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FASHION SHOW. Third Grade School year 2010-2011. I´m Razvan I´m wearing a blue and white t- shirt , blue trousers and white trainers. I’m Marina I’m wearing a red and orange t- shirt , blue jeans and white trainers. I’m Ingrid

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  1. FASHION SHOW Third Grade Schoolyear 2010-2011

  2. I´mRazvan I´mwearing a blue and white t-shirt, bluetrousers and whitetrainers

  3. I’m Marina I’mwearing a red and orange t-shirt, blue jeans and whitetrainers

  4. I’m Ingrid I’mwearing a red t-shirt , a whitejacket, blackleggings and red trainers

  5. I’m Andy I´mwearing a black and grey t-shirt, greentrousers and whitetrainers

  6. I’m Fernando I´mwearing a brown t-shirt, blue jeans and browntrainers n

  7. I’m Xavi I´mwearing a blueshirt, blue jeans and red trainers

  8. I’mLeyao I’mwearing a pinkjumper,apurpletracksuit and grey and whitetrainers.

  9. I’m Lorena I’mwearing a pink jumper, blue jeans and purple and pinktrainers.

  10. I’m Elena I´mwearing a pink jumper, blue jeans and brownboots

  11. I’m Ana Cristina I’mwearing a black t- shirt, a pinkjacket, blue jeans and whitetrainers.

  12. I’mEneurys I´mwearing a green t-shirt, blue jeans and blacktrainers

  13. I’m Alex Jonathan I’mwearing a brown, blue and orange T- shirt, a black and whitetracksuit and black and whitetrainers.

  14. I’m Esther I´mwearing a white t-shirt, a blue, white, yellow, pink and purpletracksuit and whitetrainers

  15. I’mHajaFatu I´mwearing a pink t- shirt, a pinktracksuit and whitetrainers

  16. I’m Iván I´mwearing a red t-shirt, blue jeans and blacktrainers

  17. I’m Raed I´mwearing a blue t-shirt, a bluetracksuit and blacktrainers

  18. I’m Gabriela I´mwearing a brown and white jumper, black jeans and brownboots

  19. I’m Daniel I´mwearing a black jumper, blue jeans, a white t-shirt and whitetrainers

  20. I’mFatumata I´mwearing a pinktracksuit and browntrainers

  21. I’mJiajing I´mwearing a blue and pink jumper, blue jeans and white and pinktrainers

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