fbla phi beta lambda welcome night n.
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FBLA - Phi Beta Lambda Welcome Night

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FBLA - Phi Beta Lambda Welcome Night - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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FBLA - Phi Beta Lambda Welcome Night. Monday 10/8 Rady 1N108, Wells Fargo Hall. Ice Breakers!. Erik Nguyen VP of Human Resources. PBL Speed Dating! . 60 seconds Introduce yourself Ask each other questions. What to ask?. Name, Year, Major (&Minor), College? Favorite Movie/TV Show?

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Presentation Transcript
fbla phi beta lambda welcome night

FBLA - Phi Beta LambdaWelcome Night

FBLA - PBL | Success Made Simple 2012-2013

Monday 10/8

Rady 1N108, Wells Fargo Hall

ice breakers

Ice Breakers!

FBLA - PBL | Success Made Simple 2012-2013

Erik Nguyen

VP of Human Resources

pbl speed dating

PBL Speed Dating!

FBLA - PBL | Success Made Simple 2012-2013

60 seconds

Introduce yourself

Ask each other questions

what to ask
What to ask?
  • Name, Year, Major (&Minor), College?
  • Favorite Movie/TV Show?
  • Celebrity you’d like to go on a date with?
  • Favorite food?
  • Who’s your inspiration?
  • What kind of animal would you be?

FBLA - PBL | Success Made Simple 2012-2013

pbl haunted trail
PBL Haunted Trail
  • When: Friday, Oct 19
  • Where: Balboa Park
  • What: Join PBL on a dangerous adventure through the depths of Balboa Park and back!
  • How Much: $15 (will try to get group discount depending on #)

FBLA - PBL | Success Made Simple 2012-2013


President: Nathan Tong

  • Warren C/O 2013
  • Major: Economics & Minor: Accounting
  • Interests: Traveling , yard work, sports (basketball) and Legos
  • Favorite Movie: Anything with Marion Cotillard
  • Favorite Superhero: I am Iron Man
  • Dream Job: Financial Advisor (after a couple years of indentured servitude as an analyst
  • Prior Work History:
  • Wealth Management Intern, Wells Fargo Advisors
  • Accounting Intern, TAKA (Shenzhen, China)
  • Bonus Facts:
  • Grew up in Singapore, Australia, HK, and finally Americuh.
  • Industry Knowledge/Experience: Finance and Accounting

Executive Vice President: Esther Cheng

  • Marshall C/O 2013
  • Major: International Studies-Economics
  • Interests: photography, serving @ church, playing with kitties, instagram, latte art, cooking yummies!
  • Favorite Movie: Up
  • Favorite Superpower: Ability to speak in all languages
  • Favorite Superhero: Batman
  • Dream Job: Networker/connector of people - recruiting!
  • Prior Work History:
  • •English Department Intern at Overseas Radio and Television Inc.
  • • Marketing Intern at Just One Lamp
  • •Employee Relations Intern at Union Bank
  • Bonus Facts:
  • •lived in Taiwan for 9 years
  • •was born on Friday the 13th (but I'm not superstitious at all)
  • •my feet often don't touch the ground when I scoot all the way back in a seat (yes this includes lecture seats)
  • Industry Knowledge/Experience: Human Resources/Employee Relations

VP of Finance: Tiffany Ng

  • Marshall C/O 2013
  • Major: Economics & Minor: Accounting
  • Interests: Exploring. Trying out new places to eat. Shopping. Hiking. Chats over coffee/tea. Puppies. HIMYM
  • Favorite Movie: Titanic (♪Every night in my dreams…♪)
  • Favorite Superpower: Teleportation
  • Dream Job: Auditor
  • Prior Work History:
  • Accounting Intern at MaxLinear
  • Industry Knowledge/Experience: Accounting

VP of Marketing: David Hong

  • Revelle C/O 2013
  • Major: Economics
  • Interests: Surfing, biking, rock climbing, photography, cooking, gambling
  • Favorite Movie: First Pokemon movie
  • Favorite Superhero: Captain America
  • Favorite Superpower: Time control
  • Dream Job: Corporate Lawyer or Head Chef of 5 star restaurant or professional gambler
  • Prior Work History:
  • Minor accounting work for Mom's business
  • Bonus Fact:
  • I volunteer in South America every spring break.
  • I once had long hair
  • Allergic to grass,
  • Get money, get paid
  • Won $3,000 gambling
  • Industry Knowledge/Experience: nonprofit

