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Are you ready to Streamline your work? PowerPoint Presentation
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Are you ready to Streamline your work?

Are you ready to Streamline your work?

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Are you ready to Streamline your work?

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  1. Are you ready to Streamline your work? Project Streamline is a project to simplify and streamline Guiding administration and reduce bureaucracy. The new ways of working will save many hours (170,000 per year) of volunteer time spent on administration. How could you spend that time? One part of the project is to implement Guiding Organiser! (Go!), our new database. Go! will hold information about adult volunteers, girls and young women. Most of this information is already held on current databases or on paper but the difference will be that it’s a ‘one-stop-shop’ accessible by all authorised guiding users via a secure website. As a member changes section or moves to a new area, their record easily moves with them, meaning less work for all. Everything we do on Go! Should be accompanied by a “non technical” process – talking to each other, making decisions, following procedures. Many of these are what you do already. Please bear this in mind while we take you through the Go! System, which, due to time constraints today will concentrate on the Go! System functionality. So…are you ready to

  2. How the database works The Go! Database has 3 main functions that we’ll be involved with Personal Details Management Update your own details or those of a person you have selected (one of your girls if you are a unit leader, or an adult member of your team if you are have Commissioner access rights) Role Management Roles are the positions a person holds within Guiding. They might be a member of one or more sections for a girl, or an adult leader or Commissioner of one or more units / districts / divisions. You can edit roles of people depending on your access rights. Level Management Levels are units, Districts and Divisions. You can edit levels depending on your access rights, for example, a Unit Guider can access and edit her unit’s data, her District Commissioner can access and edit adult and general data (but not specific girl data) for all units in her District. There will be County level system where a County “Superuser” can make additional changes for things you don’t have permission to change yourself, and update access levels. TAKE NOTE! There has been a delay from CHQ and the Live database is not ready at the time of training you. So we will be using the Training version - this means you can use a dummy password and play with data without worrying that you are making any irrecoverable mistakes - the data is reset every few days. Some screens or procedures may be slightly different.

  3. Click and type your Registration number (Personal Id number from your Appointment card) Click and type your Password - for live site: Your Go! password sent to you by email from HQ - for test site: use the word password Click to begin Go! displays a Welcome screen login Logging In You need to be connected to the internet as Go! is accessed through a website. (training site) Once you’ve linked to the Go! site, you see a screen letting you log in. NOTE! On first log in on the live site you may be asked to confirm your details and read Terms and Conditions

  4. Go to home page View / Add / Update your personal details View / Add/ Update adults & girls View / Add/ Update Unit/ District … details Download files (including Help files) Contact tel and email Log out of Go! The Main Menu This is displayed on the left hand side of the screen with a list of options to click on.

  5. Example: click on Telephone Details Details all follow the same format; you can view, add, edit and delete items using the key below Online help Add new details add Update / edit the details edit Expired details end Default / main (e.g. address where magazine is sent) Locked. You cannot change this info yourself. Click to update the details you have changed Click to reset the changes input Click to go back a page or screen Update Details Details of all registered adults are already entered, but it is YOUR responsibility to keep your personal details up-to-date. Click on Update Details to see a list, and choose a personal details section to view or edit by clicking on it (e.g. click on Location Details to check, change, or add an address).

  6. Add a new telephone number – click on add Change a telephone number – click on edit Adding a new telephone number Enter the telephone number, tick the box to show whether it is the main contact number, and use the drop down menu to specify the type of number. Click on to finish. submit Changing a telephone number Change any details you need to. Click on to finish. update Update Details - example > repeat example

  7. Role Management Role Management allows you to add or update details about the members (adults / girls) you are allowed to access. Click on Role Management. Depending on your access, you will be able to edit one or more levels (e.g. units / districts). Click on the level where the person is registered / is to be registered.e.g. for girls, select the unit name

  8. Example: Add girl To view / update To add Click on search Role Management – example 1 (adding) Click on Role Management and the unit where you want to add the girl. Click on the Guiding role you are adding, e.g. Brownie You must check whether the girl already exists on the Go! system (e.g. you are adding a Brownie but the girl was a Rainbow for a year and then left - you might find the Rainbow Guider has already done all the hard work for you!) To check if they’re a member, type in Forename(s), Surname and Date of Birth or Registration No. (if known) 19/11/2001

