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Unit 6 Fashion Show

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Unit 6 Fashion Show - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit 6 Fashion Show. Reading (Ⅰ). 金陵汇文学校 邰明珠. cotton. silk. wool. leather. _______ is/are (un)comfortable. The Class 1, Grade 7 students are having a fashion show in the school hall. How many models are there in the show? Who are they?. All about clothes.

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unit 6 fashion show

Unit 6 Fashion Show

Reading (Ⅰ)

金陵汇文学校 邰明珠






_______ is/are (un)comfortable.


The Class 1, Grade 7 students are having a fashion show in the school hall.

How many models are therein the show?

Who are they?


Help! (help me to find all mistakes)

  • The Class 1, Grade 7 students have a fashion show every week.
  • They have the show to make money.
  • They are showing clothes from the 1980s.
  • Old people like to wear jeans and trainers.
  • Amy’s hair style was popular in the 1990s.
  • Leather shoes are young people’s favourite.

raise money for Project Hope

from the 1970s to the 1990s




listen and follow
Listen and follow

She sells sea shells on the seashore.

about me i wear
About me!I wear

Hi! I’m Selina. I’m an office lady.

I always wear dresses at work.

I wear a hat when it’s cold and when it’s sunny.

I wear glasses for driving or watching TV.

I don’t wear jeans very often during the week, but I sometimes wear them at the weekend.

…at home.

…at school.

… for a party

… when I exercise.


Read the article at least three times to make sure you understand everything.

Exercise Book.