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Year 10 Work Experience PowerPoint Presentation
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Year 10 Work Experience

Year 10 Work Experience

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Year 10 Work Experience

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  1. Year 10 Work Experience For 2014 Careers Team Ms Harper, Janet & Steph, Ms Madden

  2. Career based work experience placements • Work experience will be an optional program in 2014 • Students need to find a placement that is related to a career-based pathway • Work placements within the fast food or supermarketindustry will not be approved (students can work in these industries as casual work in students own time)

  3. Dates and length of placements • Will run in Term 3, 2014 (weeks 4 & 5) • Monday 4th August – Thursday 14th August (Friday 15th August is course counselling day for your year 11 subjects) • Students completing work experience can only do 1 placement • This should run for the whole two weeks (Some places can only take you for 1 week so you will attend school for the second week - no second placement will be approved)

  4. Students NOT completing Work Experience • Students that do not participate in Work Experience will attend school as part of the normal school program. • This two weeks will count towards your overall attendance • Students may be placed in collapsed classes but will need to complete all class work activities as normal

  5. Forms to be completed • To complete work experience you MUST • Complete all relevant paperwork by end of week 4 Term 2, 2014 (Thursday 15th may) Paperwork = Work Experience Arrangement Form Travel document Safe@work Certificates Late paperwork will not be accepted

  6. Workplace Arrangement Form • Must be signed by • Employer • Parent • Students • Note payment of $5 a day minimum to be agreed before placement. Payment from employers is VOLUNTARY • Must have correct phone contact details for ALL parties

  7. Work Experience Travel Document Must have clear information about how you will travel to and from your work placement Must be signed by parent 10/12/2013 Work Experience Travel Document Dear Parent/Guardian, This permission slip is to confirm that you are aware that your child will be completing work experience from Monday 4th August – Thursday 14th August, (week four and five of Term 3, 2014) and to acknowledge how your child intends to travel to and from their work experience venue each day. Each student must fill out and return this mode of transport slip by Thursday 14th May, along with the Workplace Arrangement form that has been signed by employer, students and parent. Please note no Work Experience Arrangement forms will be accepted after this date. Please contact Kath Harper on PH: 9219 3100 if you have any further questions. Regards, Kath Harper Rick Gervasoni Careers Coordinator Lakeview Senior College Principal --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please return this form to Ms Harper in the Lakeview Careers Office by Thursday 15th May. STUDENT NAME: _____________________________ FORM GROUP: 10_____ DATE/S OF WORK EXPERIENCE: Monday 4th August – Thursday 14th August 2014 COMPANY NAME: ________________________________________________________________ COMPANY ADDRESS: ______________________________________________________________ MODE/S OF TRANSPORT: ___________________________________________________________ Parent signature: _______________ Name: ___________________ Date: ___/__/2014

  8. Year 10 Work Experience 2014 • Have completed two Safe@work certificates • General certificate • Industry Specific (e.g. Automotive, Hospitality etc.) • Completion of these certificates will be followed up in Pathways classes in 2014 (some students have completed some of these in year 9. If you have a copy of the certificate with your name on it you can use that or print another copy)

  9. Restrictions for Work experience • You may not be able to complete work experience if you • Are only 14 years of age at the time of the work placement • Apply to work in a restricted industry (E.g. Security Industry, Tattoo parlours, Abattoirs, Fishing boats (other than boats operating on inland waters). • Have not competed the extra training • (White card training for students in building and construction – will be organised by school) • Working with animals extra paperwork

  10. Your responsibilities during work experience • Participate in pre-work experience sessions at school to be clear about appropriate conduct /clothing/communication the work place • Complete Work Experience record book every day during your placement to be handed in at the end of the placement • Ask parents and employers to complete their evaluation of your placement

  11. Where to from here Copies of the paperwork will available • On the Lakeview web site • from the Year 10 Office • From the Careers room • Spend time over summer thinking about what type work you are interested in pursuing • Talk to family and friends • Use Google to check for local work placements • Come and see us in the careers office (GP downstairs) Ms Harper, Janet & Steph • DO NOT leave it until May 2014!!! (the good placements will be already taken!)