Midterm review quizzo the sequel
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Midterm Review: QUIZZO… the SEQUEL. Anatomy and Physiology. The Rules: (In case you still don’t know…!). Work with your team to answer as many questions as you can. You will have 25 seconds for each question . There will be a total of THREE timed rounds.

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Midterm review quizzo the sequel

Midterm Review: QUIZZO… the SEQUEL

Anatomy and Physiology

The rules in case you still don t know
The Rules:(In case you still don’t know…!)

  • Work with your team to answer as many questions as you can.

  • You will have 25 seconds for each question.

  • There will be a total of THREE timed rounds.

  • You have the option to “double up” on one of the rounds by checking the box at the bottom of the page prior to turning it in.

Question 1

What specific source causes wrinkles or leads to cancer of the skin?

Question 2

List TWO of the risk factors for cutaneous melanoma.

Question 3
Question 3:

Which type of tissue is known for its elastic and collagenous fibers and fibroblasts?

Question 4

The sternal region is _________ to the cephalic region.

Question 5
Question 5:

If distended, the bladder might extend into which region of the abdomen?

Question 6
Question 6:

What is the name of the body system which returns fluids to the blood stream and fights infection?

Question 7
Question 7:

Which cellular organelle is responsible for transporting substances around the cell and/or making new regions of cell membrane?

Question 8

The type of incision that divides the body into an ANTERIOR and a POSTERIOR is called _____________.

Question 9

What body tissue is voluntary, or can be consciously controlled?

Question 10
Question 10:

The “Bull’s Eye” of the targets in bone tissue is known as the __________.

Please turn in your papers

(It’s the END OF ROUND ONE…)

Question 11

To remove a tumor on the pancreas, what body cavity would a surgeon access?

Question 21

What cells help to support the neurons of nervous tissue?

Question 31
Question 3:

Little Timmy is trapped in a blizzard! What TWO physiological responses might his body have to increase his chances of survival?

Question 41

Phew! Little Timmy made it to the ER. What are THREE vital signs the doctor might look for to see if he is okay?

Question 51
Question 5:

The ability to transform one substance into something different is which characteristic of life?

Question 61
Question 6:

Which body system helps to propel substances through the body and produces most of our body heat?

Question 71

The primary tissue found in the air sacs of the lungs is ________________?

Question 81

Which cell part allows for the expansion and contraction of muscle cells?

Question 91
Question 9:

The TOPMOST layer of the epidermis is known as the _____________?

Question 101
Question 10:

The strongest fibers of the body are made of what protein?

Please turn in your papers1

(‘Cause it’s the END OF ROUND TWO…)

Question 12
Question 1 :

What type of tissue is found beneath the skin, in the spaces around muscles, and nourishing epithelial cells?

Question 22
Question 2:

The sphenoidal sinus and the septum are located inside of what cavity?

Question 32
Question 3:

The popliteal region is ___________ to the tarsal region.

Question 42
Question 4:

What is the name of the resident cell of fibrous connective tissue?

Question 52
Question 5:

Which type of tissue has uneven nuclei, long cells, and a basement membrane?

Question 62
Question 6:

List THREE organ systems that assist in the life process of excretion.

Question 72
Question 7:

What are the two greatest risks of a severe, traumatic burn?

Question 82
Question 8:

What fluid would be found around the membranes of the heart or lungs?

Question 92
Question 9:

The “tiny caves” that osteocytes or chondrocytes are located inside of are known as ____________.

Question 102
Question 10:

Human hair is primarily made of what type of specialized cells?