VP of Conferences: Florence Yu; Marshall C/O 2015

  • Major: International Studies with a Primary Emphasis in Sociology, Secondary Emphasis in Economics; Double Minor: Chinese Studies, Business
  • Interests: Being busy, HK/K/TAIWANESE DRAMA, PLL, SYTYCD, ABDC, ANTM, Hell’s Kitchen, Master Chef, CSI, House, Bones
  • Favorite Movie: She's the Man, Sydney White, A Walk to Remember, The Devil Wears Prada, The Perfect Man, What a Girl Wants, P.S. I Love You, Get Smart, Princess Diaries
  • Favorite Superhero: Does Mulan or Cinderella count?
  • Dream Job: International Event/Wedding Planner
  • Prior Work History:
  • Accountant's Assistant & Business Operations Intern at Chinese Christian Herald Crusades
  • TMC Dean's Intern
  • Admin Assistant at Supercomputer Center
  • Bonus Facts:
  • hatehateHATE spicy food; cannot eat anything spicy. I’d rather starve instead.
  • hatehateHATE ice in my drinks. I don’t drink anything with ice.
  • You can never go wrong with chocolate. Any kind of it.
  • lovelovelove green tea flavored stuffs! :)

VP of HR: Erik Nguyen

  • Sixth C/O 2014
  • Major: Nanoengineering
  • Interests: Comics. Fun. Robots in Disguise, TV: Doctor Who, Glee, Suits, White Collar, Psych, Love watching movies
  • Favorite Movie: Avengers
  • Favorite Superhero: Iron Man
  • Favorite Superpower: Time Travel
  • Dream Job: Tech Startup or Nonprofit
  • Prior Work History:
  • Chief Technical Officer at Encore
  • Consultant at REaction Strategy Group
  • Bonus Facts:
  • Marvel fanboy! Not so big on DC heroes.
  • I watch a LOT of tv show and movies.
  • Would love to produce a movie one day.
  • Into anything techy/sci-fi.
  • Industry Knowledge/Experience: Nonprofits, Donor relations, tech/web startups

Finance Director: Joseph Qin

  • Marshall C/O 2013
  • Major: Political Science - Public Law& Minor: Philosophy
  • Interests: money, boxing, trading (stocks), financial market, philosophizing,
  • chill'n out max'nrelax'n all cool
  • Favorite Movie: Pursuit of Happyness
  • Favorite Superpower: Teleportation
  • Dream Job: Federal Supreme Court Judge
  • Prior Work History:
  • Berkeley City Council - Economic Development Intern
  • CFG Wealth Management - Financial Advisory Intern
  • Bulls Investment Group – Lead Analyst
  • Bonus Fact:
  • Allergic to dust
  • Industry Knowledge/Experience: Finance and Politics

Inter-chapter Representative: Michael Chen

  • Sixth C/O 2013
  • Major: Management Science & Minor: Business with an emphasis on Finance
  • Interests: Cycling, technology, automotive, brand evangelism, finance, food, innovation, etc.
  • Favorite Movie: The Pursuit of Happyness, Gone in 60 Seconds
  • Favorite Superhero: Doraemon
  • Dream Job: Brand Evangelist,
  • Professional Professional
  • Prior Work History:
  • Mechanic at UCSD Bike Shop

Marketing Director: Tony Chow

  • Marshall C/O 2013
  • Major: Management Science & Minor: Accounting & Business
  • Interests: Video games, Swim, Chill, Cooking, Basketball, Tetris, Gambling (craps, paigow, blackjack)
  • Favorite Movie: Boondock Saints
  • Favorite Superhero: Static Shock
  • Dream Job: CEO or CFO of a big company
  • Prior Work History:
  • Worked at parent's dim sum restaurant - Tom's BBQ
  • Currently working at Torrey Cove Capital Partners
  • Bonus Fact:
  • I'm cool bro
  • I DJ EDC and HipHop
  • Industry Knowledge/Experience: Accounting, Marketing

Community Outreach Director: Whisper Menil

ERC C/O 2013

Major: Economics

Interests: I enjoy long walks on the beach and candlelit dinners under the light of the moon.

Favorite Movie: The Underworld Series

Favorite Superhero: The Hulk

Dream Job: To manage my own nonprofit organization

Interests: Trying out new places and anything involving the beach :)

Industry Knowledge/Experience: Nonprofits


Business Council Representative:Dorothy Lee

  • ERC C/O 2014
  • Major: Management Science & Minor: Business
  • Interests: running, exploring new things, graphic design, cooking/baking, sea turtles, the beach, reading, event planning, how i met your mother, parks and rec, josephgordonlevitt, food network
  • Favorite Movie: How to Train a Dragon
  • Favorite Superpower: flying
  • Dream Job: working for Disney
  • Prior Work History:
  • graphic design/presentation specialist intern at Kaiser Permanente (current)
  • events assistant at IICAS (current)
  • Bonus Facts:
  • I have a weakness for tiramisu and speculoos cookie butter
  • I will always be a Disney kid at heart
  • Industry Knowledge/Experience: graphic design, marketing, event planning

