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Work Package 2: Technology Transfer and Communication

Work Package 2: Technology Transfer and Communication. Ruth Aylett, Tim Grant & Brian Drabble. Overview. Development work Expression of Interest to Framework 6 Web Site Information dissemination Future plans. Development Work.

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Work Package 2: Technology Transfer and Communication

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  1. Work Package 2:Technology Transfer and Communication Ruth Aylett, Tim Grant & Brian Drabble

  2. Overview • Development work • Expression of Interest to Framework 6 • Web Site • Information dissemination • Future plans 11/4/2014 PLANET Review Meeting

  3. Development Work • Develop a prototype web-site and populate with initial links and entries • Contact with groups to provide • case studies • benchmarks • Provide a “check” on the state of the art • Ensure relevance to the needs of the community. 11/4/2014 PLANET Review Meeting

  4. Expression of Interest • Response to the Framework 6 EOI • I-PLANS: European NoE in Intelligent P&S • Dyna-Tool: Tools for Dynamic Organizations • PLANSERVE: Enabling Technologies for Intelligent Planning Services • I4GMES: Innovative, Interactive, Integrated Infrastructure for Global Monitoring for Environment & Security • AMIR: Ambient Intelligence Robotics • Helped establish contact with several new industrial companies and organisations • Development of additional case studies 11/4/2014 PLANET Review Meeting

  5. Web Site • A initial version of web-site in now available • Status • populated with initial entries and links • software repository • catalogue of planning and scheduling software • case studies • updated to reflect the new PLANET style formats and feedback from reviewers • provides a useful resource on case studies & applications • Will be finished end February 2003 11/4/2014 PLANET Review Meeting

  6. Web Site (2) • Case studies have been obtained from several organizations: • Boeing (aircraft assembly) • US Air Force (mission planning) • Electric Boat (submarine assembly) • Astrium (spacecraft control) • Status: • slightly behind schedule, due to lengthy discussions regarding suitable examples • additional links to industrial applications added 11/4/2014 PLANET Review Meeting

  7. Information Dissemination • Considerable effort has been spent to organise Information Days • Status: • successful presentation of the event in Rome • academic attendees: 36 • industrial attendees: 24 • Future: 3 I-days planned (Prague, Germany, Barcelona) • Lessons learned: • long lead period is required for a successful event • single event focus is essential • difficult to attract non-PLANET industrial attendees 11/4/2014 PLANET Review Meeting

  8. Information Dissemination (2) • TCU pamphlets development is ongoing • Status: • complete: • Workflow Management • Intelligent Manufacturing • Knowledge Engineering • Aerospace Applications (additional specific materials for ESA events) • ongoing: information gathering • Robot Planning • Planning for the Web • Online Planning and Scheduling 11/4/2014 PLANET Review Meeting

  9. Future Plans • Primary focus will be on the web-site • addition of case studies • addition of benchmarks, software catalogue • feedback from PLANET community • Completion of information materials • Initial planning of the next information day (Prague) • Start exploitation plan 11/4/2014 PLANET Review Meeting

  10. Questions ? 11/4/2014 PLANET Review Meeting

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