the presidency powers and practice n.
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The Presidency: Powers and Practice

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The Presidency: Powers and Practice - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Presidency: Powers and Practice. Partisan Support for the President in Congress. Growth in Presidential Speech Making. Trends in Presidential Use of the Veto. Pocket Veto. Presidential veto after congressional adjournment, executed merely by not signing a bill into law. Line Item Veto.

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pocket veto
Pocket Veto
  • Presidential veto after congressional adjournment, executed merely by not signing a bill into law.
line item veto
Line Item Veto
  • Presidential authority to negate particular provisions of a law, granted by Congress in 1996 but struck down by the Supreme Court in 1998.
executive order
Executive Order
  • A presidential directive that has the force of law, though it is not enacted by Congress.
executive privilege
Executive Privilege
  • The right of members of the executive branch to have private communications among themselves that need not be shared with Congress.
  • Recommendation by a majority of the House of Representatives that a president, other official in the executive branch, or judge of the federal courts be removed from office; removal depends on a two-thirds vote of the Senate.