it s your future n.
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It’s your Future ! PowerPoint Presentation
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It’s your Future !

It’s your Future !

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It’s your Future !

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  1. It’s your Future! Please come in and begin filling out the Pre-Test and the Pathway Assessment (if you have time)

  2. “What are we gonna do these next 2 days?” Understand Yourself Are you a bookworm? Organized or Disorganized?

  3. Do you like computers? Are you a spiritual person? Do you relate well with Those younger than you?

  4. Can you juggle a lot at one time? Do you like to work outside and use your muscles? Are you ambitious and willing to work hard, climbing the ladder of success?

  5. Understand Careers A variety of jobs out there 5 Main Groupings of Careers – Pick your Top 2 Career Pathways And 2 Possible Future Jobs * You will be more satisfied / happy / content if your Work Environment Personality matches your

  6. Learn what it takes to succeed in your career HOW? Hear what Nelsen staff and local business leaders have to say Practice Interview Skills (tomorrow)

  7. Post H.S. Options Apprenticeship Programs Community College Military Technical or Vocational College (Trade School) University Job

  8. Apprenticeship Programs mostly related to building you receive pay immediately they provide training as you learn the job you receive pay immediately Community College provide a comprehensive educational program you receive a 2 year degree (AA) – general education

  9. Military provides job training and scholarship opportunities Technical or Vocational College (Trade School) provides training for specific jobs

  10. University provides a comprehensive educational program you receive a 4 year degree (BA, BS) Job – start work right away, no training needed

  11. Career Pathways Arts & Communication using ideas and Informa- tion to communicate with people

  12. Business and Marketing working with data, numbers, and people in the business world

  13. Health & Human Services – working to help people and to solve social problems

  14. Science & Natural Resources working with and managing resources in the natural world

  15. Technology & Engineering working with objects, data, and ideas to create, move, change, operate, or build things

  16. WHAT QUALITIES DO YOU THINK AMERICAN EMPLOYERS DESIRE? • Able to read • Good attitude • Dependability • Handle complex math • Get along well with others • Basic arithmetic • Read Complex materials

  17. QUALITIES AMERICAN EMPLOYERS DESIRE • 94% Dependability • 88% Good attitude • 74% Get along well with others • 65% Able to read • 56% Basic arithmetic • 22% Read Complex materials • 10% Handle complex math

  18. 10 years from now, whosejob would you choose?

  19. Starbucks Career Advice: Do what you love Figure out what you love – it takes awhile to figure it out Frustrations will happen in every job – they affect you less if you love what you do You’ll earn more than you need if you do what you love Make an impact Be persistent Characteristics you look for in Employees:             Trustworthy and Reliable             Outgoing, Team Player, Unselfish, Positive, Good Energy             Care for people             Make eye contact – if not, you won’t get a 2nd interview

  20. Play It Again Sports Career Advice:             Stay in school and get a 4 year degree             Associate degree is not enough these days Characteristics you look for in Employees:             Punctual             Reliable             Honest             Build up your Resume – Education and Experiences – even if small

  21. McLendon’s Hardware Career Advice: Look for team-oriented, family-operated place where you’ll stay awhile. Find a place where you are treated as a person, not just another worker Characteristics you look for in Employees: Personality Background – employed for long periods of time; if you have left each of your previous jobs after a month or so, that might happen again here, so you’re less likely to be hired. Application – neat and thorough; if you do a good job on application, then you will likely do a good job as an employee Appearance GPA – shows that you work hard consistently Attendance Activities – show responsibility and work as a team

  22. King and Bunny Career Advice: Always be honest             Treat people fairly             Work hard Characteristics you look for in Employees:             Appearance – need to make a good first impression             People Skills – how you interact with others                         Clear speech, Be direct, Make eye contact

  23. Fred Meyer Career Advice:             Perform to the job you want someday – do your best, even if it’s an entry-level job             Examples:  Store Director – started as 18 year old Cashier VP Merchandising – started as 16 year old Parcel Clerk Characteristics you look for in Employees:             Dress nice – not jeans, t-shirt, or flip-flops             Stand out – act like you want the job             Make eye contact and smile             Be on time             Enthusiastic – show that you want to move up, don’t just go through the motions

  24. Interview Preparation Application and Resume - Appearance - Interview Actions - Abilities -

  25. Interview Preparation Application and Resume - 5 – Very neat and very thorough with correct spelling 3 – Sort of neat and partially complete with some misspelled words 1 – Sloppy and incomplete with many misspelled words

  26. Appearance - 5 – Dressed up, neat, clean 3 – Fairly nice clothes, kind of messy, and a little bit dirty 1 – Inappropriate clothes, very messy and very dirty

  27. Interview Actions - 5 – Confident and polite: strong voice, eye contact, straight posture, convincing 3 – A little shy and not good manners: soft voice, little eye contact, too relaxed posture, not sure of self 1 – Insecure and rude: very quiet, no eye contact, slumped over posture, incompetent

  28. Abilities - 5 – Likely will do an excellent job: very responsible at previous jobs/school, excellent experiences, strong references 3 – Likely will do a satisfactory job: average job done at previous work/school, some experiences, not strong references 1 – Likely will do a poor job: irresponsible at previous jobs/school, no experiences, weak references

  29. Job Skill Level Changes (1950-2000) Look at the 3 graphs . . . What do you notice about each colors? What does that mean for each area? What does that mean for YOU? 1 9 5 0 1 9 9 0 2 0 0 0

  30. More Education = More Money