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News from the Beta Phi Chapter

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News from the Beta Phi Chapter
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News from the Beta Phi Chapter

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  1. News from the Beta Phi Chapter Greetings Brothers, Fall 2001 I hope this letter finds you in good health and even better spirits. I am Steven Hain, Master Alchemist for the fall semester, and I present to you the 2001 Alumni Letter. In these pages, your curiosity as to the goings on of our humble chapter will be peaked, but hopefully not satisfied. Therefore, I invite you all to our Greek Week activities, beginning on Sunday, February 24 and ending Saturday, March 2. If you cannot attend, I urge you to stop by anytime at your convenience and see our progress for yourself. Last year, we strove to uphold the second object with great vigor. Our Boy Scout merit badge program was a huge success, and a troop of Girl Scouts was even involved. Needless to say, all involved had a great time. On top of that, the chapter held chemistry demonstrations for one of the local elementary schools. Also last year, under the direction of VMA Tony Tegels, we were proud to welcome ten outstanding individuals into our order. These men and women have already begun making their marks on the chapter, and will continue to do so through their college tenure. This year, along with rushing, the chapter has undertaken a few projects to help distract them from the rigors of homework. After the tragic events in New York and Washington D.C., we promptly decided to find a way to help. A fundraising effort was started, first on campus and currently out into the community, with all proceeds going to the American Red Cross. American Flag decals are given to those who donate $5 or more, so not only is money being raised for a good cause, but also a feeling of patriotism is being promoted. There is some other excitement being generated this semester as well. Our chapter is exploring the possibility of colonizing a chapter at the University of Washington in Seattle. Even after realizing the great amount of dedication this project will entail, the chapter is still eager to try. The committee is still in its early stages, so any input you might have would certainly be welcome. As MA, I am proud of the achievements my brothers and I have made this semester. There are twenty actives, so no project is too tough as long as we work together. Looking ahead, I would like to see the successful things we have done continue, such as chemistry demonstrations. I envision the chapter being more involved in activities on and off campus. I know the motivation is there; it is just a matter of finding the right outlets. Enjoy the rest of this letter; I think you will be pleased with our development. And again, feel free to visit us anytime; you are forever welcome. Yours in the Double Bond, Steven Hain Master Alchemist The Beta-Phi bunch on M-day 2001

  2. Raising Funds for the Red Cross On September 11, 2001, we were all shocked at the destruction caused by terrorist acts. The Beta Phi Chapter decided to lend a helping hand by collecting donations for the Black Hills Chapter of the American Red Cross. We thought in America’s time of need that it would be best to promote patriotism also. With these ideas in mind, our chapter purchased 400 American Flag static-cling decals. We are giving a decal away with every $5.00 donation. Setting our booth up on the SDSM&T campus, we collected $260. Since the response on campus was varied, we are collecting at local grocery stores. Hopefully, before the end of the semester we will be able to collect over $1500 for The American Red Cross. Amber and Jed fund raising Eric and Jason in action The American Red Cross is an organization familiar to us all. However, until we are directly affected by disaster, we tend to forget about these types of organizations. The Red Cross helps to shelter and feed those evacuated or displaced by a disaster. They also work one on one with disaster victims; this includes mental and physical assistance. If you would like to donate to our drive for The American Red Cross, please feel free to contact us. Remember, for every $5.00 donation, you receive an American Flag decal while supplies last. We will continue collecting donations until January 9, 2002. J. Haworth Jonte Hall of Fame As many of you will know from reading your Hard Rocker this spring, we started something new: The J. Haworth Jonte Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame was started to remind us collegiate members of what our professional members have done for us. Also, it is to thank those professional members for their contributions to the Beta Phi chapter over the years. Professor J. Haworth Jonte received the honorary plaquette from the Beta Phi chapter on March 25, 2001 and became one of the first members of the Hall of Fame, together with Professor Heckmann (deceased) and Professor Gilbertson(deceased). Professor J. Haworth Jonte Webpage House Improvement As you all know we are always improving the house in any way possible. This summer the member of our chapter installed a new deck on the west side of the house where the old stairs used to be. They also reinforced part of the foundation that was starting to crumble. is the internet address of the Beta Phi chapter’s homepage. Rene Aldrich did an awesome job with our web-page, so be our guest to check it out. M-week parade 2001 The M-week parade turned out this year for us. For our float, we were awarded “Best Overall” in the parade. , Fun and Chemistry

