why this is a wining combination n.
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Why this is a wining combination! PowerPoint Presentation
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Why this is a wining combination!

Why this is a wining combination!

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Why this is a wining combination!

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  1. Why this is a wining combination!

  2. Company Overview Be a global leader of end-to-end search engine marketing solutions November 2008

  3. Who we are • Founded in 2006 and reached technology leadership in SEM technology solution • 42 employees with Global Presence: • Kenshoo Ltd. (Tel Aviv) - HQ and development • Kenshoo Inc. (San Francisco) - Geoff Shenk, former Head Of Sales DoubleClick NA • Kenshoo UK Ltd. (London) - Mike Chowney, former CEO Europe neo@Ogilvy • Backed by • Through 2008: • Increased revenues by 500% • Managed Budget increased by 600% • Gross Margin improved to 70% • Working Globally with high end Advertisers and Agencies

  4. From someone who knows… ----- Original Message -----From: Michael Moritz <>To: xxxSent: Sun Oct 19 05:57:59 2008Subject: Hi xxxI hope you don’t mind a blatant last minute solicitation from me but I’m an avid fan of kenshoo, the search engine efficiency company that your team has been evaluating.   Apparently kenshoo has fared extremely well in all aspects of the due diligence conducted by but there is some concern that it is still small compared to some of its competitors.  I would like to allay any concern on that score.  Not only has kenshoo bested far larger competitors in every single account but it has also won large and complex tenders against bigger competitors.  Kenshoo has got very strong backing and is a very important investment for sequoia capital and one for which we have extremely high expectation.  Kenshoo has also always been run in a most frugal fashion by a tenacious and gritty management team.  There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that when the world eventually emerges from the tunnel in which we are all in, kenshoo is going to be in a wonderful position. Best, Michael

  5. Search Marketplace Challenges • The percentage of budget being allocated towards Search continues to increase, as to do the expectations on performance • As budgets increase and SEM campaigns become more complex, there are more “moving parts” which can affect your campaign • Keywords • Ads and Landing pages • Grouping • Bids • Reporting • Tracking • RELEVANCY – putting everything together • The increased need for veteran SEM leadership is creating a vacuum for talent: how will we effectively manage these campaigns?

  6. Paid Search today - Relevancy & Quality! Quality Management™

  7. New ideas, effective strategies and excellence results

  8. Services On line Marketing Design and build Consultancy SEO PPC management Affiliate marketing Email marketing Online PR Display advertising Creative› Usability Web design› Content management› E-commerce› Analytics› Hosting Competitor benchmarking SEO strategy Online strategy Customer insight

  9. Challenge 1 Drive targeted traffic to the website. 2 Increase sales through the online channel. 3 Improve on-site conversion rates.

  10. The store front

  11. Location

  12. Your front door is only as good as the number of people who walk through it To walk through… they have to find the door

  13. How do Search engines work ?

  14. 1. New web site is posted, linked to, or has its content altered

  15. 2. SE’s spiders crawl the page

  16. Skims text, image descriptions, meta data, page titles, and URL

  17. Follow links, count links in and out

  18. 3. Index key terms, count word frequency Search SEO SEM Web

  19. Why do we care?

  20. Why do we build websites? Inform Grow Engage Socialize Persuade Entertain

  21. How to increase traffic ?

  22. 1. Good content

  23. 2. Link sharing

  24. 3. Update content

  25. 4. Know Your Key words What terms best describe your business? What are people looking for to find your business? What terms are used to find your competitors, your industry?

  26. Web Traffic is NOT the whole picture Conversions are key!

  27. SEO/SEM: Getting Help with your Traffic SEO: Search Engine Optimization SEM (PPC) : Search Engine Marketing

  28. Ideal Search Marketing is a united • PPC&SEO Campaign : Higher ROI and • Higher volume. • - SEO is best served for long term ROI. • PPC is the most Flexible and immediate. • Both SEO&PPC can do long term and head • Keywords, depending on cost and available • content.

  29. Affiliate marketing Advertiser pays an affiliate for event-driven traffic (orders, leads) to their site. Affiliate gets paid a commission based on order or lead.

  30. תודה רבה THANK YOU