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SY120 Mixed-mode operation PowerPoint Presentation
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SY120 Mixed-mode operation

SY120 Mixed-mode operation

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SY120 Mixed-mode operation

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  1. SY120 Mixed-mode operation • Mixed-mode operation uses: • The same optics in P1 and P2 beamline for • stacking and SY120 • The same major dipole settings in P1/P2 • Different dipole trim settings • Modes of operation for slow spill to SY • Dedicated slow spill (initial mode) • Mixed-mode (single batch to pbar, 7/9) • Mixed-mode (2 batch slip-stacking to pbar, 8/19) • All three modes use same MI ramp and timing, but different TLG modules • All three modes have been commissioned • The minimum cycle time 2.8 sec • The spill length is 655 ms Run II talk Dave Johnson

  2. Optics ‘n Such Beams-doc-1243 400m 500m MI P1 P2 AP1 Changed P1 & P2 quads Q703 fixed AP1 quads fixed Stacking F17 200m P2 P3 SY120 Before After A0 Want to start with a matched solution for new SY tune New lattice ‘n orbit installed July 9th Run II talk Dave Johnson

  3. Two flavors of Mixed-mode (1 or 2 batch to Pbar) Pbar batches SY120 batch RF recapture Beam to pbar Qh Beam to SY Losses @F18 QXR Simple mixed-mode Slip-stacking mixed-mode Run II talk Dave Johnson

  4. Issue: losses during acceleration w/ slip stacking 3rd batch 2nd batch 1st batch Data from Kiyomi recapture Need to adjust slip stacking curves to shift recapture time to finish before SY120 batch injected Run II talk Dave Johnson

  5. Issue: Orbit through F17 and losses in Tev at F18 F17B3 AP1 c-magnets F17 F17 6-8mm oscillation in P3 -8mm P2 line AP1 3v SY120 T:LMF18 • Raise upstream c-magnet interface (~ 1/3 inch) to center lower beam pipe on P2-P3 median plane • Install V Trim at F18 1.75” OD Safe level (1/4 v) Run II talk Dave Johnson

  6. Issue: Mixed-mode Cycle Duty Factor TLG with 4 sec rep (with other study cycles) Rms current H618 12 a Trip limit 4 sec rep 5 sec rep What to do? >Quad moves (reduce corr. current) >Cooling plates (as done for NuMI) 8a Run II talk Dave Johnson

  7. Issue: Spill Duty Factor QXR 20A FS RFSPILL MHIERR 100 ma/div Beam From 4/2004 RunII meeting Recall, that the horizontal quad bus produced a measured tune shift of0.0146 /amp => 70 mA will produce a 0.001 tune shift which is the equivalent to 10 amps on QXR (2 magnets). EE Support implemented feedback to stabilize average level of Qh and Qv due to asymmetric TLG • Not been focused on up to this point • Starting point –> model system over shutdown and • implement feedback using MHIERR as input to kHz bandwidth • bucker system. • Need beam studies for commission bucker system St Run II talk Dave Johnson