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Fleet Management

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Fleet Management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fleet Management. Presented by Dr Ben Rautenbach MD of SMS Fleet (Pty) Ltd. More about our “My Tracer” Vehicle Tracking System Full Fleet Management. Presentation Content. Product Information Screen display & information

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Presentation Transcript
more about our my tracer vehicle tracking system full fleet management
Presented by Dr Ben Rautenbach MD of SMS Fleet (Pty) LtdMore about our “My Tracer”Vehicle Tracking SystemFull Fleet Management
presentation content
Presentation Content
  • Product Information
  • Screen display & information
  • Logbook Business & Private trips and SARS
  • Reporting on data
  • Points of Interest benefits
  • Vehicle Grouping & Geo fence Control
  • Cell Phone benefits & functions
  • Emergency notifications
  • What makes “My Tracer” Special
  • Pricing
  • Feature list Summary
product information
Product Information
  • Active GPS positioning allows for accurate longitude & latitude positioning (3 - 5 meters)
  • We do not rely on Radio Frequency beacons
  • Utilizes GSM cell phone networks of MTN and Vodacom
  • Our unit has a buffering ability that allows storage of data when GSM signal is lost
  • Power saving mode when ignition is off, will prevent possible drainage of vehicle’s battery
  • Unit’s own battery backup for 8 - 12 hours
info displayed on single screen
Info displayed on Single Screen

Main menu with dropdown lists

Detail pertaining to this vehicle

Action “Icons”

Detailed street map


Trip details

Action “Icons”

zoom and pan functionality
Zoom and Pan Functionality

Click on arrows to Pan map left right up or down

Double click anywhere on the map to Zoom in

Click on (+) plus or (–) minus to zoom in or out

Hold down left mouse button then move cursor to move map around

accuracy with 15 second intervals
Accuracy with 15 Second Intervals

No cut corners ensures accurate distance calculation

Google Map shows delivery point clearly

Accurate total daily distance travelled is recorded ensuring an accurate logbook

Very accurate destination position (within 5 meters)

Very accurate logbook trip distances recorded

enter driver logbook alarm details per vehicle
Enter Driver, Logbook & Alarm details per vehicle

Step 1 - Click on “Vehicle Settings”

business and private trips
Business and Private Trips

Step 2 - Click on “Vehicle Settings”

This allows our software to allocate your trips as Private or Business and calculate accurate SARS travel claims

edit trip business private
Edit Trip (Business/Private)

Step 1- Click to Edit between Private and Business

set vehicle alarm times
Set Vehicle Alarm Times

Step 2 - Click on “Vehicle Settings”

Only the Main Contact number will be able to activate or deactivate this vehicle’s alarm from his/her cell phone by calling *120*1200*120#

send a repair request
Send a “Repair Request”

Step 1- Select Vehicle

Step 2 - Click on “Repair Request”

available reports
Available Reports
  • General Report (Logbook Trip Report)
  • SARS business travel Claim Report
  • POI Visit Report (POI – Points of Interest)
  • Login Report
  • All Vehicles Report
  • Maintenance Console Report
  • Customized Reports created on request (At a minimal charge)
points of interest poi
Points of Interest (POI)
  • Innovative tool that allows effective fleet management
  • Zoom in and plot your POI’s on the Map
  • Name them, Group them or Delete them
  • Show or hide POI’s on screen
  • View current position of vehicles related to your POI’s
  • Draw history report of which vehicles visited POI’s during a chosen time period
right click to add a poi
Right click to add a POI

Zoom in close and right click on the spot

geo fence control
“Geo-Fence” Control
  • “No-Go” means that you select a group of vehicles then mark an area on the map that these vehicles are not allowed to enter
  • “Only-Go” means that you select a Group of vehicles then mark an area on the map which these vehicles are not allowed to leave
geo fence emergency numbers
“Geo-Fence” Emergency Numbers

Step 1 – Scroll over “Control Panel”

Step 2 – Click on “Customer Details”

Step 3 – Click on “Emergency Contacts”

Step 4 – Enter the numbers to receive the SMS messages

control panel to setup your system
Control Panel to setup your System

Step 1 – Scroll over “Control Panel”

Step 2 – Click on “Customer Details”

manage multi user access in the company
Manage Multi-User Access in the Company

Step 1 – Scroll over “Control Panel”

Step 2 – Click on “Manage Users”