Webmaster: Karen Hsing; Sixth C/O 2013

  • Major: Economics & Communications
  • Interests: Collect coffee grounds and mugs, read filtered reviews on Yelp, look at pet postings on Craigslist SD, bookmarking almost every single recipe I come across online, travel to exotic countries and fantasize about meeting cute guys.
  • Favorite Movie: Finding Nemo
  • Favorite Superhero: Sailor Moon
  • Dream Job: CEO of Ogilvy/any Omnicom Group companies
  • Prior Work History:
  • Nokia Siemens Networks - Marketing and Communications Intern
  • Ketchum PR - Corporate Communications Intern
  • UCSD Neurosciences - Administrative Assistant
  • Bonus Fact:
  • I can't throw a proper punch because I can't make a proper fist.
  • Industry Knowledge/Experience: Marketing, public relations, communications

Career Development Director : Amanda Chan

  • Marshall C/O 2014
  • Major: Economics & Math
  • Interests: Food is my first love. :) Fine dining or grubbing it! Dance, cheer, swim, gymming it. Working hard.
  • Favorite Movie: Catch Me If You Can
  • Favorite Superhero: Tony Stark
  • Dream Job: Actuary
  • Prior Work History:
  • Statistical Analyst Intern | Point05 Consulting LLC
  • Financial Assistant | UCSD Office of Business Operations
  • Sales and Marketing | ExpressMen, Staples, Yogurtland
  • Bonus Facts:
  • Cheered in London
  • Modeled in New York
  • Surprise birthday party in France
  • Industry Knowledge/Experience: getting that job you want


FBLA - PBL | Success Made Simple 2012-2013

gbm 1
GBM #1 |

Esther Cheng

Executive Vice President


Frank Robinson

Senior Vice President and Community Affairs Manager of Union Bank

Frank will be speaking on essential qualities of a leader – how to be both professional and personable!

  • Tuesday Night, 10/16
  • 7:00-9:00PM
  • Rady 1N108

FBLA - PBL | Success Made Simple 2012-2013

finance workshop
Finance Workshop |

Joseph Qin

Finance Director

Basic Financial ConceptsWhat: Come learn about the basics. What a stock is, how to read a ticker, and how the economy affects you

Learn to engage in financial conversations with professionals!

When: Thursday, 10/18

Where: TBA

FBLA - PBL | Success Made Simple 2012-2013

marketing workshop
Marketing Workshop |

Tony Chow

Marketing Director

Case Study 101What: Learn what a case study is and how to draft it! Participate in a mock case study and receive feedback from officers in a comfortable and informal setting. Be prepared to have fun!

When: Thursday, October 25th

Where: TBA

FBLA - PBL | Success Made Simple 2012-2013

join our facebook group

Join our Facebook Group!

FBLA - PBL | Success Made Simple 2012-2013

Just Type in “UCSD PBL” and join our group!

Here’s the link just in case:


fall conference 2012
Fall Conference 2012 |

Florence Yu

VP of Conferences

Location: Woodlake Hotel, Sacramento

Date: 11/10

  • We will be driving up Friday Night
  • Prices will be announced later
  • Leadership Olympics
  • Case Study Team (Please let us know if you are interested!)

FBLA - PBL | Success Made Simple 2012-2013

volunteering events

Volunteering Events

FBLA - PBL | Success Made Simple 2012-2013

Whisper Menil

Community Outreach Director

volunteering events1
Volunteering Events |

Whisper Menil

Community Outreach Director

Asian Business Association GalaDate: Thursday, 10/11

Formal Attire is required (We’ll help you out with that)

You can sign up for the following shifts:

  • 1pm – 4pm (set up)
  • 4pm – 9pm (dinner)
  • 1pm – 9pm
  • {special shift}

FBLA - PBL | Success Made Simple 2012-2013

volunteering events2
Volunteering Events |

Whisper Menil

Community Outreach Director

Zombie RunDate: Sunday 10/21

Time: 6am – 12pm

BE A REAL ZOMBIE. (You’re already a zombie that early in the morning anyway, might as well dress like one.)

  • Free parking
  • Snacks and water
  • Free admittance to the Apocalypse after-party
  • Run for Your Lives volunteer t-shirt


FBLA - PBL | Success Made Simple 2012-2013

business quarter events

Dorothy Lee

Business Council Representative

Business Quarter Events|
  • Meet the Accounting Firms Networking Night
    • Wednesday 10/10
    • 6-8PM
    • Price Center West Ballroom A
  • Business Quarter Launch: Meet the Business Orgs
    • Thursday 10/11
    • 4:30-6:30PM
    • Price Center West Ballroom A

FBLA - PBL | Success Made Simple 2012-2013

membership dues

Tiffany Ng

Vice President of Finance

Membership Dues|

Fees$50/quarter or,$130/year

Applications are available online at www.ucsdpbl.com

Please hand completed applications and payment to any officer

FBLA - PBL | Success Made Simple 2012-2013

thanks for coming

Thanks for Coming!

FBLA - PBL | Success Made Simple 2012-2013

Now, Mingle.