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Sales Process Review

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Sales Process Review - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sales Process Review. What we’ll cover. Assumptions Sales Process Proposed call structure and scripts Sales staff capability Other observations. Assumptions. Products currently being sold: Loft insulation Cavity Wall Insulation External Wall Insulation

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Sales Process Review

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    1. Sales Process Review

    2. What we’ll cover • Assumptions • Sales Process • Proposed call structure and scripts • Sales staff capability • Other observations

    3. Assumptions • Products currently being sold: • Loft insulation • Cavity Wall Insulation • External Wall Insulation • All sales process / scripts etc. were based on these 3 main products

    4. Assumptions cont. • eTech will be able to replicate or improve current systems • In-house capability to program pre-qualification engine

    5. Sales Process

    6. Initial Customer Contact • Currently the initial customer experience could be significantly improved • Customer data is often not recorded • The initial customer care / sales process needs to be developed significantly (based on contact centre only – not canvassers)

    7. Initial Customer Contact • Q. What is the process for the D2D canvassers and what script / process do they follow? • Q. What sales and marketing materials do they leave with the potential clients? • Q. Who tracks what they do?

    8. Proposed Sales Process Objectives • To leave a positive first impression of Home Energy UK • To capture as much customer data as possible • To find out what product(s) are most suitable for that customer • To book an assessment as soon as possible • Maximise the number of 1st time completed bookings • Increase the number of successful re-bookings

    9. Approach • Stop talking about specific funding to customers – they don’t know or care • Sales through service • Benefits, benefits, benefits • Increased positive touch points

    10. What does this mean • All customer touch points should deliver the same customer experience – polite, helpful, customer centric • The customer is only interested in the WIIFM factor, therefore that is all we should talk about • Customer service should become the most important piece of every customer interaction (sales will come as part of that) • Every customer touch point should be followed up by another piece of marketing / sales material e.g. letter / email confirming what was discussed. Text messaging to remind people of installations and GDA / DEA visits • Product leaflets etc. left explaining the benefits even after install

    11. Example sales script Introduction Good morning / afternoon / evening, my name is ......., and I am calling from Home Energy UK. We are a renewable energy company and we help people like you to save hundreds of pounds a year through government based funding. May I speak to [Customer Name]? Hello [Customer Name], as I said we can save you hundreds of pounds a year on your energy costs. However to do this I need to find out a bit about your house. Firstly, can I just confirm your address. [Add address to system or check the address is correct – this should include house number, street name, town and postcode.] Thank you [Customer Name]. You’ve probably heard about the government’s commitment to reducing the country’s carbon footprint. This means there are many grants available to make your house more energy efficient, saving you money every month, and the best bit is that it may be completely free. If I could save you hundreds of pounds every year at no cost whatsoever, you would be delighted, wouldn’t you? [Wait for obvious answer ‘yes’] To do this I need to get a bit of information about you and your property

    12. Prequalification Engine (Etech)

    13. Capability of sales staff (Contact Centre) • Assessed 4 main areas: • Product knowledge • Sales skills • Productivity • Customer care

    14. Capability of sales staff (Contact Centre) • Product knowledge 1 2 3 4 5 • Sales skills 1 2 3 4 5 • Productivity 1 2 3 4 5 • Customer care 1 2 3 4 5

    15. Other observations

    16. Possible Issues with Etech integration • Programming of prequalification engine • Installer paperwork – how will it be delivered to customers (not all will have internet /email) • Data Migration – how will it work? • Process discrepancies • Reporting • System integration (with future systems)

    17. Ben Cartwright 07595 423 988 @bcartwrightUNIQ