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Banana Splits

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Banana Splits
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Banana Splits

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  1. Banana Splits A peer support group Mission: Help students deal with the pain and sadness of separating families

  2. Why Banana Splits? • Foundation • Helps students to deal with the stress and sadness of a family separating • Assist students in realizing they are not alone • Discover new ways of coping • Calm fears of uncertainty regarding what life might be like post-separation • Causes students to redirect emotional survival energy into the educational learning process • Confront the crisis • Regain a sense of stability and constancy

  3. ASCA National Standards for Students PS:A1.4 Understand change is a part of growth PS:A1.9 Demonstrate cooperative behavior in groups PS:A1.11 Identify and discuss changing personal and social roles PS:A1.12 Identify and recognize changing family roles PS:A2.5 Recognize and respect differences in various family configurations PS:A2.6 Use effective communications skills PS:C1.11 Learn coping skills for managing life events

  4. Why is Banana Splits important? Changes in the family structure are the most common childhood trauma (Messinger, 2009) 60% of all first marriages end in divorce (Messinger, 2009) “Children from divorced families are more likely to be moody, preoccupied, aggressive, high-tempered and act out; abuse substances as adolescences, encounter learning and behavioral problems, feel deceived, and have higher suicide rates” (Marshfield, 2011).

  5. Needs assessment/Referring • Needs assessment among teachers, if needed • Parents, teachers, and volunteers- • “for anyone who has had a change in their family” • Newsletter, PTA/parent meetings • Advertise/announcements • Two groups may be necessary

  6. Delivery • Small group setting • Approximately 6 students per group • Twice a month, until students feel stable • Half hour sessions during lunch recess or intervention • Facilitated by school counselors, teachers, psychologists, nurses, or administrators • Completed through education, interaction, and discussion

  7. Banana Splits Curriculum Guide • Week one/two: What is a divorce? • It’s not your fault, your parents still love you. • Goal setting, confidentiality • Week three/four: Coping Mechanisms/Outlets • How to deal with stress, who can I go to for support? • Week five/six: What might change? • Living situations, money, transportation schedules • Week seven/eight: What do I do when… • Parents fighting, logistics questions • Week nine/ten: After the divorce… • A new normal, parents dating, awkward moments • Week eleven/tweleve: Guest speaker • Another teacher, high school student, judge, lawyer • Week thirteen/fourteen: Wrap up, continue where needed

  8. Management System Pre/post test Survey from students and parents Data will be used to improve program and make necessary changes, advocate for program/job position Advisory council: principals, teachers, parents, students-review program results/make suggestions


  10. Experiential Activity Banana Tags Icebreaker!: Stand with me… Magazine Project