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Work Experience Year 10

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Work Experience Year 10 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Work Experience Year 10. Cornwallis Academy. Work Experience. All students in year 10 will take part in a two week work experience placement, after their exams. 8 th -19 th July 2013. Purpose.

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work experience year 10

Work Experience Year 10

Cornwallis Academy

work experience
Work Experience
  • All students in year 10 will take part in a two week work experience placement, after their exams.
  • 8th -19th July 2013

To give students an experience of going to work, ideally in a sector that interests them for a future career, but not necessarily.

To find out what you don’t like or want from a workplace is as important as knowing what you do want.

  • Understanding of a working environment
  • Developing organisational skills – in getting to/from work, on time, in the right clothing and prepared for work
  • Communication skills – working alongside a diverse range of adults
  • Listening and questioning skills
  • Teamwork – in working with a new group of people
types of placement
Types of placement

1.Placement by Education Business Partnership

Kent (external agency)

All students will register on line, in school on 27th September, to begin the process of EBPK finding them a placement and conducting the H&S checks

2. Self placement

If you are able to find a self placement, there is a separate form to be completed and returned to the yr10 team and then this will then replace the EBPK process

ebpk placements things to consider location
EBPK Placements- Things to consider: Location
  • When registering online students are asked to make choices over location -

**Please discuss with your child locations that will be possible for them to travel to during the work experience week, whilst working a normal working day.

They will need to choose which towns/villages they can get to and how they will travel.

ebpk placements things to consider categories
EBPK Placements- Things to consider: Categories
  • When registering online students are also asked to make choices over their preferred type of work -

**Please discuss with your child the categories listed in your pack and ensure they understand what types of work is involved.

Please be aware that retailing might be JJB sports but could also be Laura Ashley!!

ebpk placements the process
EBPK Placements – the process
  • After registering their preferences online students will bring a copy of these choices home and parents are asked to sign and return the form to agree preferences by the next day
  • EBPK work to find placements matching preferences in location and category as close as possible
  • EBPK carry out H&S checks
  • Students are informed of placements at the end of term 5

At this stage it is too late to change to self placement

  • Some organisations may ask students to contact them before the placement
  • Students are in school before WEX and have a work related learning programme and attend a H&S briefing before starting the WEX placement
self placement benefits
Self placement benefits

If you are able to arrange a placement for your child you will be

  • Able to plan exactly what they will be doing
  • Able to plan where they will be working
self placement process
Self placement process
  • Discuss with your child whether self placement is an option for them
  • Ensure that the place of work agrees to take your child, and on the given dates. Have the name of the person who you have made the arrangements with
  • Ensure the employer has Public Liability and Employers Liability Insurance, even if it is a placement with a family member.

Many sole traders do not have this

  • Ensure employer knows they will receive a call or visit as part of the health and safety check
self placement deadline
Self placement deadline
  • Self placement forms can be accepted up until 15th February 2013.
  • H&S checks have to be carried out and this takes time.
  • Placements that do not meet H&S requirements cannot be approved, and with no placement arranged, your child will then be expected in school during that week(s).
what s next
What’s next?
  • You have been given a pack of information this evening to support all that has been said.
  • There is now an opportunity to talk to members of the team, who will be able to answer any questions.
  • Students need to be ready to register on 27th September

Thank you for coming.