  9. Click on to begin entering the member’s details new TAKE CARE! Check carefully you’ve typed the correct date - this will be LOCKED when you click on so only County Go! users can change it. submit Click on at the bottom of the page submit Role Management – example 1 (adding) If the member exists, their details page will appear for you to view / edit. If there is no member match, Go! tells you and you’ll need to enter their details. TAKE CARE! You must type in ALL mandatory * data

  10. Click on to confirm the correct person is added at the correct level finish Click on to confirm, then Go! tells you that the member is allocated to this new role submit Click on to end finish Role Management – example 1 (adding) repeat example

  11. Example: View or update girl info To view / update To add You can send an email to selected members – just click on to send to all names ticked. Send Email Click to tick / un-tick individual name Click to tick / un-tick all names Click on for the person you want to view / change details edit Role Management – example 2 (editing) Click on a view type, e.g. View Active Young Members for a list of names

  12. Make changes as you would in your own Personal Details section. Click on to save changes Update Role Management – example 2 (editing) see personal details instructions again repeat example

  13. Example: Move from Brownies to Guides Search for Bella in the Go! Database (type in name, DoB, Reg Number), click search Check you have the correct girl, click submit Confirm choice, click submit Complete search process, click finish Role Management – transfer a member To transfer a member from an original to a new unit, e.g. original Brownie to new Guide unit, the leaders from both units MUST discuss the transfer with each other, the member (and her parents) to make sure this is the correct move for everyone, before using Go! Original (Brownie) Leader gives girl’s Name and Date of Birth or Registration Number to the New (Guide) Leader, e.g. Rose Brownie, born 21-Nov-2001.l Management New (Guide) Leader logs on then adds a new role (as previously described in example 2) Here’s a brief reminder! Click on Role Management Select Guide unit for Bella Create a new role (Guide)

  14. Example: Change Bella’s status from Brownie to Guide First, we need to make the Guide unit her Main unit, where she will pay subs. Click on next to the Guide unit Click on the Main Role checkbox Click update Then, we need to make the Brownie Role Inactive Click on next to the Brownie unit Change her Role Status to Inactive Add a Valid To date Click update You can see that Bella’s Role Details show she is now an Active Guide, and an Inactive Brownie Note the button to show the record has Ended end Role Management – transfer a member Bella Brownie has now been added to her local Guide unit within the Go! System. If we scroll down the personal details page that has appeared we can see that she is now an Active Brownie AND an Active Guide. 07-01-2009 repeat example

  15. Example: Add email contact for the unit Click on in the Email section add Click on in the Email section Add the details and specify whether it is the main email (if there is more than one) submit 15 Level Management – example 1 (edit info) Level Management allows you to make changes to your level in the Girlguiding structure - within your access permission (e.g. your unit if you are a unit Guider). Click on Level Management to view details about the unit: name, contact details and membership. Scroll down the page Add the details and specify whether it is the main email (if there is more than one)

  16. Click on to save changes Click on to go back to the main menu TAKE CARE! Changes will not be saved if you have not clicked on update! update back update back Level Management – additional details Click on Additional Details to add or update details about the unit meeting. Click in the boxes to update unit meeting day and frequency Scroll down the page to view the Girlguiding structure you’re in (District, Division, etc.) Below this is a list of Sponsor types if you are a Sponsored unit.

  17. Level Management There are some other optional functions you can use to help you run your unit. Click on Balance Sheet to keep unit accounts online. Click on Attendance Adminthen Print a Register to create an Attendance Register of active members. You can print or save this page using the facility on your internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer / Firefox).

  18. Other items in Go! The Download Files section allows you to download files, such as Word documents containing further information on: How do I Go! Streamline (help) Templates Starting Leaflets FAQs Password Protection Click on Logout to log out and leave the Go! Online system. • This training has only covered the basics of using the Go! System. • If you have any questions or problems, your first step will be to contact your local Key User. Key Users are generally more computer literate individuals, and have had further training on the system so that they can help the rest of us. • There is also a free national helpline number 0808 168 1908and email. • Also, have a look on our County website and click on the Go! logo - the training materials are online for download.