Step 4 – Add details of a new user and allocate a unique password for him/her

Step 5 – Check the groups of vehicles this user will be allowed to view the details of

arrange your vehicles in groups
Arrange your vehicles in Groups

Step 1 – Scroll over “Control Panel”

Step 2 – Click on “Manage Groups”

available manuals and information
Available Manuals and Information
  • Product Tutorial
  • Product Summary
  • Our Company Profile
  • SAIAS accreditation Certificate
  • Link to download Google Earth if you haven't done so yet
versatile screen viewing
Versatile screen Viewing

Step 1 – Click + plus sign to select different viewing options

Riviera on Vaal Hotel

Anglo’s Coalmine

Vaal river bridge

Maccauvlei Golf Clubhouse

back to street maps
Back to Street Maps

Step2 – Click – minus to close selection panel

Step1 – Select “Street Maps”

no computer or internet connection no problem
No Computer or Internet connection / No problem
  • Use your WAP enabled cell phone and connect to our “mobi” site to gain access to your “My Tracer” site

enter your username and password
Enter your username and password

Step 1 – Enter your “My Tracer” Username & Password

Step 2 – Click on “Login”

Step 3 – Confirmation that you are logged in. Click on “Continue”

view selected vehicle s position
View selected vehicle’s position

Step 8 – Select screen display size

Step 7 – Click here to auto track

Information regarding selected vehicle’s position displayed

auto track on cell phone
Auto Track on Cell Phone
  • On the last screen while looking at the map, select “auto track” and you will be impressed
further utilization of your cell phone
Further utilization of your cell phone
  • Enter the following numbers as contacts in your cell phone, set them up as speed dial numbers, to do the following
  • To activate Alarm - *120*1200*120#
  • To send Help message - *120*1200*2#
  • Get position on USSD - *120*1200*100#
  • To mobilize Recovery - 0860 482 911
  • Call our Call Centre at - 0861 487 223
what makes my tracer special
What makes “My Tracer” Special
  • Unit’s memory and buffering capacity
  • Unit’s battery saving sleep mode
  • Functionality verification of units
  • Alarm notifications of all your units on our system, all in one box
  • Emergency services
unit s memory
Unit’s Memory
  • In case of loss of GSM network signal the unit stores data for up to 3 hours when moving (Much longer when stationary)
  • Should our server be down the unit will store data for up to 3 hours
  • As soon as GSM signal is picked up or server problem is sorted out the unit sends the storred data as a batch
unit s sleep mode
Unit’s Sleep Mode
  • When vehicle is stationary the unit sleeps
  • In sleep mode it only sends a signal every 5 minutes to report that the unit is still functioning
  • The moment a vehicle starts moving the unit reports it’s position every 15 seconds
  • Very little usage of vehicle’s battery while standing still
functionality verification of units
Functionality Verification of Units

Step 2 – Scroll over “Screen Layout”

Step 1 - Quick check View date and time of last signal received from unit

Step 3 – Click to open the “Message Box”

emergency services
Emergency Services
  • “Auto fortify” (Invisable Alarm) breach - SMS notification to three nominated Cell Phones
  • “Only-Go” and “No-Go” breach - SMS notification to three nominated Cell Phones
  • Send Cell Phone “Help Message” to three people with time, location and Cell number
  • Recovery team responce for vehicle theft, high jack or hostage situation, emergency road side assistance, cargo and asset protection and the like
product pricing
Product Pricing

Basic Pricing - excluding VAT

feature list summary
Feature List Summary
  • Update every 15 seconds
  • Accurate GPS positioning
  • Real time and online
  • Trip replay on detailed map
  • National recovery network
  • 24/7 Call Centre
  • Product Training Tutorials
  • Secure multi login for multi users
  • Points of Interest functionalty (POI’s)
  • Colour coded Groups and POI’s
  • Speed violations reporting
  • “Geofence” and “No Go” areas
  • Immediate central updates of software
  • No need to install programs on your computer
  • Auto track mode possible also on Cell
  • Battery backup (8 hours)
  • Power saving mode when stationary
  • Versatile Satellite viewing possible
  • SAIAS approved for insurance
  • Panic button & alarm option
  • Detailed reports
  • Cell phone “mobi” site included
  • Alerts & notifications via SMS
  • 5 Years history keeping
  • Unit memory stores data up to 3 hours
  • Unit functionality self test possible
  • Continuous computerized call centre & client self surveillance of unit’s functionality (95% uptime guaranteed)