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Samsung Mini Splits Application New Products 2009

Samsung Mini Splits Application New Products 2009. Why Buy a Mini Split?. Zoning Comfort Energy Efficiency Simplicity Noise Space Saving. Basic Mini Split Applications. Computer or Data Rooms Commercial Spaces Residential

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Samsung Mini Splits Application New Products 2009

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  1. Samsung Mini SplitsApplicationNew Products2009

  2. Why Buy a Mini Split? • Zoning • Comfort • Energy Efficiency • Simplicity • Noise • Space Saving

  3. Basic Mini Split Applications Computer or Data Rooms Commercial Spaces Residential All 3 have different rules of thumb when it comes to sizing and also the accessories needed for proper operation, but the general rule of SIZE THE UNIT TO THE ROOM must be used. For specific applications always use a Manual J

  4. Computer/Data Rooms • Basic Rule of thumb Sizing : • 200 to 250 sqft per 12,000 Btu/h • Remember the unit is in 24/7 operation 365 Days a year • Must ensure that the room layout does not have any server banks or other equipment within 12 to 15ft of the front of the unit 09/12k and 20 to 25ft for 18/24k

  5. Commercial Installations • Warehouse office or break rooms • Multiple use offices • Training Rooms • Conference Rooms • Bars • Restaurants • Nursing/Extended Care facilities • Churches • Hotels • Schools

  6. Residential Installations • Basic Rule of Thumb Sizing : 500 to 600 sqft per 12,000 Btu/h • Hydronic Heated Houses • Garages • Bonus rooms or FROG’s • Media/Game Rooms • Home Offices • Home Gyms • Sun Rooms/4 Season Rooms • Household Hot Spots • Basements

  7. And the Old Chestnut • Replacing Window units • Mitsubishi are going extremely hard after this market segment • Advantages - Noise, efficiency, security, ease of use, aesthetics • Guess the number of Window units sold in North America????????

  8. Samsung Mini Splits 2009 Product Line Up “Comfort through Innovation”

  9. High Wall Vivace ModelAQV12V, 18V, 24V High Wall AQV SeriesAQV09, 12, 18, 24, 36 EH Slim Ducted ModelsEH035, 052, 070 DH Medium Static Pressure DuctedDH105, 140

  10. Free Joint Multi High Wall / Ducted Multi SystemOutdoor – MH050, MH080Indoor High Wall – MH026, 035, 052Indoor Slim Duct – MH0236, 035, 052 4 Way Ceiling CassetteCH070, CH105, CH140 Floor StandingAPV48

  11. AQV Product 9-24k in detail Attractively styled AQV Indoor Unit Slim line Outdoor Unit

  12. AQV36 in detail

  13. Samsung Smart Inverter Three Key Components • Samsung Manufactures Compressors in Capacities up to 60,000 Btu/h • Indoor Unit Controller • Outdoor Unit Controller

  14. What’s a Samsung Smart Inverter System? Variable Capacity Comfort Based on the Synchronous Operation of the Three Components Indoor unit measures room temperature; receives the desired conditions from the end user via the remote; calculates the difference between room temp and the set point; Communicates this to the outdoor unit; controller measures outdoor ambient and selects compressor and fan speed to provide exactly the comfort required

  15. Why use the Samsung Smart Inverter? Energy Savings • Looking at the annual usage compared to a standard 13 SEER/7.7 HSPF unit • AQV09JA Cooling Cost $38 • Heating Cost $137 Total $175 • QSHE-091 Cooling Cost $60 Heating Cost $179 Total $239

  16. Why use the Samsung Smart Inverter? • Starting Current • How many buildings do you see the lights flicker when the compressor starts? • The Smart Inverter eliminates this issue completely by soft starting • Start up current on an AQV09 is <1 Amp, compare that to the QSCE at 35 Amps

  17. Summing Up Smart Inverter • Benefits of the Smart Inverter • Rapid cool down/heat up to set temperature • Much tighter room control to set temperature • Wider operating range in capacity and temperature • Lower Noise Levels

  18. Indoor unit Features • Silver Nano Air Filtration • All surfaces in the Indoor unit are coated with a silver based anti bacterial coating

  19. How Silver Nano health system works? Silver Nano 0.1nm 1 10 100 1,000 10,000 100,000nm Virus A human hair GigaD-RAM Visibleray A red blood corpuscle An atom/molecule Nano-Technology Mechanism Sterilization Efficiency • Bacteria: 99.9% Removed  Bacteria Cell  Cell Wall dissolved • Fungi: 99.9% Removed  Cell Membrane burst  Bacteria dies

  20. Indoor unit Features • Waterfall Airflow Direction & Double Blade Vanes • Allows the heating air flow from the unit to be directed straight down to promote faster heating of the room • Double vanes ensure maximum air throw

  21. AQV Airflow Cooling

  22. AQV Airflow Heating

  23. Indoor Unit Noise Levels 12,000 & 24,000 Btu/h Evaporator • 12,000 Btu/h • High Speed 43Db • Low Speed 25Db • 24,000 Btu/h • High Speed 48Db • Low Speed 33Db

  24. Outdoor unit Noise Levels Noise Outside Counts Too • 12,000 Btu/h • Rated performance 45Db • This will reduce as the unit modulates in capacity

  25. Vivace AQV12V, 18V, 24V

  26. Vivace Indoor Unit Features • Silver Nano Air Filtration • All surfaces in the Indoor unit are coated with a silver based anti bacterial coating

  27. I. Why MPi? ■ Airborne infections become a hot issue

  28. H+ H+ H+ H+ H+ H O2- e e e e H+ e H H H H H O2- O2- O2- O2- I. Why MPi? ■ MPi makes the Indoor Air healthier Samsung Electronics announces a world- first, a technological breakthrough in air purification. The MPi Technology is the world’s first use of a Hydrogen Atom and Oxygen Ion to start the the novel chemical process that purifies indoor air. By using a Hydrogen Atom and Oxygen Ion, which are harmless to the human body, we are ableto neutralize most airborne particles, including viruses, bacteria, fungi and even allergens.

