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chinese kungfu

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chinese kungfu

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  1. Chinese Kungfu • We are all familiar with martial arts. But we don’t really know where does it come from. Chinese Kung Fu is the most common and applicable martial arts that known all over the world. It was formally called as Wushu and the correct term for the description of Martial Arts.  This was first used by Pere Amoit, a western Jesuit Missionary after he witnessed the exercises and training regimen of China. He called this as “Cong Fu”. Then the term “Kuo-Shu” had been popular in China in late 1930’s. Taiwan contributed a lot for making this martial arts more popular. Kung Fu has a numerous forms of External or Internal styles, might be bare hands or weapon. Specifically, they are divided into two namely: the south and the north school. • In details, the north school was originated from Shaolin temple which is considered as the Holy Land of Buddhism and was also called as Shaolin sect with its very own boxing named Waijaquan. While the south school was come from Wudang Mountain the Holy Land of Taoism also called as Wudang sect with its own style of boxing called Neijaquan. There are a lot of martial arts to be considered but this two was the very famous among all. After the expansion of Chinese movies and Opening and Reforming Policy in China,Chinese fashion Kung Fu became a popular international sports. Aside from the use for defense, it develops the participants’ health and fitness, improving their reaction time, balance, and flexibility. Your jumping ability, speed, coordination and power will also be developed. Some other athletes take trainings for Kung Fu just to enhance more their quality of performance including endurance and strength. • Nowadays, the Chinese Kung Fu begun to be modernized. Since the actor Bruce Lee opened the eyes of the people especially in western world to this fascinating practices of Chinese martial arts. The training and competing standards had level up! It becomes more athletic and aesthetic when it comes to performance and competitive sports because of the completion of fighting functions that happened. And now as the people or the worldwide followers in various related disciplines becomes million as a result of influence with the Kung Fu. Consequently many of the foreigners travel to China just to learn the mysteries of Kung Fu or even experiencing how to do Kung Fu as Martial arts.  And in order to promote this kind of martial arts to other country, China Zhengzhou International Shaolin Kung Fu Festival is being held twice annually. • Because of the virtue and discipline adding to the positive output of Kung Fu, it reaches the area around the world. By generation to generation, they preserve these values resulting to additional trend in effect, it changes people’s living not just in China. Having a proper training of Kung Fu will not only give you fitness and agility but also can give you the privilege to be strong and was able to protect yourself from other harms around you. So this is advisable to everybody, men or women. Kung Fu can be a hobby and can help you develop your Physical Fitness. • If you have interesting in researching chinese kungfu.GoodOrient will offer you some informative  information( • Website : Asia Offices • Beijing, China : (Main Office) • Room 2310, Unit A6, Midtown Building, Guangqujiayuan, Chongwen District, Beijing City, China 100022 Phone: (+86 10) 8751 3441 (international charge) • USA : (Administrative Rep Office) • Monroe Services 2405 W. Atlanta Ct. Broken Arrow, OK (Oklahoma) 74012 United States of America Phone: 1-888-226-4088 (Toll Free)