  • PMD sending out certificates for fleet charge card training to include CLPs earned
axol setup issues
AxOL Setup Issues
  • Addresses associated with AxOL
    • Bank Hold Address is the address the fleet cards are shipped to
    • Managing Account Address is the same address as the Bank Hold address
    • POC Address
      • This should be the same address as the Bank Hold and Managing Account address;
      • Make sure to submit via fax the POC form for all new coordinators or changes for all current coordinators
  • Email addresses should always be the Government-issued email address associated with that user
fleet guides
Fleet Guides
  • PMD developing two fleet guides
    • Detailed Reference Guide to encompass policy and system information that expounds on the US Bank Fleet Management Guide (not a duplicate of the US Bank guide)
    • Quick guide to highlight top four or five trouble spots
  • Content based on
    • Agency input – still time to send requests
    • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to PMD from coordinators
    • Trend analysis from Help Desk calls

Communication Process

  • Communications flow up through the fleet coordinators to the Department and down from the Department to the Agencies
    • Departmental Program Manager (DPM)
    • Agency Fleet Program Coordinator (AFPC)
    • Regional/Area Fleet Program Coordinator (R/AFPC)
    • Local Fleet Program Coordinator (LFPC)
  • General questions can be sent to the CCSC email at
gsa federal motor vehicle registration system new tag process
GSA Federal Motor Vehicle Registration System & New Tag Process
  • Federal Motor Vehicle Registration System (FMVRS) – USDA Inventory
    • Approximately 32,000 agency-owned vehicles
    • Uploaded approximately 23,500 agency-owned vehicles
    • Working with Fleet Managers to reconcile erroneous data to finish remaining upload
    • After initial upload agencies will be responsible for maintaining inventory
  • New Tag Ordering Process
    • UNICOR
    • Recent Order of 3000
    • Entire fleet must display redesigned tags by October 1, 2011.
transportation management scorecard
Transportation Management Scorecard
  • USDA 2008 Transportation Scorecard Status
  • Internal Agency Scorecards
  • 2009 Planned Action Items
    • Private/Restricted Alternative Fuel Facilities
    • Agency partnerships for alternative fuel increase
    • Develop system for AFV waivers
    • Reorganize Transportation Work Group
    • Work with GSA for optimal AFV placement
    • Partner with the CCSC to adequately monitor fuel use.
usda alternative fuel and fleet efficiency recognition program
USDA Alternative Fuel and Fleet Efficiency Recognition Program
  • Annual recognition program established, and backed by Executive Order 13423
  • Individual and Team Awards
  • 7 Award Categories
  • Dates:
    • November 1: Submit Nomination Requests
    • December 15: Recognition Decisions
    • January 15: Distribute Recognition Awards
fedfleet 2009
FedFleet 2009
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • July 27, 2009 – July 31, 2009
  • USDA Session
    • Monday July 27, 2009 from 4:00 – 5:00 PM
    • Highlights of USDA Fleet Management issues
    • Smart Pay 2 updates
  • Thanks for your time!
  • Additional information on the Charge Card Service Center including News, Notices, POC Lists, Guides & Reference Material, Training Information can be accessed at