  29. II. MPi Zone operation ■ Working mechanism Electrode Plate (+) : Micro plasma discharge splits water molecules in the air and forms positively charged hydrogen atoms. Airflow 4H2O 2H2O + O2 + 4H+

  30. II. MPi Zone operation ■ Working mechanism Electrode Pin (-) : High voltage electric discharge emits electrons and forms H atoms plus negatively charged oxygen ions. Airflow H+ + e- O2 + e-

  31. II. MPi Zone operation ■ Chemistry H atoms and negatively charged oxygen ions are combined to form Peroxide H O2- O2- HOO- HOO- H

  32. HOO- HOO- HOO- HOO- HOO- HOO- HOO- HOO- HOO- II. MPi Zone operation ■ Cleaning mechanism Seeking out of Airborne Particles - The Hydrogen atom and negative oxygen ions are drawn to airborne particles due to their positive electrical charge. + + + + + + + Virus + + + + + + + +

  33. 3H + HOO II. MPi Zone operation ■ Cleaning mechanism Peroxide ion eliminates three hydrogen atoms from the virus HOO HOO HOO C HOO HOO H Virus O C HOO HOO H O HOO HOO C H O

  34. II. MPi Zone operation ■ Cleaning mechanism After the peroxide ion eliminates the three hydrogen atoms from the virus, water molecules are formed and the airborne virus becomes inactive H2O H2O H2O H2O H2O H2O H2O H2O H2O H2O

  35. II. MPi Zone operation ■ Virtually zero Ozone emissions MPi is free from the issues and odor associated with O3SAMSUNG regulates ozone production to stricter level than world indoor air quality restrictions World O3 Restrictions 50ppb Limitation Odor recognition 20ppb 10ppb SAMSUNG JEMA (Japan) EPA (USA) HC (Canada) IEC (EU) CA (Korea) MPi Zone

  36. Vivace - Air Quality Features • This filter will block up to 85% of allergens from being re-circulated back into the room during system operation • Evaporator is treated with Samsung’s Sliver Nano coating • Washable and Carbon Filters are also included

  37. Vivace Unit Features • Slim Line, only 7 ½” deep • Front panel automatically opens from the top when unit is running • Shadow Mirror effect appears like black Carbon Fiber

  38. Vivace Unit Features • Embedded temperature and operation display • Display can be either turned On or Off via the remote control • Display is in Fahrenheit • If required in Celsius, the PCB and Display have to be replaced

  39. Vivace – Added Control Features

  40. Vivace – Added Control Features • Auto Clean mode • Acts after the cooling or heating mode has completed and prior to unit shutdown • Will dry all the condensation off the Indoor coil and prevent any odors occurring when the unit is re-started

  41. Indoor unit Features • Silent mode – this allows the unit to operate with the quietest possible noise levels, making the unit perfect for bedroom applications – Available in Heating and Cooling operation

  42. What Is Noise?

  43. EH Slim Duct EH Indoor Unit Outdoor Unit, including a plastic, corrosion free fan guard

  44. EH Unit Features • Minimal drop ceiling height required, less than 10” above the ceiling, 8” is the minimum • Unit height is 7 7/8” • Units are designed to be smaller than a single ceiling tile – EH 052 & 070 are 43 3/8” wide and 23 5/8” allows simple installation and product access

  45. EH Unit Features • Up to 10% Fresh Air can be introduced to unit for commercial applications • Approximately 65 CFM • Ensure Fresh Air inlet does not affect the return air temperature sensor to give a false reading and cause over heating or over cooling of the room

  46. EH Unit Features • Up to 0.16” WC external static pressure available • Return air can be free or ducted, multiple filter locations available either at the unit or in the return air grille/ductwork – Filtration not included with the unit • Recommended application with free return air • Approximately 40-60ft total ductwork with 4 to 6 registers

  47. EH Standard Controller • MWR-TH01 Wired Remote Controller is provided with the unit – DegF or DegC display • Does not sense temperature so it can be remotely mounted for security • Temperature is sensed in the return air stream (Sensor is located on blower wheel inlet)

  48. EH Controls – Dip Switches • Dip Switch #4 • Condensate Pump output for optional internal Samsung condensate pump • Requires removal of drain pan for fittment • Condensate Pump has a 30” head, and inbuilt overflow protection

  49. EH Control Features • Dip Switch #7 • Hot Water Coil - Output for a Hot Water coil, which is mounted on the supply air side of the unit – Coil is field sourced • 230V AC to drive a relay to energize a boiler or hot water valve • Does require the unit to be recoded as a Cooling only unit – cannot offer Hot Water Heat in conjunction with Heat Pump heating

  50. EH Control Features • Dip Switch #11 • Remote Start/Stop – Dry Contact for starting and stopping the unit • Can be wired into a smoke alarm, BMS system or other requirement for unit control • Unit will recall the previous set point and system operation

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