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fine dining on cruise world presidential travel

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fine dining on cruise world presidential travel

Fine Dining on CruiseWorld Presidential Travel

fine dining on cruise
Fine Dining on Cruise
  • Gone are the days when the only thing to do on a cruise was to eat. However, when you tell people around you that you have been on a cruise, the most frequent questions asked is “How was the food?” Hence, dining is still an important part of the cruise experience. These days, cruises have many dining options.
fine dining on cruise3
Fine Dining on Cruise
  • If you get up early enough or go to bed late at night you have 24 hour complementary room service available. Fine cuisine and five star dining has always been a part of the cruise experience. On board, you’ll be treated with more options than ever before. As soon as one serving is getting over ending, another is beginning somewhere on the ship.
fine dining on cruise4
Fine Dining on Cruise
  • Today the on board dining experience is in competition with almost any land based restaurant. Cruise Lines cuisine is acclaimed by food experts, the most discriminating connoisseurs of all and travel authorities. Menu offerings on cruises are outstanding with virtually no limit on what or how much you can order! And the way in which they are served is grand. In the multi-level dining rooms, piano is played softly in the background.
fine dining on cruise5
Fine Dining on Cruise
  • With many options available for dining, you can also choose the way you want to enjoy your meals in a formal way or by having the breakfast in bed; sunrise coffee and pastries on deck. With of course full breakfast in your ship’s dining room or a relaxed buffet in one of the alternative dining areas. 24 hour room service is restricted to snacks on some ships, while other cruise lines offer you a full dining room menu in your cabin during regular dining hours.
fine dining on cruise6
Fine Dining on Cruise
  • The variety of guilt-free and healthy choices will astound your eyes and your taste buds. Almost all Cruise lines present a “heart smart” section on their menus, which includes vegetarian entrees at lunch, dinner with fresh fruit and other natural snacks always available.
fine dining on cruise7
Fine Dining on Cruise
  • Buffet Seating
  • On mainstream cruise lines, you have to choose your dining timings when planning your cruise vacations. There are usually two dinner timings available, one between 6:00p.m. – 6:30pm and second from 8:00p.m. – 8:30p.m, depending on your ship itinerary. The 6:00p.m seating will allow you to work up an appetite and enjoy the mid-night buffet. Some ships have a 1:30a.m. Buffet where you can comfortably go for the late seating. Throughout the entire cruise your table is reserved with your waiter and your busboy will become like family, dedicated in making your cruise a dream vacation.
fine dining on cruise8
Fine Dining on Cruise
  • Table size is usually for 4, 6, 8 or 10 with the occasional table for two. If you are travelling in a group or with friends always ask for a large table as you’ll want to ensure that you’re all seated collectively at the same dinner seating. A great way to meet new friends from around the world.
fine dining on cruise9
Fine Dining on Cruise
  • Unless, of course, your stateroom has a balcony and your significant other wants a private dinner for two!