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  1. Agenda Welcome by Dr. Mark Law, professor and ECE chair Overview of Graduate Research and Teaching Divisions • Computer Engineering-professor Oscar Boykin • Electromagnetics and Electric Energy Systems-professor Vladimir Rakov • Electronics-professor Bill Eisenstadt • Signal and Systems-professor Liuqing Yang • Devices-professor Gijs Bosman Overview of ECE Graduate Program, Degrees and Policies.

  2. Degree Programs • Master of Engineering (Non-thesis or Thesis, 30 credit hours) • Master of Science (Non-thesis or Thesis, 30 credit hours) • Ph. D. (90 credit hours beyond BS) • Joint MSEE/MSM • Joint MSEE/JD Mark Law, professor and chair

  3. Master DegreesNon-Thesis (30 hrs) • Complete 3 breadth sequences (3 out of 14, with C or better in each course) • 21 credit hours of EEL, UF classroom courses. • MS final written exam during 2nd part of one student selected breadth sequence. • ME no final exam Rob Fox, professor and associate chair

  4. Master DegreesThesis Option (30 hrs) • Course work plus Research. • Requires 2 breadth sequences. • 18 hours of EEL, UF classroom courses • MS and ME require an oral defense of thesis. • Three member supervisory committee. Keith Rambo, director of finance and administration

  5. Ph.D. Degree • Requires a total of 90 credit hours beyond the BS degree; 60 hours for Master degree holders. • 24 credit hours of EEL, UF coursework • Requires 3 breadth sequences (all breadth courses better than B). John Harris, associate professor and graduate recruiting

  6. Ph.D. DegreeMajor Milestones • Written Qualifying Exam on First Saturday of Spring 06 semester on 3 of 8 ECE topic areas. Answer 4/6 questions, at least one in each area. Sign up in November! • Oral Qualifying Exam (2nd-3rd year) • Admission to Candidacy (5 year clock). • Dissertation defense (oral) Shannon Chillingworth, graduate academic coordinator

  7. Advising • Academic issues: Division coordinator of respective area (which courses, course contents, when offered, prerequisites, etc.) • General policy: Shannon in the Graduate Students Office and Gijs Bosman, Graduate Coordinator. Jose Fortes, Bell South Eminent Scholar and division coordinator of Computer Engineering

  8. Pre-registration • Please pre-register for course so that we can measure demand; low enrollment courses may be dropped. Bill Eisenstadt, associate professor and chair of the Electronics division

  9. Graduate Grading Policy • Passing grades A=4.0, B+=3.5, B=3.0,C+=2.5, C=2.0 • Failing grades; D+=1.5, D=1.0, E=0 • Incomplete will be changed into an E after one semester. • A course with a final C grade or better can not be repeated for credit. • A course with a grade less than a C may be repeated and an average of both grades will be calculated. • Must maintain a minimum average GPA of 3.00 for TA, RA, Fellowship, and TO GRADUATE, EEL and Overall. Jian Li, professor and division chair of Signal and Systems

  10. Graduate Guidelines • Definitive version is on the ECE website at • Printed version is accurate as off Fall 2005. Changes and corrections will be provided as addendum. Gijs Bosman; professor, graduate coordinator, and division chair of Devices.

  11. Email • Provide a valid email address and update if necessary. • Open student account in computer lab in 288 NEB 2nd floor ( • Used for ECE mass mailings concerning changes in rules, fellowship applications, job opportunities, etc. • Shannon Chillingworth at, • Gijs Bosman at Henry Zmuda, associate professor and division chair of Electromagnetics and Electric Energy Systems

  12. Financial Support • Research Assistantship (RA). Stipend and tuition waiver if >0.25 FTE. Distributed by ECE faculty. • Teaching Assistantship (TA). Stipend and tuition waiver if >0.25 FTE. Distributed by ECE department. International students must pass SPEAK test (minimum score is 50). • Other Personal Services (OPS). Stipend but no tuition waiver.

  13. Joint Degree programs • MSEE/MS in Management (theoretical part of MBA) • MSEE/JD (Law) • Benefits: Requires fewer credits combined than taken separately, ease of scheduling.

  14. Good luck with your studies. We wish you a productive and pleasant time in Gainesville. Any questions? Pramod Khargonekar, ECE Professor and Dean