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Victoria Secret Fashion Show PowerPoint Presentation
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Victoria Secret Fashion Show

Victoria Secret Fashion Show

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Victoria Secret Fashion Show

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  1. Victoria Secret Fashion Show

  2. The Victoria Secret takeover of La Senza By Nikki Trost and Lauren McCarthy

  3. The Issue • Limited brands company offers $710 million cash to buy the La Senza company • As of Jan. 07, Limited brands company officially owns La Senza company • WHY would Limited brands want to buy La Senza • HOW does it affect each company?

  4. Background Information La Senza • First La Senza store opened in 1990 • Mission is to provide an outstanding lingerie presentation in a world class environment. La Senza provides customers with outstanding personal service, while combining quality, fit and value. The merchandise continues to satisfy two areas of consumer needs: firstly, La Senza strives to become the destination specialty lingerie store for all consumers and secondly, to provide a constant range of merchandise relevant to the gift purchaser.

  5. Background Information Victoria Secret- Owned by Limited Brands • Foundedby Roy Raymond in 1977, in San Francisco • The company made history in 1999 with the first web broadcast of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show which drew 1.5 million viewers, with many others unable to view the show. The fashion show was advertised on the Super Bowl • Limited Brands is committed to building a family of the world's best fashion brands offering captivating customer experiences that drive long-term loyalty and deliver sustained growth for our shareholders.

  6. By the Numbers La Senza BrandsLa Senza, Suzy Shier, Express, L.S. Girl Locations 318 in Canada, 327 globally 2006 Sales $410-mill. Cdn Avg. 2-yr. growth 11.5% Market value $455.9 mill. YTD share return 72% Limited Brands BrandsVictoria's Secret, Bath & Body Works,Limited Locations3,500 in U.S 2006 Sales$9.7-billion U.S. Avg. 2-yr. growth 4.2% Market value $12.5-billion YTD share return 42%

  7. Future Outcomes Expanding • If Victoria secret came to Canada would it be a positive or negative thing? • If La Senza went to the US would it be a negative or positive thing? Reputation • Is this takeover going to affect any of the brand names images and how? • Do you think that Limited Brands would ever just combine the two stores into one?

  8. Problems What are problems that may happen with this takeover? • (Think store image) vs