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Portrait of the Millennial PowerPoint Presentation
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Portrait of the Millennial

Portrait of the Millennial

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Portrait of the Millennial

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  1. Portrait of the Millennial

  2. 3 things that students have never witnessed that theirteachers have.

  3. 8-Track Cassette Player Stereo 8, commonly known as the eight-track cartridge, eight-track tape, or simply eight-track, is a magnetic tape sound recording technology. It was popular in the United States from the mid-1960s through to the early 1980s, but was relatively unknown in many European countries. Stereo 8 was created in 1964 by a consortium led by Bill Lear of Lear Jet Corporation, along with Ampex, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Motorola, and RCA Victor Records (RCA).

  4. Atari 2600 The Atari 2600 is a video game console released in September 1977 by Atari, Inc. It is credited with popularizing the use of microprocessor-based hardware and ROM cartridges containing game code, a format first used with the Fairchild Channel F, instead of having non-microprocessor dedicated hardware with all games built in.

  5. Thundercats ThunderCats is an American animated series based on a group of cat-like humanoid aliens. The show was created by Tobin "Ted" Wolf and animated by Japanese animation studio, Pacific Animation Corporation.[citation needed] The characters were originally featured in an animated TV series named ThunderCats, running from 1985 to 1989.

  6. three citations (web or literature) regarding learning, social, spiritual, entertainment, or living characteristics about this generation. •

  7. 3 Technologies that are common place in students lives

  8. Cell Phones Cell Phones can be used to take multiple choice tests and the students can text their answers to a poll. Quizzes and polls are a good way to integrate cell phones in the classroom.

  9. I POD With an IPOD you can assign audio books for the students to listen to. After the completion of the audio books you can assign quizzes on the laptop’s or the cell phones.

  10. Laptop A laptop can be used in many different ways in the classroom. They can be used for research on particular topics, they can also be used as textbooks, and just like cell phones can be used with poll questions and other aspects.

  11. 3 Characteristics employers will be looking for in the millennial generation • Digital communications • Work in groups (collaboration abilities) • Diverse qualities-as the world continues to evolve, it is necessary for all people to work together. •