  3. Alumni & Professional Activities The next year will be quite exciting for us. We are planning to start a quarterly email newsletter for alumni and friends of the Beta Phi chapter. The idea is to improve the communication between us and to keep you folks updated about current events here at our chapter. If you are interested in subscribing, please contact me at The second big project that we would like launch is writing a history of our Beta Phi Chapter. Here we need you, the alumni. We are in the process of collecting information for a booklet. I visited the National Headquarters this April and I appreciated the help of Brother John Becker. He dug through piles of our old files with me. I was able to bring some materials with me but there are still a few white spots. For example, I need the list of officers in the early seventies. I would like to find some information on the 1976 conclave held at SDSM&T. What was it like to be a student in the seventies, eighties, and nineties? It is your history, as well as ours, so please help us. Of course, it is just a start and it will be a long process, but with your support I think we can accomplish this goal. A good way of getting in touch with the history team is the email address above. The third project is to build a professional network. This network should include two big branches: a career mentor program and a professional seminar with alumni guest lecturer. As a career mentor, you, dear alumni, would help a student member of our chapter with writing cover letters and résumés. You could also prepare him or her for interviewing, or give some general advice about specific companies or industry branches. If you are willing to help us with this project and support our future professionals, write to the email address above and include your area of expertise, and we will make a contact for you. As a guest lecturer in the professional seminar, you, dear alumni, would have the opportunity to share your professional experience with the Beta Phi chapter. Starting next semester, we would like to invite professionals with working experience in industry, research institutes and/or universities. A cooperation with our local ACS or AIChE chapters might be possible. The format can be pretty open, including everything between scientific presentations and casual talks. We are looking forward to hearing from you !!! Bert Liebig, Alumni Secretary Graduates (Spring 2001): From left to right: Keri Bachmeier, Lori Corth, and Jeremy Day Rookies Greek Week was a unique experience that brought all of the pledges closer together. Living in tight quarters for a week, the pledges got to know one another better than they ever could have imagined. From writing songs until two in the morning to marching to school together, the pledges created a bond with each other that will never be broken. From left to right: Bert Liebig (MES, Amberg, Germany ), Kathryn Henning (ChE, Tyndall, SD), Alan George (Geol, Springfield, NH) April Herrera (Chem., Wright, WY), Heidi Peterson(Chem., Rapid City, SD) , Heather Merrill (Chem., Scenic, SD), Bethany Pompy (Chem., Black Hawk, SD) , Sara Reausaw (Chem.,Lead, SD), Jedadiah Kopren (Chem./ChE, Bison, SD), and Amber Cain (Chem., Rapid City, SD)

  4. What the officers have to say... MA Steven Hain VMA Jeffrey Hartman My main goal this year as MA is to keep the chapter together as one motivated force. I would also like to begin laying the groundwork for professional seminars to prepare our brothers for the world beyond college. Dear Brothers, My name is Jeff Hartman and I am this semester's VMA. Rushing has gone right on track, this semester. We have had great times whether playing volleyball or poker, singing karaoke, or eating chislic. With a growing list of prospective, we hope to have a strong pledge class and continue to uphold AXE's traditions. All our events have been successful, and we’re looking at another solid pledge class. Also, we are all very excited about the possibility that we’ll be able to colonize a new chapter at the University of Washington in Seattle. I’m currently making preparations for our initiation in the spring, and I’ve found several members who will be potential initiates into the Beta Phi hall of fame for this year. MC Eric Sauer Recorder Heather Merrill Reporter Amber Cain My goal for the chapter this year is help those in need. This is a tragic time in our country. As a professional /national organization it is our duty to try to relieve some pain and suffering of those less fortunate. Let’s set a goal to help/promote as many non-profit, community serving organizations as possible. This has been an interesting and busy semester. Taking minutes at meetings is a harder task than I first suspected it would be. I’m finally getting the hang of it and I’ve even managed to create my own sort of shorthand language in the process. YITDB, Heather Merrill, Recorder Treasurer Heidi Peterson Hello ACS Brothers, Well, we are already more than halfway through this fall semester and boy, have we been busy! So far, we have accomplished a balanced budget and are presently collecting donations that will benefit the local American Red Cross. Additionally, we are working to someday build a new ACS house. Currently, we have enough saved for a down payment, but we do want to remind all brothers that any monetary help is greatly appreciated. As a rookie, I am excited to hold the office of treasurer. This position has allowed me to experience a real hands-on way of being involved in the fraternity and learn more about ACS. With the holidays soon approaching, I hope this letter finds each of you in great health! Alumni Secretary Bert Liebig Upcoming Events Dear Brothers: As current Alumni Secretary, I would like to launch the following projects: -A quarterly email newsletter to alumni and friends of the Beta Phi chapter (the address will be -A history of the Beta-phi chapter -A professional seminar and a mentor program for our students. Therefore, I will need your help. Please, contact me at the email address above. Yours in the double bond, Bert December 10, 2002 Bid Night Come and meet our new prospective members. January 14, 2002 Pledge Night Help us welcome the pledge class of 2002. February 24-March 2, 2002 Visit the house during Greek Week April 13, 2002 Alpha Chi Sigma Formal Come join us in Deadwood for dinner and an evening of fun.